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Battle of BeledweyneBattle of Beledweyne (2006)Battle of Beledweyne (2008)
Battle of Beledweyne (2010)Battle of Beledweyne (2011)Battle of Beler
Battle of BelgiumBattle of Belgium (1940) order of battleBattle of Belgium order of battle
Battle of BelgorodBattle of Bell IslandBattle of Bellaghmoon
Battle of Belleau WoodBattle of BelleekBattle of Bellevue
Battle of BelmontBattle of Belmont (1899)Battle of Belvoir Castle
Battle of BembeziBattle of Ben GuerdaneBattle of Benadir
Battle of BenaventeBattle of BenbigrieBattle of Benburb
Battle of BeneventoBattle of BeneventumBattle of Beneventum (212 BC)
Battle of Beneventum (214 BC)Battle of Beneventum (275 BC)Battle of Benghazi
Battle of Benghazi (2014)Battle of Benghazi (2014–2017)Battle of Bengtskär
Battle of Beni MeredBattle of Benina AirportBattle of Bennington
Battle of BensingtonBattle of BentonvilleBattle of Beran Byrig
Battle of BereaBattle of BerestechkoBattle of Bereza Kartuska
Battle of Bereza Kartuska (1919)Battle of BerezinaBattle of Berezina (1919)
Battle of Berezina (disambiguation)Battle of BergamaBattle of Bergamo
Battle of BergenBattle of Bergen (1759)Battle of Bergen (1799)
Battle of BergendalBattle of BergeracBattle of Berlengas Islands
Battle of BerlinBattle of Berlin (RAF campaign)Battle of Berlin (disambiguation)
Battle of BeroeBattle of BeroiaBattle of Beroia (1208)
Battle of BerryvilleBattle of BerzitiaBattle of Besançon
Battle of Bessang PassBattle of Beth HoronBattle of Beth Horon (166 BC)
Battle of Beth Horon (166 BCE)Battle of Beth Horon (66)Battle of Beth Zechariah
Battle of Beth ZurBattle of BeverhoutsveldBattle of Bezzecca
Battle of BhaktapurBattle of BhanganiBattle of Bhopal
Battle of Bhuchar MoriBattle of BhupalgarhBattle of Bi
Battle of BiakBattle of BiałołękaBattle of Białystok
Battle of Białystok–MinskBattle of BiberachBattle of Biberach (1796)
Battle of Biberach (1800)Battle of BibracteBattle of Bicocca
Battle of Bielsa pocketBattle of Big BendBattle of Big Bethel
Battle of Big Black River BridgeBattle of Big Dry WashBattle of Big Mound
Battle of Big Sandy CreekBattle of Bila TserkvaBattle of Bila Tserkva (1651)
Battle of BilbaoBattle of BilećaBattle of Bilin River
Battle of BillericayBattle of BiltineBattle of Bin Jawad
Battle of Binakayan-DalahicanBattle of Binh BaBattle of Binh Gia
Battle of Binnion HillBattle of Bint JbeilBattle of Bir Hakeim
Battle of Bir el AbdBattle of Bir el ArdBattle of Bir el Gubi
Battle of Birch CouleeBattle of BirżeBattle of Bishapur (643–644)
Battle of Bishop CreekBattle of Bishops CourtBattle of Biskupice
Battle of Bita PakaBattle of BitlisBattle of Bitola (1015)
Battle of BitontoBattle of Bitter LakesBattle of Bizani
Battle of BjörkösundBattle of BlaauwbergBattle of Black Jack
Battle of Black MingoBattle of Black MountBattle of Blackburn's Ford
Battle of Blackett StraitBattle of Blackpool SandsBattle of Blackstock's Farm
Battle of Blackstock's Historic SiteBattle of BladensburgBattle of Blain
Battle of Blair's LandingBattle of Blair MountainBattle of Blanc Mont Ridge
Battle of BlanchetaqueBattle of Blanco CanyonBattle of Blandford
Battle of Blar Na PairceBattle of BlarathonBattle of Blavet
Battle of BlayeBattle of BlenheimBattle of Bliska
Battle of Block IslandBattle of Blood RiverBattle of Blood River Poort
Battle of Bloody BayBattle of Bloody BrookBattle of Bloody Creek
Battle of Bloody Creek (1711)Battle of Bloody Creek (1757)Battle of Bloody Gulch
Battle of Bloody MarshBattle of Bloody RidgeBattle of Bloody Run
Battle of Bloody Run (1656)Battle of Blore HeathBattle of Blountville
Battle of Blue LicksBattle of Blue SpringsBattle of Blue Waters
Battle of BlumenauBattle of BléneauBattle of Bobbili
Battle of BobdubiBattle of Bobruysk (1918)Battle of Boca Teacapan
Battle of BogdatBattle of BogesundBattle of Boju
Battle of BoksumBattle of BolchuBattle of Boldon Hill
Battle of BoliaBattle of BolimówBattle of Bolivar Heights
Battle of BolkhovBattle of BolnisiBattle of Bologna
Battle of Bolshie OzerkiBattle of BomaBattle of Bomarsund
Battle of Bombo
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