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7.5 cm Pak 97/387.5 cm kanon PL vz. 377.5 cm leichtes Infanteriegeschütz 18
7.5 cm tornpjäs m/577.5mm 1882 Ordnance7.5x54mm French
7.5×54mm French7.5×55mm Swiss7.5×57mm MAS
7.62 Tkiv 857.62 cm Infanteriegeschütz L/16.57.62 cm Pak 36(r)
7.62 mm caliber7.62mm Thumper7.62mm UKM
7.62x37mm Musang7.62×25mm Tokarev7.62×37mm Musang
7.62×38mmR7.62×39mm7.62×40mm Wilson Tactical
7.62×45mm7.62×45mm vz. 527.62×51mm CETME
7.62×51mm NATO7.62×53mmR7.62×54mmR
7.63x25mm Mauser7.63×25mm Mauser7.65mm Roth-Sauer
7.65×20mm Longue7.65×21mm Mannlicher7.65×21mm Parabellum
7.65×25mm Borchardt7.65×53mm Argentine7.65×53mm Mauser
7.7 cm FK 167.7 cm FK 967.7 cm FK 96 n.A.
7.7 cm Infanteriegeschütz L/207.7 cm Infanteriegeschütz L/277.7 cm Kanone in Haubitzelafette
7.7×58mm Arisaka7.92mm DS7.92x94mm Patronen
7.92×24mm7.92×33mm Kurz7.92×36mm EPK
7.92×57mm Mauser7.92×94mm Patronen70-pounder Whitworth naval gun
700 Naval Air Squadron700th Airlift Squadron700th Support Battalion (United States)
701 Naval Air Squadron701st (PHILCCOM) Signal Battalion (Reserve)701st Air Defense Squadron
701st Airlift Squadron701st Aviation Brigade701st Naval Air Group
701st Tactical Air Support Squadron702 Naval Air Squadron702d Expeditionary Airlift Squadron
702d Radar Squadron702d Tactical Air Support Squadron703 Naval Air Squadron
703d Strategic Missile Wing703d Tactical Air Support Squadron704 Naval Air Squadron
704th Fighter Squadron704th Military Intelligence Brigade705 Naval Air Squadron
705th Naval Squadron (Reserve)705th Strategic Missile Wing705th Tactical Airlift Squadron
705th Tank Destroyer Battalion706 Naval Air Squadron706th Fighter Squadron
707 Naval Air Squadron707th Airlift Squadron707th Bombardment Squadron
707th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)707th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Group707th Special Mission Battalion
708 Naval Air Squadron708th Airlift Squadron708th Bombardment Squadron
708th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)708th Volksgrenadier Division (Wehrmacht)709 Naval Air Squadron
709th Air Refueling Squadron709th Airlift Squadron709th Military Police Battalion
709th Static Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)70 Squadron70th (Surrey) Regiment of Foot
70th (Sussex) Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery70th Air Refueling Squadron70th Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union)
70th Armor Regiment70th Army (Soviet Union)70th Battalion, CEF
70th Division70th Division (Imperial Japanese Army)70th Fighter Squadron
70th Fighter Wing70th Flying Training Squadron70th Guards Rifle Division
70th Illinois Infantry Regiment70th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment70th Indiana Infantry Regiment
70th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)70th Infantry Division70th Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
70th Infantry Division (United Kingdom)70th Infantry Division (United States)70th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
70th Infantry Regiment (United States)70th Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing70th Mechanised Infantry Brigade (Turkey)
70th Motorized Infantry Brigade (People's Republic of China)70th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment70th Ohio Infantry
70th Rifle Division70th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade70th Siege Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery
70th Troop Carrier Squadron710 Naval Air Squadron710th Airlift Squadron
710th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)710th Special Operations Wing711 Naval Air Squadron
711 Squadron (Portugal)711th Air Refueling Squadron711th Anti-Armored Helicopter Squadron
711th Human Performance Wing711th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)711th Special Operations Squadron
712 Naval Air Squadron712th Air Refueling Squadron712th Expeditionary Air Refueling Squadron
712th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)713 Naval Air Squadron713th Anti-Armored Helicopter Squadron
713th Cavalry Regiment (United States)713th Fighter-Bomber Squadron713th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
714 Naval Air Squadron714th Bombardment Squadron714th Infantry Battalion
715 Naval Air Squadron715th Independent Reconnaissance Squadron715th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
715th Weapons Squadron716 Naval Air Squadron716th Bombardment Squadron
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