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Battle of BagrevandBattle of Bagrevand (371)Battle of Bagru
Battle of BaguashanBattle of Baguio (1945)Battle of Bahraich
Battle of BaiaBattle of BaidengBattle of Baidoa
Battle of Baidoa (2006)Battle of BaijiBattle of Baiji (2014)
Battle of Baiji (2014–15)Battle of Baiji (October–November 2014)Battle of Bailén
Battle of BairokoBattle of BairénBattle of Baitag Bogd
Battle of BajarwanBattle of BajaurBattle of Bajaur (1519)
Battle of BakenlaagteBattle of Baker's FarmBattle of Bakhmach
Battle of BakuBattle of BalaaBattle of Balaclava
Battle of BalanjarBattle of Balanjar (650s)Battle of Balanjar (723)
Battle of Balanjar (730s)Battle of BalantangBattle of Balikpapan
Battle of Balikpapan (1942)Battle of Balikpapan (1945)Battle of Balkh
Battle of Ball's BluffBattle of BallaghmoonBattle of Ballinalee
Battle of BallinamuckBattle of BallonBattle of Ballyellis
Battle of Ballymore-EustaceBattle of BallynahinchBattle of Ballyshannon
Battle of Ballyshannon (1247)Battle of BaltimBattle of Baltimore
Battle of Bamber BridgeBattle of BamianshanBattle of Ban Houei Sane
Battle of Ban Me ThuotBattle of Ban Pa DongBattle of Bandera Pass
Battle of BandiradleyBattle of Bandiradley (2006)Battle of Bang Bo (Zhennan Pass)
Battle of BangkokBattle of Bani WalidBattle of Banja Luka
Battle of BanjoBattle of Bankusay ChannelBattle of Bannockburn
Battle of BanquanBattle of BantamBattle of Bantry Bay
Battle of BaoyingBattle of BapaumeBattle of Bapaume (1871)
Battle of BapheusBattle of BaqubahBattle of Bar
Battle of Bar-sur-AubeBattle of BarawaBattle of Barawala Kalay Valley
Battle of BarbalissosBattle of BarbourvilleBattle of Barcelona
Battle of Barcelona (1359)Battle of Barcelona (disambiguation)Battle of Bardejov
Battle of BardiaBattle of Bargal (2007)Battle of Barking Creek
Battle of Barnaul (1918)Battle of BarnetBattle of Barranca Seca
Battle of Barren HillBattle of Barrio YotingBattle of Barrosa
Battle of BarryBattle of BasantarBattle of Bascara (1795)
Battle of BasianBattle of BasilanBattle of Basing
Battle of BasoliBattle of BasraBattle of Basra (1914)
Battle of Basra (2003)Battle of Basra (2008)Battle of Basra (871)
Battle of BassanoBattle of BassianaeBattle of Bassignana
Battle of Bassignana (1799)Battle of BassignanoBattle of Basya
Battle of BataanBattle of Bataan (1945)Battle of Batapur
Battle of Bathys RyaxBattle of BatiboBattle of Batih
Battle of BatinBattle of BatinaBattle of Batoche
Battle of Baton RougeBattle of Baton Rouge (1779)Battle of Baton Rouge (1862)
Battle of BatorzBattle of BatočinaBattle of Battle Hill
Battle of Battle MountainBattle of BauBattle of Bauds
Battle of BaugéBattle of BautzenBattle of Bautzen (1945)
Battle of BaxiBattle of Baxter SpringsBattle of Bayan
Battle of BaykandBattle of Bayona Islands (1590)Battle of Bayonne
Battle of Bayou BourbeuxBattle of Bayou FourcheBattle of Bayou Meto
Battle of BayrudhBattle of Baza (1810)Battle of Bazaleti
Battle of BazeillesBattle of BazelBattle of Bazentin Ridge
Battle of BaçenteBattle of Be'erot YitzhakBattle of Beachy Head
Battle of Beachy Head (1690)Battle of Bealach nam BroigBattle of Bean's Station
Battle of Bear PawBattle of Bear ValleyBattle of Beas River
Battle of BeaufortBattle of BeaugencyBattle of Beaugency (1429)
Battle of Beaugency (1870)Battle of BeauharnoisBattle of Beaumont
Battle of Beaumont (1794)Battle of Beaune-la-RolandeBattle of Beauport
Battle of Beaver Dam CreekBattle of Beaver DamsBattle of Bedara
Battle of BedriacumBattle of Beecher IslandBattle of Beersheba
Battle of Beersheba (1917)Battle of Beersheba (1948)Battle of Behobeho
Battle of BeicangBattle of BeijingBattle of Beijing (1644)
Battle of Beiping–TianjinBattle of BeirutBattle of Beirut (1912)
Battle of Beirut (1941)Battle of Beit ImrinBattle of Beitang
Battle of Bekeriyah (1904)Battle of Belach LechtaBattle of Belahoe
Battle of Belaćevac MineBattle of BelchiteBattle of Belchite (1809)
Battle of Belchite (1937)Battle of Belchite (1938)
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