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Battle of Cape OrlandoBattle of Cape OrtegalBattle of Cape Palos
Battle of Cape PassaroBattle of Cape Passero (1940)Battle of Cape Rachado
Battle of Cape SarychBattle of Cape SpadaBattle of Cape Spartel
Battle of Cape Spartel (1936)Battle of Cape SpartiventoBattle of Cape St. George
Battle of Cape St. VincentBattle of Cape St. Vincent (1337)Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1641)
Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1719)Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1780)Battle of Cape St. Vincent (1833)
Battle of Cape St MaryBattle of Cape St Vincent (1797)Battle of Capo d'Orso
Battle of CaporettoBattle of Caporetto order of battleBattle of Capua
Battle of Capua (1348)Battle of Capua (211 BC)Battle of Carabobo
Battle of Carabobo (1814)Battle of Carabobo (1821) order of battleBattle of Caravaggio
Battle of CarazúaBattle of Carberry HillBattle of Carbisdale
Battle of CarchemishBattle of CardadeuBattle of Cardal
Battle of CardedeuBattle of CareiBattle of Carentan
Battle of CarhamBattle of CaribouBattle of Carillon
Battle of CarinishBattle of CarlisleBattle of Carlow
Battle of CarmonaBattle of Carnifex FerryBattle of Carnuntum
Battle of CarpiBattle of Carpi (1815)Battle of Carpio
Battle of CarrhaeBattle of Carrhae (296)Battle of Carrickfergus
Battle of Carrickfergus (1597)Battle of Carrickfergus (1760)Battle of Carrizal
Battle of Carrizo CanyonBattle of CartagenaBattle of Cartagena (1643)
Battle of Cartagena (1758)Battle of Cartagena (209 BC)Battle of Cartagena (461)
Battle of Cartagena de IndiasBattle of Cartagena de Indias (1586)Battle of Carteia
Battle of CarthageBattle of Carthage (1861)Battle of Carthage (238)
Battle of Carthage (698)Battle of Carthage (c. 149 BC)Battle of Carthage State Historic Site
Battle of CarumbéBattle of CasagliaBattle of Casal Novo
Battle of CasalecchioBattle of Casas GrandesBattle of Cascina
Battle of Cascina (Michelangelo)Battle of CaserosBattle of Casma
Battle of CaspeBattle of Cassano (1259)Battle of Cassano (1705)
Battle of Cassano (1799)Battle of Cassano d'AddaBattle of Cassel
Battle of Cassel (1071)Battle of Cassel (1328)Battle of Cassel (1347)
Battle of Cassel (1677)Battle of CassingaBattle of Castagnaro
Battle of CastallaBattle of Castalla (1812)Battle of Castañares
Battle of Castel di SangroBattle of CasteldelfinoBattle of Castelfidardo
Battle of Castelfranco VenetoBattle of CastellónBattle of Castelnaudary
Battle of Castelo RodrigoBattle of CastiglioneBattle of Castiglione (1706)
Battle of CastillejosBattle of CastillonBattle of Castione
Battle of CastlebarBattle of CastlehavenBattle of Castricum
Battle of CatalánBattle of Catana (397 BC)Battle of Cathair Cuan
Battle of CatiraiBattle of CatraethBattle of Caucasus Mountain
Battle of Caulk's FieldBattle of CavanBattle of Cañada
Battle of Cañada StrongestBattle of CeberBattle of Cecora
Battle of Cecora (1595)Battle of Cecora (1620)Battle of Cedar Creek
Battle of Cedar Creek (1876)Battle of Cedar Creek (Jacksonville)Battle of Cedar Creek (disambiguation)
Battle of Cedar MountainBattle of CedyniaBattle of Cefn Digoll
Battle of CelayaBattle of Celaya (1858)Battle of Cellorigo
Battle of CeneiBattle of Central HenanBattle of Centuripe
Battle of CepedaBattle of Cepeda (1820)Battle of Cepeda (1859)
Battle of CephaloniaBattle of CerBattle of Ceresole
Battle of CerignolaBattle of CernejaBattle of Cerrito
Battle of Cerro CoráBattle of Cerro GordoBattle of Cerro Muriano
Battle of Cerro del BorregoBattle of CerveraBattle of Cervera (1811)
Battle of CesenaticoBattle of CetateBattle of Ceva
Battle of Ch'ungju
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