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Battle of Bonari PassBattle of BonchurchBattle of Bondo
Battle of Bone Pile CreekBattle of Bong SonBattle of Boomplaats
Battle of BoonevilleBattle of BoonsboroBattle of Boonville
Battle of BoquerónBattle of Boquerón (1866)Battle of Boquerón (1932)
Battle of BoratyczeBattle of BordeauxBattle of Bordeaux (1653)
Battle of BorgerhoutBattle of BorghettoBattle of Borgo
Battle of BorkowoBattle of BorneoBattle of Borneo (1941–42)
Battle of BornholmBattle of Bornholm (1456)Battle of Bornholm (1535)
Battle of Bornholm (1563)Battle of Bornholm (1676)Battle of Bornhöved
Battle of Bornhöved (1227)Battle of Bornhöved (1813)Battle of Bornhöved (798)
Battle of BornosBattle of Bornos (1811)Battle of Bornos (1812)
Battle of Borny–ColombeyBattle of BorodinoBattle of Borodzianka
Battle of BoroughbridgeBattle of BoroughmuirBattle of Borovo Selo
Battle of Borowa GóraBattle of Borowe MłynyBattle of Borsele
Battle of BoruszkowceBattle of BoruyBattle of Boryspil
Battle of BorysthenesBattle of Bosco MarengoBattle of Boshof
Battle of BosraBattle of Bosra (1147)Battle of Bosra (2015)
Battle of Bossenden WoodBattle of BostonBattle of Bosworth Field
Battle of BothavilleBattle of Bothwell BridgeBattle of Boulgarophygon
Battle of BoulogneBattle of Boulogne (1940)Battle of Boulou
Battle of Bound BrookBattle of BourgthérouldeBattle of Bouvines
Battle of BouzegzaBattle of BovBattle of Bovianum
Battle of BovillaeBattle of Bow StreetBattle of Bowang
Battle of BowmanvilleBattle of BoxtelBattle of Boyacá
Battle of Boydton Plank RoadBattle of Boykin's MillBattle of Boyra
Battle of Boz QandahariBattle of Braddock DownBattle of Braga (1809)
Battle of Bramham MoorBattle of Brandy StationBattle of Brandywine
Battle of BrańskBattle of BraşovBattle of Breadfield
Battle of BrechinBattle of BregaBattle of Bregalnica
Battle of Brega–Ajdabiya roadBattle of BreisachBattle of Breitenfeld
Battle of Breitenfeld (1631)Battle of Breitenfeld (1642)Battle of Bremule
Battle of BrentaBattle of BrentfordBattle of Brentford (1016)
Battle of Brentford (1642)Battle of BrentwoodBattle of Breslau
Battle of Breslau (1757)Battle of BrestBattle of Brest (1342)
Battle of Brest (1592)Battle of Brest (1596)Battle of Brest (1794)
Battle of Brice's Cross RoadsBattle of Brice's CrossroadsBattle of Brienne
Battle of Brier CreekBattle of BrightlingseaBattle of Brignais
Battle of BrihuegaBattle of Brindisi (1156)Battle of Brisbane
Battle of Brisbane (disambiguation)Battle of BrissartheBattle of Bristoe Station
Battle of BritainBattle of Britain (disambiguation)Battle of Britain Bunker
Battle of Britain DayBattle of Britain HouseBattle of Britain Memorial
Battle of Britain Memorial, Capel-le-FerneBattle of Britain Memorial FlightBattle of Britain Monument, London
Battle of Britain RAF squadronsBattle of Britain RangeBattle of Britton's Lane
Battle of BrobackaBattle of BrodyBattle of Brody (1941)
Battle of BroekhuizenBattle of Broken HillBattle of Broken River
Battle of Bron yr ErwBattle of BronkhorstspruitBattle of Bronnitsy
Battle of BroodseindeBattle of BrooklynBattle of Brouwershaven
Battle of Brown's FerryBattle of Brown's MillBattle of Brownstown
Battle of BrownsvilleBattle of Brownsville, ArkansasBattle of Bruderholz
Battle of BrumathBattle of BrunanburhBattle of Brunanburh (poem)
Battle of BruneteBattle of BrunkebergBattle of Brunnbäck Ferry
Battle of BrusselsBattle of BrustemBattle of Bryansk (1941)
Battle of Bryn DerwinBattle of Bryn GlasBattle of Brześć Litewski
Battle of BrzostowicaBattle of BrávellirBattle of Brännkyrka
Battle of BrévilleBattle of BrüxBattle of Bu'ath
Battle of BubaigawaraBattle of BubatBattle of Bubiyan
Battle of BucaramangaBattle of Bucaramanga (1854)Battle of Bucaramanga (1899)
Battle of BuceoBattle of BucharestBattle of Buchhof and Stein am Kocher
Battle of Buck Head CreekBattle of Buckland MillsBattle of Bucov
Battle of Bud BagsakBattle of Bud DajoBattle of Buda
Battle of Buda (1686)Battle of Buda (1849)Battle of Buda Zaborowska
Battle of BudaörsBattle of Buena VistaBattle of Buffalo
Battle of Buffington IslandBattle of BuggenhoutBattle of Bugojno
Battle of Buin
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