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716th Static Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)716th Test Squadron717 Naval Air Squadron
717th Bombardment Squadron717th Tank Battalion718 Naval Air Squadron
718th Bombardment Squadron718th Intelligence Squadron719 Naval Air Squadron
719th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)719th Military Intelligence Battalion (United States)71 (City of London) Yeomanry Signal Regiment
71 Engineer Regiment (United Kingdom)71 Motorised Brigade (South Africa)71a Squadriglia
71st (East Lancashire) Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery71st (Forth) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery71st (Highland) Regiment of Foot
71st Air Defense Artillery Regiment71st Air Refueling Squadron71st Airborne Brigade (United States)
71st Airmobile Brigade (Greece)71st Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union)71st Battalion, CEF
71st Battlefield Surveillance Brigade71st Cavalry Regiment71st Cavalry Regiment (United States)
71st Coorg Rifles71st Division71st Division (1st Formation)(People's Republic of China)
71st Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)71st Division (Imperial Japanese Army)71st Division (Philippines)
71st Division (United Kingdom)71st Expeditionary Military Intelligence Brigade71st Fighter Squadron
71st Fighter Training Squadron71st Fighter Wing71st Flying Training Wing
71st Group Army71st Illinois Infantry Regiment71st Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
71st Indian Infantry Brigade71st Indiana Infantry Regiment71st Infantry
71st Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)71st Infantry Division (France)71st Infantry Division (Russian Empire)
71st Infantry Division (United States)71st Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)71st Infantry Regiment (New York)
71st Infantry Regiment (United States)71st Motor Rifle Division71st New York Infantry
71st Ohio Infantry71st Operations Group71st Ordnance Group (EOD)
71st Pennsylvania Infantry71st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment71st Punjabis
71st Regiment71st Regiment of Foot, Fraser's Highlanders71st Regiment of Foot (1758)
71st Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)71st Rescue Squadron71st Special Battalion
71st Special Operations Squadron71st Tactical Fighter Squadron71st Tactical Missile Squadron
71st United States Colored Infantry Regiment720 Naval Air Squadron720th Bombardment Squadron
720th Military Police Battalion720th Special Tactics Group7217th Air Division
721 Naval Air Squadron721st Air Mobility Operations Group721st Naval Air Group
721st Tactical Fighter Squadron722 Naval Air Squadron722d Tactical Fighter Squadron
722nd Anti-Armored Helicopter Squadron723 Squadron RAN723d Tactical Fighter Squadron
723rd Military Police Battalion724 Squadron RAN724th Special Tactics Group
724th Strategic Missile Squadron725 Squadron RAN725th Strategic Missile Squadron
725th Support Battalion (United States)726 Naval Air Squadron726th Bombardment Squadron
726th Fighter Aviation Regiment727 Naval Air Squadron727th Amphibian Tractor Battalion (United States)
727th Bombardment Squadron728B Naval Air Squadron728C Naval Air Squadron
728 Naval Air Squadron728th Air Control Squadron728th Airlift Squadron
728th Military Police Battalion729 Naval Air Squadron729th Air Control Squadron
729th Airlift Squadron72 Motorised Brigade (South Africa)72 pattern webbing
72d Air Base Wing72d Air Refueling Squadron72d Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron
72d Fighter Squadron72d Fighter Wing72d Test and Evaluation Squadron
72nd (Middlesex) Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery72nd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union)72nd Battalion (Seaforth Highlanders of Canada), CEF
72nd Brigade72nd Brigade (Slovenian Armed Forces)72nd Brigade (United Kingdom)
72nd Division72nd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)72nd Division (United Kingdom)
72nd Field Artillery Brigade (United States)72nd Group Army72nd Guards Joint Training Centre
72nd Guards Mechanized Brigade72nd Illinois Infantry Regiment72nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment
72nd Indian Infantry Brigade72nd Indiana Infantry Regiment72nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (United States)
72nd Infantry Division (France)72nd Infantry Division (Russian Empire)72nd Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)
72nd Infantry Regiment (France)72nd Mechanized Brigade (Ukraine)72nd New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment
72nd Ohio Infantry72nd Pennsylvania Infantry72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Monument
72nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment72nd Punjabis72nd Reconnaissance-Commando Battalion
72nd Regiment72nd Regiment, Duke of Albany's Own Highlanders72nd Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry
72nd Regiment of Foot (1758)72nd Regiment of Foot (Royal Manchester Volunteers)72nd Regiment of Foot (disambiguation)
72nd Shinbu Squadron72nd Special Forces Battalion730 Naval Air Squadron
730th Air Mobility Squadron730th Air Mobility Training Squadron730th Airlift Squadron
730th Expeditionary Air Support Operations Squadron731 Naval Air Squadron731 Signal Squadron
731st Air Mobility Squadron731st Airlift Squadron731st Bombardment Squadron
732 Naval Air Squadron732d Air Expeditionary Group732d Airlift Squadron
732d Bombardment Squadron732nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron733 Naval Air Squadron
733d Air Mobility Squadron733d Aircraft Control and Warning Squadron733d Bombardment Squadron
733d Military Airlift Squadron734 Communication Squadron734 Naval Air Squadron
734th Bombardment Squadron735 Naval Air Squadron735th Bombardment Squadron
735th Tank Battalion (United States)736 Naval Air Squadron736th Bombardment Squadron
737 Naval Air Squadron737th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron738 Naval Air Squadron
738th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group738th Expeditionary Airlift Squadron738th Radar Squadron
739 Naval Air Squadron739th Bombardment Squadron73 Motorised Brigade (South Africa)
73d Air Division73d Airlift Squadron73d Bombardment Squadron
73d Bombardment Squadron (World War II)73d Space Group73d Special Operations Squadron
73mm LRAC73rd (Kent Fortress) Searchlight Regiment, Royal Artillery73rd (Perthshire) Regiment of Foot
73rd Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division (Soviet Union)73rd Battalion (Royal Highlanders of Canada), CEF73rd Brigade (United Kingdom)
73rd Carnatic Infantry73rd Cavalry Regiment73rd Cavalry Regiment (United States)
73rd Division73rd Division (2nd Formation)(People's Republic of China)73rd Division (Imperial Japanese Army)
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