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Battle of ChacabucoBattle of ChachBattle of Chaeronea
Battle of Chaeronea (338 BC)Battle of Chaeronea (86 BC)Battle of Chaffin's Farm
Battle of ChainsBattle of ChakanBattle of Chaksana
Battle of ChalaganBattle of ChalaiBattle of Chalcedon
Battle of Chalcedon (74 BC)Battle of ChaldiranBattle of Chalgrove Field
Battle of Chalk BluffBattle of ChambBattle of Chamb and Dogra
Battle of ChamboisBattle of ChamdoBattle of Chamkaur
Battle of Chamkaur (1704)Battle of ChampagneBattle of Champaubert
Battle of Champion HillBattle of ChampionsBattle of Champtoceaux
Battle of ChancellorsvilleBattle of ChandannagarBattle of Chandawar
Battle of ChanderiBattle of ChangbanBattle of Changde
Battle of ChanghsingBattle of ChangpingBattle of Changsha
Battle of Changsha (1852)Battle of Changsha (1911)Battle of Changsha (1939)
Battle of Changsha (1941)Battle of Changsha (1942)Battle of Changsha (1944)
Battle of ChangshaoBattle of ChangzhouBattle of Chantilly
Battle of ChantonnayBattle of ChapakchurBattle of Chapoo
Battle of Chappar ChiriBattle of ChapuBattle of Chapultepec
Battle of CharasiabBattle of CharleroiBattle of Charleston
Battle of Charleston (1861)Battle of Charleston (1862)Battle of Charlestown
Battle of CharlotteBattle of ChashnikiBattle of Chatkol
Battle of ChatraBattle of ChattanoogaBattle of Chaul
Battle of ChausaBattle of Chavez RavineBattle of Chawinda
Battle of Cheat MountainBattle of ChedabuctoBattle of Chelenqo
Battle of Chelsea CreekBattle of ChemnitzBattle of Chemulpo Bay
Battle of ChengpuBattle of CheoinBattle of Cheongju
Battle of CherbourgBattle of Cherbourg (1864)Battle of Cherbourg (disambiguation)
Battle of CheritonBattle of Cherokee StationBattle of Chesma
Battle of ChesterBattle of Chester StationBattle of Chesterfield
Battle of Chestnut NeckBattle of ChevillyBattle of Chełm
Battle of ChiariBattle of ChiatungBattle of Chiayi
Battle of ChickamaugaBattle of Chickasaw BayouBattle of Chihuahua (1866)
Battle of ChikhoriBattle of ChilcheollyangBattle of Chillianwala
Battle of ChillicotheBattle of ChillopampaBattle of Chimborazo
Battle of ChingleputBattle of ChinhaiBattle of Chinhat
Battle of ChinkiangBattle of ChinoBattle of Chinsurah
Battle of ChioggiaBattle of ChiosBattle of Chios (1319)
Battle of Chios (201 BC)Battle of ChipanaBattle of Chippawa
Battle of Chipyong-niBattle of ChisetBattle of Chiset (Chizai)
Battle of ChlumecBattle of Chlumec (1126)Battle of Chmielnik
Battle of ChochiwonBattle of ChocontáBattle of Chojnice
Battle of Chojnice (1454)Battle of Chojnice (1656)Battle of Chojnice (1939)
Battle of CholetBattle of CholokiBattle of Chonan
Battle of ChongjuBattle of Chongju (1950)Battle of Chora
Battle of ChorupańBattle of Chosin ReservoirBattle of Chosin Reservoir order of battle
Battle of ChotusitzBattle of ChraBattle of Christmas Island
Battle of ChroberzBattle of ChrysasBattle of Chrysopolis
Battle of Chuam-niBattle of ChudnovBattle of Chuenpee
Battle of ChuishaBattle of Chumonchin ChanBattle of Chuncheon
Battle of ChungjuBattle of Chunuk BairBattle of Chupas
Battle of ChurubuscoBattle of ChustenahlahBattle of Chusto-Talasah
Battle of Chuvash CapeBattle of Chà LàBattle of Châlons (274)
Battle of Châlons (disambiguation)Battle of Château-ThierryBattle of Château-Thierry (1814)
Battle of Château-Thierry (1918)Battle of ChâtillonBattle of Cibalae
Battle of Cibecue CreekBattle of CieneguillaBattle of Cienfuegos
Battle of CimarronBattle of CingoliBattle of Ciołków
Battle of CirencesterBattle of CirtaBattle of Cissa
Battle of Cisterna
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