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Battle of BukharaBattle of Bukit TimahBattle of Bukoba
Battle of BukowoBattle of BulairBattle of Bulgnéville
Battle of Bull's FerryBattle of Bull's GapBattle of Bull Run
Battle of BulltownBattle of Bun'eiBattle of Bun Garbhain
Battle of Buna–GonaBattle of Buna–Gona: Allied forces and order of battleBattle of Buna–Gona: Allied forces order of battle
Battle of Buna–Gona: Japanese forces and order of battleBattle of Buna–Gona: Japanese strength and order of battleBattle of Buna–Gona – Allied forces order of battle
Battle of BunclodyBattle of Bunker HillBattle of Bunker Hill (1952)
Battle of Buqqar RidgeBattle of BurdigalaBattle of Burdwan
Battle of BureBattle of BurgosBattle of Burkersdorf
Battle of Burkersdorf (1866)Battle of BurkiBattle of Burnt Corn
Battle of BursBattle of Burton BridgeBattle of Burton Bridge (1322)
Battle of Burton Bridge (1643)Battle of Busan (1592)Battle of Bushy Run
Battle of BussacoBattle of Bussaco order of battleBattle of Buttington
Battle of BuxarBattle of Buyur LakeBattle of Buzakha
Battle of BuzenvalBattle of Buzenval (1870)Battle of Buzenval (1871)
Battle of ByczynaBattle of ByeokjegwanBattle of Byram's Ford
Battle of BysjönBattle of BystrykBattle of Byzantium
Battle of Bạch ĐằngBattle of Bạch Đằng (1288)Battle of Bạch Đằng (938)
Battle of Bạch Đằng (981)Battle of CaaguazúBattle of Cabala
Battle of Cabeza de Las MaríasBattle of CabezónBattle of Cabin Creek
Battle of CabiraBattle of Cable StreetBattle of Cabra
Battle of Cabrita PointBattle of CacabelosBattle of Cadfan
Battle of CadoretBattle of CadsandBattle of Caen (1346)
Battle of Caer CaradocBattle of Caesar's CampBattle of Caesarea
Battle of Cagayan de MisamisBattle of Cahuenga PassBattle of Caishi
Battle of CajamarcaBattle of CalabriaBattle of Calais (1349)
Battle of CalambaBattle of CalatafimiBattle of Calatañazor
Battle of Calcasieu PassBattle of CalcinatoBattle of Caldera Bay
Battle of Calderón BridgeBattle of CaldieroBattle of Caldiero (1796)
Battle of Caldiero (1805)Battle of Caldiero (1809)Battle of Caldiero (1813)
Battle of Calebee CreekBattle of Calicut (1502)Battle of Calicut (1790)
Battle of Calidonia BridgeBattle of CallannBattle of Callantsoog
Battle of CallaoBattle of Callao (1838)Battle of Calliano
Battle of Calliano (1487)Battle of CallinicumBattle of Callinicus
Battle of CaloocanBattle of CalpulalpanBattle of Caltavuturo
Battle of CalumpitBattle of CalvenBattle of Camalig
Battle of CamaretBattle of CamarónBattle of Camas Creek
Battle of CambraiBattle of Cambrai (1917)Battle of Cambrai (1918)
Battle of CambrilsBattle of CamdenBattle of Camden Point
Battle of CamerinumBattle of Cameron DamBattle of Camlann
Battle of Camotes IslandsBattle of Camp AbubakarBattle of Camp Allegheny
Battle of Camp HillBattle of Camp WildcatBattle of Campaldino
Battle of Campbell's StationBattle of CamperdownBattle of Campi Cannini
Battle of CampichueloBattle of Campo GrandeBattle of Campo Jordán
Battle of Campo MaiorBattle of Campo SantoBattle of Campo Tenese
Battle of Campo delle MoscheBattle of CampomortoBattle of Camulodunum
Battle of CanaBattle of Canada AlamosaBattle of Cancha Rayada
Battle of CandespinaBattle of Cane HillBattle of Cangting
Battle of Canhe SlopeBattle of CannaeBattle of Cannae (1018)
Battle of CannanoreBattle of CantennaBattle of Cantigny
Battle of CantonBattle of Canton (1856)Battle of Canton (1857)
Battle of Canton (March 1841)Battle of Canton (May 1841)Battle of Canturino
Battle of CanusiumBattle of Canyon CreekBattle of Canyon de Chelly
Battle of Cao Bang (1979)Battle of Cao Binh 1677Battle of Cao Bằng
Battle of Cao Bằng (1949)Battle of Cap-FrançaisBattle of Cap-Français (1793)
Battle of Cap Bon (468)Battle of Cap de la RoqueBattle of Cape Bon
Battle of Cape Bon (1941)Battle of Cape Bon (468)Battle of Cape Burnas
Battle of Cape CelidoniaBattle of Cape CherchellBattle of Cape Corvo
Battle of Cape EcnomusBattle of Cape EspartelBattle of Cape Esperance
Battle of Cape Fear River (1718)Battle of Cape FinisterreBattle of Cape Finisterre (1761)
Battle of Cape Finisterre (1805)Battle of Cape GirardeauBattle of Cape Gloucester
Battle of Cape HenryBattle of Cape KaliakraBattle of Cape Lopez
Battle of Cape MachichacoBattle of Cape ManglaresBattle of Cape Matapan
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