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Australian Air Defence AreasAustralian Air Force CadetsAustralian Antarctic Division
Australian Antarctic MedalAustralian ArmyAustralian Army Artillery Museum
Australian Army AviationAustralian Army Band CorpsAustralian Army Cadets
Australian Army Catering CorpsAustralian Army Intelligence CorpsAustralian Army Land Warfare Centre, Western Australia
Australian Army Legal CorpsAustralian Army Medical Women's ServiceAustralian Army Memorial, Canberra
Australian Army Museum TasmaniaAustralian Army Nursing ServiceAustralian Army Psychology Corps
Australian Army Public Relations ServiceAustralian Army Recruit TrainingAustralian Army Reserve
Australian Army Structure 2000Australian Army Training Team VietnamAustralian Army Transportation Corps
Australian Army Veterinary CorpsAustralian Army during World War IAustralian Army during World War II
Australian Army enlisted rank insigniaAustralian Army officer rank insigniaAustralian Army ship Crusader (AV 2767)
Australian Army ship John Monash (AS 3051)Australian Cadet Forces Service MedalAustralian Commendations
Australian Commendations and CitationsAustralian Commonwealth HorseAustralian Commonwealth Naval Board
Australian CorpsAustralian Corrections MedalAustralian Cycling Corps
Australian Defence Air Traffic SystemAustralian Defence CollegeAustralian Defence Force
Australian Defence Force AcademyAustralian Defence Force Basic Flying Training SchoolAustralian Defence Force Cadets
Australian Defence Force EnsignAustralian Defence Force Helicopter SchoolAustralian Defence Force Investigative Service
Australian Defence Force casualties in AfghanistanAustralian Defence Force ranksAustralian Defence Medal
Australian Defence OrganisationAustralian Defence Satellite Communications StationAustralian Embassy Guard Platoon, Saigon
Australian Ex-Prisoners of War MemorialAustralian Fire Service MedalAustralian First Tactical Air Force
Australian Flying CorpsAustralian General Service Medal KoreaAustralian General Service Medal for Korea
Australian Geospatial-Intelligence OrganisationAustralian Honour FlagAustralian Honours Order of Wearing
Australian Hydrographic ServiceAustralian Imperial ForceAustralian Industry and Defence Network
Australian Instructional CorpsAustralian Korean War order of battleAustralian Legion of Ex-Servicemen and Women
Australian Light HorseAustralian Machine Gun CorpsAustralian Maritime Defence Council
Australian Memorial ParkAustralian Merchant Navy MemorialAustralian Military Court
Australian Military ForcesAustralian Mining CorpsAustralian Mounted Division
Australian Multicam Camouflage UniformAustralian Naval InstituteAustralian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force
Australian Navy CadetsAustralian New Guinea Administrative UnitAustralian Operational Service Medal
Australian Patrol Boat GroupAustralian Police MedalAustralian Regiment (1899–1900)
Australian Reserve Artillery BrigadeAustralian Security Intelligence OrganisationAustralian Service Medal
Australian Service Medal 1945–1975Australian Service Nurses National MemorialAustralian Services cricket team
Australian Signals DirectorateAustralian Soldier ParkAustralian Sports Medal
Australian SquadronAustralian Staff CorpsAustralian Strategic Policy Institute
Australian Submarine Rescue Vehicle RemoraAustralian Tank CorpsAustralian Transformation and Innovation Centre
Australian Voluntary HospitalAustralian War MemorialAustralian War Memorial, London
Australian War Records SectionAustralian White EnsignAustralian Women's Army Service
Australian Women's Land ArmyAustralian and New Zealand Army CorpsAustralian armoured units of World War II
Australian campaign medalsAustralian casualties of World War IIAustralian commandos
Australian conscription referendum, 1917Australian contribution to UNTAC in Cambodia 1992–1993Australian contribution to UNTAC in Cambodia 1992–93
Australian contribution to UNTAGAustralian contribution to the 1991 Gulf WarAustralian contribution to the 2003 invasion of Iraq
Australian contribution to the Allied Intervention in Russia 1918–19Australian contribution to the Battle of NormandyAustralian declaration of war on Germany
Australian experimental light tankAustralian floating crane TitanAustralian frontier wars
Australian home front during World War IIAustralian honours systemAustralian landing ship medium Brudenell White (AV 1354)
Australian landing ship medium Clive Steele (AV 1356)Australian landing ship medium Harry Chauvel (AV 1353)Australian landing ship medium Vernon Sturdee (AV 1355)
Australian light destroyer projectAustralian military involvement in peacekeepingAustralian native police
Australian occupation of German New GuineaAustralian occupation of German New Guinea order of battleAustralian official war artists
Australian plebiscite, 1916Australian plebiscite, 1917Australian rules football during the World Wars
Australian steamer AdeleAustralian stores lighter Yampi LassAustralian tugboat Caledonian Savior
Australian tugboat Cambrian SalvorAustralian women during World War IAustralian women during World War II
Australian women in World War IAustralians Missing in Action in the Vietnam WarAustralian–American Memorial
Australian–Thai Peace TreatyAustralia–New Zealand Memorial, CanberraAustrian-Slovene clashes in Carinthia
Austrian Air ForceAustrian Air Force (1927–1938)Austrian Armed Forces
Austrian Armed Forces Operations MedalAustrian Army Sports AssociationAustrian Bundesheer
Austrian Civil WarAustrian Decoration for Science and ArtAustrian Democratic Union
Austrian Forces Disaster Relief UnitAustrian Minister of Defence (Austria-Hungary)Austrian Peace Service
Austrian ResistanceAustrian SSAustrian Silesia
Austrian Sports BadgeAustrian State TreatyAustrian air defense
Austrian armyAustrian conscription referendum, 2013Austrian resistance
Austrian walled townsAustrian–Hungarian War (1477–1488)Austrian–Hungarian War (1477–88)
Austro-Hungarian Armed ForcesAustro-Hungarian ArmyAustro-Hungarian Aviation Troops
Austro-Hungarian General StaffAustro-Hungarian Military Mission in PersiaAustro-Hungarian Navy
Austro-Hungarian U-boat classes
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