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Battle of FeistritzBattle of FeldkirchBattle of Fengqiu
Battle of FengwudongBattle of FerkehBattle of Ferozeshah
Battle of FerrybridgeBattle of FestubertBattle of Feyiase
Battle of Fid EoinBattle of Fidentia (82 BC)Battle of Fidonisi
Battle of FilipówBattle of FimreiteBattle of Finnsburg
Battle of FinschhafenBattle of FintaBattle of Fiodh-an-Átha
Battle of FirazBattle of Fire Support Base RipcordBattle of Firebase Anaconda
Battle of FirenzuolaBattle of First BarBattle of Fish Creek
Battle of Fishdam FordBattle of Fisher's HillBattle of Fishguard
Battle of Fishing CreekBattle of Fismes and FismetteBattle of Fitjar
Battle of Five ForksBattle of Five LamasBattle of Fjaler
Battle of FladstrandBattle of Flamborough HeadBattle of Flanders
Battle of FlarchheimBattle of Flers–CourceletteBattle of Fleurus
Battle of Fleurus (1622)Battle of Fleurus (1690)Battle of Fleurus (1794)
Battle of Flint RiverBattle of FlireyBattle of Flochberg
Battle of FloddenBattle of FloresBattle of Flores (1591)
Battle of Flores (1592)Battle of FlorinaBattle of Florvåg
Battle of FlowersBattle of FlushingBattle of Focchies
Battle of FocșaniBattle of Folck's MillBattle of Fombio
Battle of Fontaine-FrançaiseBattle of Fontenay-le-ComteBattle of Fontenoy
Battle of Fontenoy (841)Battle of FormenteraBattle of Formentera (1529)
Battle of FormignyBattle of FornhamBattle of Fornovo
Battle of Fornovo di TaroBattle of Fort AlbanyBattle of Fort Albany (1693)
Battle of Fort Albany (1709)Battle of Fort Albany (disambiguation)Battle of Fort Anderson
Battle of Fort AnneBattle of Fort ApacheBattle of Fort Beauséjour
Battle of Fort BislandBattle of Fort BlairBattle of Fort Blakeley
Battle of Fort BlakelyBattle of Fort BrookeBattle of Fort Buchanan
Battle of Fort BullBattle of Fort CachimánBattle of Fort Charlotte
Battle of Fort CumberlandBattle of Fort DavidsonBattle of Fort De Russy
Battle of Fort DearbornBattle of Fort DipitieBattle of Fort Donelson
Battle of Fort DriantBattle of Fort DuquesneBattle of Fort Eben-Emael
Battle of Fort ErieBattle of Fort Erie (1866)Battle of Fort Esperanza
Battle of Fort FisherBattle of Fort FizzleBattle of Fort Frontenac
Battle of Fort GeorgeBattle of Fort GibsonBattle of Fort Henry
Battle of Fort Henry (disambiguation)Battle of Fort LahtzanitBattle of Fort Ligonier
Battle of Fort LoyalBattle of Fort McAllisterBattle of Fort McAllister (1863)
Battle of Fort McAllister (1864)Battle of Fort MyersBattle of Fort Necessity
Battle of Fort NiagaraBattle of Fort Oswego (1756)Battle of Fort Oswego (1814)
Battle of Fort PeterBattle of Fort PillowBattle of Fort Pitt
Battle of Fort PulaskiBattle of Fort RidgelyBattle of Fort Riviere
Battle of Fort RivièreBattle of Fort RoyalBattle of Fort Sanders
Battle of Fort SlongoBattle of Fort SmithBattle of Fort St. George
Battle of Fort StedmanBattle of Fort StephensonBattle of Fort Stevens
Battle of Fort SumterBattle of Fort TabarsiBattle of Fort Titus
Battle of Fort TularosaBattle of Fort WashingtonBattle of Fort Wayne
Battle of Fort ZhenjiangBattle of Forts Clinton and MontgomeryBattle of Forts Jackson and St. Philip
Battle of FortínBattle of Forum GallorumBattle of Forum Julii
Battle of FossaltaBattle of FotevikBattle of Fougères
Battle of FoulksmillsBattle of Four LakesBattle of Fowltown
Battle of Foz de ArouceBattle of FragaBattle of Francavilla
Battle of FranceBattle of FrankenhausenBattle of Frankfurt
Battle of Frankfurt an der OderBattle of Franklin's CrossingBattle of Franklin (1863)
Battle of Franklin (1863) order of battleBattle of Franklin (1864)Battle of Franklin (1864) Confederate order of battle
Battle of Franklin (1864) Union order of battleBattle of Franklin (disambiguation)Battle of Frastanz
Battle of FrauenfeldBattle of FraustadtBattle of Fraxinet
Battle of FredericiaBattle of FredericksburgBattle of Fredericktown
Battle of FredrikshamnBattle of FredrikstadBattle of Freiberg
Battle of FreiburgBattle of Frenchman's ButteBattle of Frenchman's Creek
Battle of FrenchtownBattle of FriedbergBattle of Friedberg (Bavaria)
Battle of Friedberg (Hessen)Battle of FriedlandBattle of Friedlingen
Battle of Frisches HaffBattle of Froeschwiller (1793)Battle of Fromelles
Battle of Front RoyalBattle of FrétevalBattle of Fucine Lake
Battle of FuengirolaBattle of Fuente del RodeoBattle of Fuentes de Oñoro
Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro order of battleBattle of FujianBattle of Fujikawa
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