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Battle of Dien Bien Phu on SeaBattle of Diersheim (1797)Battle of Digomi
Battle of DilamBattle of DiliBattle of Dilman
Battle of DimDimBattle of DimaweBattle of Dimbos
Battle of DimdimBattle of DinantBattle of Dinant (1914)
Battle of Dingle's MillBattle of DingwallBattle of Dinwiddie Court House
Battle of DirschauBattle of Diu (1509)Battle of Diwaniya
Battle of Diyala RiverBattle of DjahyBattle of Djebok
Battle of DjerbaBattle of Do AbBattle of Doaksville
Battle of DoanBattle of DoberdòBattle of Dobra (1863)
Battle of DobrichBattle of Dobro PoleBattle of Dobrynichi
Battle of DodomaBattle of DofasBattle of Dogali
Battle of Dogger BankBattle of Dogger Bank (1696)Battle of Dogger Bank (1781)
Battle of Dogger Bank (1915)Battle of Dogger Bank (1916)Battle of Doiran
Battle of Doiran (1916)Battle of Doiran (1917)Battle of Doiran (1918)
Battle of Doire LeathanBattle of Dojran (1913)Battle of Dol
Battle of DolianaBattle of DolinskoyeBattle of Doljești and Orbic
Battle of DollarBattle of Dolores RiverBattle of Domažlice
Battle of DombåsBattle of Dominguez RanchoBattle of Dominica
Battle of DomokosBattle of DomstadtlBattle of Donaldsonville
Battle of DonauwörthBattle of Donetsk AirportBattle of Dong-Yin
Battle of Dong Dang (1979)Battle of Dong XoaiBattle of Dongkou
Battle of DongolaBattle of Dongshan IslandBattle of Dongxing
Battle of Donkey IslandBattle of DonurBattle of Dorestad
Battle of DormansBattle of DornachBattle of Dornoch
Battle of DornockBattle of Doro PassageBattle of Dorylaeum
Battle of Dorylaeum (1097)Battle of Dorylaeum (1147)Battle of Dos Ríos
Battle of DoumaBattle of Douvres Radar StationBattle of Dove Creek
Battle of DoverBattle of Dover (1217)Battle of Dover (1863)
Battle of Dover StraitBattle of Dover Strait (1916)Battle of Dover Strait (1917)
Battle of DragashaniBattle of DrakenburgBattle of Dranesville
Battle of DrashovicaBattle of DravaBattle of Drava River
Battle of Drava River (10th century)Battle of DražgošeBattle of Drepana
Battle of DresdenBattle of DreuxBattle of Drewry's Bluff
Battle of DriefonteinBattle of DrinaBattle of Drina (medieval)
Battle of Driniumor RiverBattle of DrlupaBattle of Drobak Sound
Battle of Drocourt-Quéant LineBattle of DrohiczynBattle of Dromore
Battle of Droop MountainBattle of Druim DeargBattle of Drumchatt
Battle of Drumchatt (1497)Battle of Drumchatt (1501)Battle of Drumclog
Battle of DrumluiBattle of Drummond's IslandBattle of Drumnacoub
Battle of DruskininkaiBattle of Dry Creek (1865)Battle of Dry Lake
Battle of Dry Wood CreekBattle of Dryfe SandsBattle of Drøbak Sound
Battle of Duarte BridgeBattle of DubbaBattle of Dubica
Battle of DubienkaBattle of DublinBattle of Dubravnica
Battle of Duc DucBattle of Duc LapBattle of Duck Lake
Battle of DufileBattle of DujailaBattle of Dumlupınar
Battle of DumpuBattle of Dun NechtainBattle of Dunajetz
Battle of DunavertyBattle of DunbarBattle of Dunbar (1296)
Battle of Dunbar (1650)Battle of Dungan's HillBattle of Dungeness
Battle of Dungeness (1666)Battle of DunkeldBattle of Dunkirk
Battle of Dunkirk (disambiguation)Battle of DunsBattle of Dupplin Moor
Battle of Dur-PapsukkalBattle of DurazzoBattle of Durazzo (1915)
Battle of Durazzo (1918)Battle of DurbeBattle of Durocortorum
Battle of Durrës (1939)Battle of Dushi FordBattle of Dutch Harbor
Battle of Dutton's Hill MonumentBattle of DutumiBattle of Dvin
Battle of DybbølBattle of Dybbøl (1848)Battle of Dyme
Battle of DynekilenBattle of DyrrhachiumBattle of Dyrrhachium (1018)
Battle of Dyrrhachium (1081)Battle of Dyrrhachium (48 BC)Battle of Dysert O'Dea
Battle of DytiatynBattle of DéolsBattle of Dürenstein
Battle of Dürenstein order of battle
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