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Battle of AlesiaBattle of AlessandriaBattle of Alexander Fort
Battle of AlexandrettaBattle of AlexandriaBattle of Alexandria (30 BC)
Battle of Alexandria (disambiguation)Battle of AlexandropolBattle of Alexandrovsky Fort
Battle of AlfambraBattle of AlfarrobeiraBattle of Alford
Battle of Algami CanalBattle of AlgecirasBattle of Algeciras (1278)
Battle of AlgiersBattle of Algiers (1956-7)Battle of Algiers (1956–57)
Battle of AlhandicBattle of Ali MasjidBattle of Aliaga
Battle of AligarhBattle of AliwalBattle of Aljubarrota
Battle of Alkali Creek (1865)Battle of AlkmaarBattle of Alkmaar (1799)
Battle of AllatoonaBattle of AllensteinBattle of Alligator Bridge
Battle of Alligator Creek BridgeBattle of Allt CamhnaBattle of Alltachuilain
Battle of Alltan-BeathBattle of AlmaBattle of Almansa
Battle of Almansa reenactmentBattle of AlmarazBattle of Almenar
Battle of Almenara (1521)Battle of AlmendralejoBattle of Almonacid
Battle of AlnwickBattle of Alnwick (1093)Battle of Alnwick (1174)
Battle of AlsBattle of AlsasuaBattle of Altafulla
Battle of Altamaha BridgeBattle of AltenburgBattle of Altenheim
Battle of AltenkirchenBattle of AltimarlachBattle of Alto de los Godos
Battle of AltonBattle of AltopascioBattle of Alvøen
Battle of Am DamBattle of Am ZoerBattle of Amalinde
Battle of Amami-ŌshimaBattle of Amanus PassBattle of Amara
Battle of AmarahBattle of Amba AlagiBattle of Amba Alagi (1941)
Battle of Amba AradamBattle of Amba JebelliBattle of Amba Sel
Battle of AmbalaBattle of AmbarawaBattle of Amberg
Battle of AmblèveBattle of AmbonBattle of Ambos Nogales
Battle of AmburBattle of AmeixialBattle of Amelia Springs
Battle of AmgalaBattle of Amgala (1989)Battle of Amiens
Battle of Amiens (1870)Battle of Amiens (1918)Battle of Amioun
Battle of Ammunition HillBattle of AmoafulBattle of Amorgos (1312)
Battle of AmoyBattle of AmpfingBattle of Ampfing (1800)
Battle of AmphipolisBattle of AmranBattle of Amritsar
Battle of Amritsar (1634)Battle of Amritsar (1757)Battle of Amroha
Battle of AmstegBattle of AmstettenBattle of An
Battle of An BaoBattle of An LãoBattle of An Lộc
Battle of An NinhBattle of AnabtaBattle of Anadan
Battle of AnandpurBattle of Anandpur (1700)Battle of Anchem
Battle of AnchialusBattle of Anchialus (708)Battle of Anchialus (763)
Battle of AnconaBattle of Ancrum MoorBattle of Ancyra
Battle of AndalalBattle of AndalienBattle of Andernach
Battle of Andernach (876)Battle of AndersonBattle of Andoain
Battle of AndongBattle of AndrassosBattle of Andros
Battle of Andros (1790)Battle of Andros (1825)Battle of Andros (246 BC)
Battle of AneBattle of AnegawaBattle of Anfao
Battle of AngacoBattle of AngamosBattle of Angaur
Battle of AnghiariBattle of Anglesey SoundBattle of Anglon
Battle of Anglon (543)Battle of AngolBattle of Angostura (1868)
Battle of AnguillaBattle of AnholtBattle of Ani
Battle of AnjarBattle of AnkaraBattle of Ankokuji
Battle of AnnabergBattle of AnnanBattle of Annan Moor
Battle of AnnualBattle of AnqingBattle of Ansaba
Battle of Anthony's HillBattle of AntietamBattle of Antietam half dollar
Battle of AntiochBattle of Antioch (1098)Battle of Antioch (145 BC)
Battle of Antioch (218)Battle of Antioch (613)Battle of Antioch on the Meander
Battle of AntivariBattle of AntreaBattle of Antrim
Battle of AntukyahBattle of Antón LizardoBattle of Anyi
Battle of AnzenBattle of AongBattle of Ap Bac
Battle of Ap Bau BangBattle of Ap Bau Bang IIBattle of Ap Da Bien
Battle of Ap GuBattle of Apache PassBattle of Aphek
Battle of Apple River FortBattle of Appomattox Court HouseBattle of Appomattox Station
Battle of AprosBattle of ApóstelesBattle of Aqaba
Battle of Aqbat al-BakrBattle of Aquae SextiaeBattle of Aquia Creek
Battle of AquiloniaBattle of ArachovaBattle of Aradeti
Battle of Arafura SeaBattle of ArakanBattle of Arakere
Battle of AranzuequeBattle of AraouaneBattle of Arapey
Battle of AraraBattle of AraureBattle of Arausio
Battle of AravianaBattle of AraweBattle of Arawe order of battle
Battle of ArbaloBattle of ArbedoBattle of Arbroath
Battle of ArbuzovkaBattle of ArcadiopolisBattle of Arcadiopolis (1194)
Battle of Arcadiopolis (970)Battle of Arcis-sur-AubeBattle of Arcole
Battle of Ardahan
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