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Battle of ArdnareeBattle of ArdnocherBattle of Ardres
Battle of ArelateBattle of ArfderyddBattle of Argaon
Battle of ArgentovariaBattle of ArghandabBattle of Arghandab (1987)
Battle of ArginusaeBattle of Argoed LlwyfainBattle of Arica
Battle of Arita-NakaideBattle of Arkansas PostBattle of Arkansas Post (1783)
Battle of Arkansas Post (1863)Battle of Arkansas Post (American Revolutionary War)Battle of Arkinholm
Battle of ArklowBattle of Arklow (1649)Battle of Arlabán
Battle of Arlabán (1811)Battle of Arlabán (1812)Battle of Arles (435)
Battle of Arles (471)Battle of Arlington MillsBattle of Arlon (1793)
Battle of Arlon (1794)Battle of ArmentièresBattle of Arnee
Battle of ArnemuidenBattle of ArnhemBattle of Arnhem (1813)
Battle of ArogheeBattle of ArpachaiBattle of Arques
Battle of Arques (1303)Battle of ArracourtBattle of Arrapha
Battle of ArrasBattle of Arras (1654)Battle of Arras (1914)
Battle of Arras (1915)Battle of Arras (1917)Battle of Arras (1940)
Battle of ArretiumBattle of ArronchesBattle of Arroyo Grande
Battle of Arroyo Grande (1818)Battle of Arroyo dos MolinosBattle of Arsal
Battle of Arsal (2014)Battle of ArsufBattle of Artah
Battle of ArtaxataBattle of Artaxata (57)Battle of Artaza
Battle of ArtemisiumBattle of ArtoisBattle of Arzobispo
Battle of AsadabadBattle of Asal UttarBattle of Ascalon
Battle of Asculum (279 BC)Battle of Asculum (89 BC)Battle of Asfeld
Battle of Ash HollowBattle of AshdodBattle of Ashdown
Battle of AsiagoBattle of AslanduzBattle of Aspern-Essling
Battle of AspindzaBattle of AspromonteBattle of Assandun
Battle of AssayeBattle of AsseiceiraBattle of Assietta
Battle of AtakpaméBattle of AtapuercaBattle of Atbara
Battle of AtenquiqueBattle of AtgramBattle of Athani
Battle of AthenryBattle of AthensBattle of Athens (1861)
Battle of Athens (1864)Battle of Athens (1941)Battle of Athens (1946)
Battle of Athens State Historic SiteBattle of AthosBattle of Atlanta
Battle of Atlixco (1862)Battle of AtoleirosBattle of Attock
Battle of Attock, 1758Battle of Attock (1758)Battle of Attu
Battle of AuberocheBattle of Aubers RidgeBattle of Aubervilliers
Battle of Audierne BayBattle of AughrimBattle of Augusta
Battle of Augusta (1862)Battle of AugustovBattle of Auldearn
Battle of AuraBattle of AurayBattle of Aussig
Battle of AusterlitzBattle of AutasBattle of Authion
Battle of AutosseeBattle of AutunBattle of Auvere
Battle of AvarayrBattle of AvayBattle of Avdiivka
Battle of AverasboroughBattle of Avesnes-le-SecBattle of Avignon
Battle of AwaBattle of AwazuBattle of Axtorna
Battle of AyacuchoBattle of Ayacucho order of battleBattle of Aydın
Battle of AylesburyBattle of AylesfordBattle of Ayn al-Tamr
Battle of Ayn al-WardaBattle of AyohumaBattle of Ayshal
Battle of Ayta ash-ShabBattle of Ayun KaraBattle of Azaz
Battle of Azaz (1030)Battle of Azaz (1125)Battle of Azaz (2012)
Battle of AzcapotzalcoBattle of AzemmourBattle of Azua
Battle of AzukizakaBattle of Azukizaka (1542)Battle of Azukizaka (1564)
Battle of AñaquitoBattle of AšmenaBattle of B'ir Kora
Battle of BIAP (2004)Battle of Ba'rinBattle of Ba Dau 1128
Battle of Ba GiaBattle of Bab El BekkoucheBattle of Bab El Oued
Battle of BabangBattle of BabylonBattle of Babylon (634)
Battle of Babylon (636)Battle of Bach DangBattle of Bacsil Ridge
Battle of Bad AxeBattle of BadajozBattle of Badajoz (1936)
Battle of BaddowalBattle of BadgamBattle of Badghis
Battle of Badli-ki-SeraiBattle of BadonBattle of Badr
Battle of Baduhenna WoodBattle of Badung StraitBattle of Baecula
Battle of BaekgangBattle of BaesweilerBattle of Bafilo
Battle of BagdouraBattle of BaghakBattle of Baghavard
Battle of BaghdadBattle of Baghdad (2003)Battle of Baghdad (946)
Battle of Baghuz FawqaniBattle of BagradasBattle of Bagradas (disambiguation)
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