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6th Division (North Korea)6th Division (Norway)6th Division (Reichswehr)
6th Division (Singapore)6th Dragoon Regiment6th Dragoon Regiment (France)
6th Duke of Connaught's Own Lancers (Watson's Horse)6th Engineer Regiment (France)6th Engineer Support Battalion
6th Engineer Support Regiment (Australia)6th Engineers Regiment6th Field Artillery Regiment
6th Field Artillery Regiment (United States)6th Fighter Division (People's Republic of China)6th Fleet (Imperial Japanese Navy)
6th Florida Infantry Regiment6th Foreign Engineer Regiment6th Foreign Infantry Regiment
6th Frigate Squadron (United Kingdom)6th Georgia Volunteer Infantry6th Group CIS
6th Guards Airborne Division6th Guards Army6th Guards Brigade
6th Guards Motor Rifle Division6th Guards Rifle Corps6th Guards Tank Army
6th Guards Tank Brigade6th Guards Tank Brigade (United Kingdom)6th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery
6th Illinois Cavalry Regiment6th Independent Battery Indiana Light Artillery6th Independent Battery Wisconsin Light Artillery
6th Indian Cavalry Brigade6th Indian Infantry Brigade6th Indiana Cavalry Regiment
6th Indiana Infantry Regiment6th Infantry6th Infantry Brigade
6th Infantry Brigade (Lebanon)6th Infantry Brigade (New Zealand)6th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)
6th Infantry Division (Greece)6th Infantry Division (India)6th Infantry Division (Philippine Commonwealth Army)
6th Infantry Division (Philippines)6th Infantry Division (Poland)6th Infantry Division (Republic of Korea)
6th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)6th Infantry Division (South Korea)6th Infantry Division (United States)
6th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)6th Infantry Division Cuneo6th Infantry Regiment (Greece)
6th Infantry Regiment (United States)6th Infantry Regiment “Saboya”6th Intelligence Squadron
6th Iowa Volunteer Cavalry Regiment6th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Regiment6th Jat Light Infantry
6th Kaniow Uhlan Regiment6th Kansas Militia Infantry Regiment6th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
6th Kentucky Infantry6th King Edward's Own Cavalry6th Lancers
6th Lancers (India)6th Lancers (Pakistan)6th Legions' Infantry Regiment
6th Libau Infantry Regiment6th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment6th Light Armoured Brigade (France)
6th Light Cruiser Squadron (United Kingdom)6th Light Horse Regiment (Australia)6th Light Infantry Battalion (Brazil)
6th Luftwaffe Field Division (Germany)6th Machine Gun Battalion (Australia)6th Machine Gun Battalion (United States Marine Corps)
6th Madras Native Infantry6th Maine Battery6th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment
6th Marine Division (United States)6th Marine Division on Okinawa6th Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment
6th Marine Regiment (United States)6th Maryland Regiment6th Massachusetts Regiment
6th Massachusetts Regiment (Spanish American War)6th Massachusetts Regiment (Spanish–American War)6th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Spanish–American War)
6th Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)6th Mechanized Infantry Division6th Mechanized Infantry Division (People's Republic of China)
6th Mechanized Infantry Regiment “Saboya”6th Medical Logistics Management Center (United States Army)6th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
6th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment6th Military District (Australia)6th Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment
6th Missouri Volunteer Cavalry6th Missouri Volunteer Infantry6th Motor Brigade (Australia)
6th Motor Transport Battalion6th Mountain Artillery Regiment (Italy)6th Mountain Cazadores Company
6th Mountain Division (Wehrmacht)6th Mountain Infantry Brigade (Argentina)6th Mounted Rifles
6th New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry6th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry6th New South Wales Mounted Rifles
6th New York Heavy Artillery Regiment6th New York Volunteer Infantry6th Night Fighter Squadron
6th North Carolina Regiment6th Ohio Battery6th Ohio Cavalry
6th Ohio Infantry6th Operations Group6th Panzer Army
6th Panzer Division (Wehrmacht)6th Panzergrenadier Division (Bundeswehr)6th Parachute Division (Germany)
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry6th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment6th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery
6th Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery Regiment6th Pennsylvania Regiment6th Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment
6th Photographic Squadron6th Poona Divisional Area6th Portuguese India Armada (Albergaria, 1504)
6th Prince of Wales's Cavalry6th Queen Elizabeth's Own Gurkha Rifles6th Rajputana Rifles
6th Ranger Battalion (United States)6th Reconnaissance Squadron6th Reconnaissance Squadron (disambiguation)
6th Regiment6th Regiment, Canadian Mounted Rifles6th Regiment, European Brigade
6th Regiment, Royal Horse Artillery6th Regiment Alabama Cavalry6th Regiment California Volunteer Infantry
6th Regiment Illinois Volunteer Cavalry6th Regiment Indiana Cavalry6th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Cavalry
6th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Cavalry6th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry6th Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry
6th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Militia6th Regiment Michigan Volunteer Heavy Artillery6th Regiment South Carolina Cavalry
6th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry6th Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Infantry6th Regiment West Virginia Infantry
6th Regiment of Kaniow Uhlans6th Reserve Division (German Empire)6th Reserve Officers' Training Corps Brigade
6th Rifle Corps6th Rifle Division (Soviet Union)6th Rocket Brigade
6th Royal Bavarian Division6th Royal Tank Regiment6th SS-Standarte
6th SS Mountain Division Nord6th SS Police Regiment6th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade
6th Siberian Rifle Division (Russian Empire)6th Signal Regiment (Canada)6th South Carolina Regiment
6th Space Operations Squadron6th Space Warning Squadron6th Special Operations Brigade "Mihai Viteazu"
6th Special Operations Brigade "Mihai Viteazul" (Romania)6th Special Operations Squadron6th Special Security Communications Team (United States)
6th Support Group (United Kingdom)6th Tactical Fighter Squadron (JASDF)6th Tactical Missile Squadron
6th Tank Brigade (Russia)6th Technical & Administrative Services Brigade (Reserve)6th Tennessee Infantry Regiment
6th Texas Infantry Regiment6th Transportation Battalion (United States)6th U-boat Flotilla
6th United States Colored Infantry Regiment6th Vermont Infantry6th Vietnamese Parachute Battalion
6th Virginia Cavalry6th Virginia Infantry6th Virginia Regiment
6th Weapons Squadron6th West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry Regiment6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment
6×35mm KAC6×45mm6×45mm SAW
7"/44 caliber gun7,62 ITKK 31 VKT7-30 Waters
7.2-Inch Demolition Rocket7.35×51mm Carcano7.3 cm Propagandawerfer 41
7.58 cm Minenwerfer7.5 cm FK 16 nA7.5 cm FK 18
7.5 cm FK 387.5 cm FK 7M857.5 cm Flak. L/60
7.5 cm Gebirgsgeschütz 367.5 cm Gebirgskanone Model 19117.5 cm Infanteriegeschütz 37
7.5 cm Infanteriegeschütz 427.5 cm KwK 377.5 cm KwK 40
7.5 cm KwK 427.5 cm L/45 M/16 anti aircraft gun7.5 cm L/45 M/32 anti aircraft gun
7.5 cm Leichtgeschütz 407.5 cm PaK 397.5 cm Pak 39
7.5 cm Pak 407.5 cm Pak 41
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