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Battle at the HarzhornBattle at the Yadkin RiverBattle axe
Battle bagBattle between HMAS Sydney and German auxiliary cruiser KormoranBattle between the Hermunduri and the Chatti
Battle buddyBattle casualties of World War IIBattle class
Battle clubBattle commandBattle command knowledge system
Battle cryBattle cry (disambiguation)Battle dress (disambiguation)
Battle drillBattle ensignBattle fatigue
Battle for AustraliaBattle for Baby 700Battle for Brest
Battle for CaenBattle for Castle ItterBattle for Cebu City
Battle for Central Somalia (2009)Battle for Czech RadioBattle for Height 776
Battle for Henderson FieldBattle for Hill 3234Battle for Jalibah Airfield
Battle for JerusalemBattle for Jerusalem (1948)Battle for Kvam
Battle for Lake TanganyikaBattle for Mexico CityBattle for Monte la Difensa
Battle for Mosul DamBattle for Narva BridgeheadBattle for No.3 Post
Battle for Novi PazarBattle for Outpost VegasBattle for Pangwa
Battle for Piva TrailBattle for RomeBattle for Tabqa Air base
Battle for The HagueBattle for TsaritsynBattle for Tsaritsyn (1919)
Battle for Vedeno (2001)Battle for Velikiye LukiBattle for Vozuća
Battle for the A-9 highwayBattle for the Body of Saint PatrickBattle for the Body of St. Patrick
Battle for the Donbass (1919)Battle for the Kapelsche VeerBattle for the Río San Juan de Nicaragua
Battle formations at YungayBattle groupBattle honour
Battle honours of South AfricaBattle honours of the British and Imperial ArmiesBattle honours of the Royal Australian Navy
Battle in BerlinBattle in Shakhtarsk RaionBattle in the Bay of Matanzas
Battle labBattle management languageBattle of "The Saw"
Battle of 'AujaBattle of 'Ayn al-WardaBattle of 3 Shevat
Battle of 42nd StreetBattle of 4 MayBattle of 73 Easting
Battle of A SauBattle of A ShauBattle of Aachen
Battle of AanandapuramBattle of Ab Darrah PassBattle of Aba
Battle of AbacaenumBattle of AbancayBattle of Abaran
Battle of AbbevilleBattle of AbensbergBattle of Aberconwy
Battle of AberdeenBattle of Aberdeen (1644)Battle of Aberdeen (1646)
Battle of Aberdeen (Andaman Islands)Battle of AbomeyBattle of Abritus
Battle of AbrolhosBattle of AbtaoBattle of Abu-Ageila
Battle of Abu-Ageila (1967)Battle of Abu GhraibBattle of Abu Hamed
Battle of Abu KleaBattle of Abu KruBattle of Abu Tellul
Battle of AbukirBattle of Abukir (1799)Battle of Abukir (1801)
Battle of AbydosBattle of AcajeteBattle of Acajutla
Battle of AcapulcoBattle of Accra
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