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694th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group697th Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron69 Punjab Regiment
69 Squadron (Israel)69th (2nd East Anglian) Division69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot
69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (United States)69th Air Division69th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union)
69th Armor Regiment69th Army (Soviet Union)69th Battalion (Canadien-Fran├žais), CEF
69th Bomb Squadron69th Brigade NKVD69th Covering Brigade (Russia)
69th Division69th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)69th Fighter Squadron
69th Fortress Brigade (Russia)69th French-Canadian Battalion, CEF69th Illinois Infantry Regiment
69th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment69th Indiana Infantry Regiment69th Indiana Infantry drownings
69th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)69th Infantry Brigade (United States)69th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
69th Infantry Division (United States)69th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)69th Infantry Regiment (New York)
69th Infantry Regiment (United States)69th Mixed Artillery Brigade (Romania)69th Ohio Infantry
69th Pennsylvania Infantry69th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment69th Punjabis
69th Reconnaissance Group69th Regiment69th Regiment Armory
69th Rifle Corps69th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)69th Troop Carrier Squadron
6B276P626 April 2010 Baghdad bombings
6 Engineer Squadron6 Intelligence Company6 Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment
6 March 2008 Baghdad bombing6 Medical Battalion Group6 Regiment Army Air Corps
6 Regiment RLC6 South African Infantry Battalion6 Squadron
6 Squadron SAAF6 inch 35 caliber naval gun 18776 mm PPC
6 mm SAW6 mm XC6 mm caliber
6mm AR6mm BR6mm Lee Navy
6mm Musgrave6mm Optimum6mm PPC
6mm Remington6mm SAW6th-12th Cuirassier Regiment
6th (52nd Lowland) Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland6th (Bermondsey) Battalion The Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment6th (Brandenburg) Cuirassiers "Emperor Nicholas I of Russia"
6th (Inniskilling) Dragoons6th (Manawatu) Mounted Rifles6th (Poona) Cavalry Brigade
6th (Poona) Division6th (Royal Welch) Parachute Battalion6th (United Kingdom) Division
6th Air Army6th Air Defense Artillery Brigade (United States)6th Air Defense Artillery Regiment
6th Air Defense Artillery Regiment (United States)6th Air Division6th Air Division (Japan)
6th Air Intelligence Squadron6th Air Mobility Wing6th Air Refueling Squadron
6th Air and Air Defence Forces Army6th Airborne Division (United Kingdom)6th Airborne Division (United States)
6th Airborne Division advance to the River Seine6th Airborne Division in Palestine6th Airborne Division order of battle
6th Airlanding Brigade (United Kingdom)6th Airlift Squadron6th Alpine Division Alpi Graie
6th Alpini Regiment6th Anti-Aircraft Brigade (United Kingdom)6th Anti-Aircraft Division (United Kingdom)
6th Anti-aircraft Missiles Brigade (Romania)6th Arkansas Cavalry Battalion6th Arkansas Cavalry Regiment
6th Arkansas Field Battery6th Arkansas Infantry Regiment6th Armored Division (People's Republic of China)
6th Armored Division (United States)6th Armoured Brigade (Australia)6th Armoured Division (Pakistan)
6th Armoured Division (South Africa)6th Armoured Division (United Kingdom)6th Army (Austria-Hungary)
6th Army (German Empire)6th Army (Kingdom of Yugoslavia)6th Army (RSFSR)
6th Army (Russian Empire)6th Army (Soviet Union)6th Army (Wehrmacht)
6th Army Corps (Russian Empire)6th Army Corps (Ukraine)6th Army Group Royal Artillery
6th Assault Aviation Corps6th Aviation Regiment (Australia)6th Battalion, 14th Field Artillery (United States)
6th Battalion, CEF6th Battalion, Essex Regiment6th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment
6th Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment6th Battalion, Royal Scots6th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
6th Battalion, Ulster Defence Regiment6th Battalion (Australia)6th Battalion (Fort Garry Horse), CEF
6th Battalion (Fort Garrys), CEF6th Battle Squadron6th Battle Squadron (United Kingdom)
6th Bavarian Landwehr Division6th Bavarian Landwehr Division (German Empire)6th Bavarian Reserve Division
6th Bavarian Reserve Division (German Empire)6th Beach Group6th Bengal European Regiment
6th Blackshirt Division (Tevere)6th Brigade6th Brigade (Australia)
6th Brigade (Norway)6th California Infantry Regiment6th Canadian Infantry Brigade
6th Canadian Infantry Division6th Cavalry6th Cavalry Brigade
6th Cavalry Brigade (Australia)6th Cavalry Brigade (United Kingdom)6th Cavalry Corps (Soviet Union)
6th Cavalry Division6th Cavalry Division (German Empire)6th Cavalry Division (Russian Empire)
6th Cavalry Division (Soviet Union)6th Cavalry Regiment6th Cavalry Regiment (United States)
6th Combined Arms Army6th Communication Battalion6th Connecticut Infantry Regiment
6th Connecticut Regiment6th Corps (Afghanistan)6th Corps (People's Republic of China)
6th Corps (Turkey)6th Corps of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina6th Cruiser Squadron
6th Cuirassier Regiment (France)6th Cyclist Battalion The Norfolk Regiment6th Cyclist Battalion The Royal Sussex Regiment
6th Cyclist Brigade6th Delaware Infantry Regiment6th Destroyer Flotilla
6th Destroyer Squadron (United Kingdom)6th Division6th Division (Australia)
6th Division (Austria)6th Division (German Empire)6th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
6th Division (Iraq)6th Division (Japan)
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