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Battle of Gorni DubnikBattle of GorodechnoBattle of Gospić
Battle of GosseliesBattle of Goteik GorgeBattle of Gothenburg
Battle of Gotthard PassBattle of GoychayBattle of Gołąb
Battle of Gqokli HillBattle of GrahamstownBattle of Grahovac
Battle of GraignesBattle of Grand Coteau (North Dakota)Battle of Grand Couronné
Battle of Grand GulfBattle of Grand PortBattle of Grand Pré
Battle of Grand TurkBattle of GrandrengBattle of Grandson
Battle of GranseeBattle of GranvilleBattle of Gratangen
Battle of Grathe HeathBattle of GrauholzBattle of Graus
Battle of GravelinesBattle of Gravelines (1558)Battle of Gravelotte
Battle of Graveney MarshBattle of Gravia InnBattle of Graz
Battle of Great BridgeBattle of Great CacaponBattle of Great Cane Brake
Battle of GreeceBattle of Green SpringBattle of Greenbrier River
Battle of GrenadaBattle of GrengamBattle of Grijó
Battle of Grimball's CausewayBattle of Grimball's LandingBattle of Griswoldville
Battle of Grobnik FieldBattle of Grobnik fieldBattle of Grochowiska
Battle of GrockaBattle of GrodnoBattle of Grodno (1706)
Battle of Grodno (1708)Battle of Grodno (1939)Battle of Groenkloof
Battle of GroenkopBattle of GroixBattle of Grolle
Battle of GroningenBattle of Gross-JägersdorfBattle of Grotniki
Battle of Groton HeightsBattle of GroznyBattle of Grozny (1994–95)
Battle of Grozny (1999–2000)Battle of Grozny (August 1996)Battle of Grozny (November 1994)
Battle of GroßbeerenBattle of GrudziądzBattle of Grudziądz (1659)
Battle of GrumentumBattle of GrunwaldBattle of Grunwald (Matejko)
Battle of Grunwald (disambiguation)Battle of Grunwald (painting)Battle of Grynau
Battle of GrönvikssundBattle of GrünbergBattle of Grčarice
Battle of GuadalaceteBattle of GuadalajaraBattle of Guadalajara (1858)
Battle of Guadalcanal order of battleBattle of GuadaleteBattle of Guadalupe Island (1595)
Battle of GuadarramaBattle of GuadeloupeBattle of Guadeloupe (1779)
Battle of GuadixBattle of GuamBattle of Guam (1941)
Battle of Guam (1944)Battle of GuanduBattle of Guanghua
Battle of GuangningBattle of GuangzhouBattle of Guantánamo Bay
Battle of GuanzhongBattle of Guanzhong (1861)Battle of Guanzhong (1946–47)
Battle of GuararapesBattle of Guard HillBattle of Guastalla
Battle of GuayaboBattle of GuayacanasBattle of Guayaquil
Battle of Guelta Zemmour (1989)Battle of GuerreroBattle of Guilford Court House
Battle of GuilingBattle of Guilin–LiuzhouBattle of Guillemont
Battle of GuineaBattle of GuinegateBattle of Guinegate (1479)
Battle of Guinegate (1513)Battle of Gujranwala (1761)Battle of Gujrat
Battle of GujuBattle of Guler (1696)Battle of Gully Hole Creek
Battle of Gully RavineBattle of GulnabadBattle of Gumbinnen
Battle of GuningtouBattle of GuolophBattle of Gur Amba
Battle of GuraBattle of Gurdas NangalBattle of Gurin
Battle of GurunBattle of GuruslăuBattle of Guttstadt-Deppen
Battle of Guté DiliBattle of GuzówBattle of Gué-à-Tresmes
Battle of Gvozd MountainBattle of GwoździecBattle of Gwynn's Island
Battle of GythiumBattle of GyőrBattle of Górzno
Battle of GöllheimBattle of GöteborgBattle of Günzburg
Battle of GüstowBattle of GłogówBattle of Głębokie
Battle of HaarlemmermeerBattle of HabBattle of Haddon Rig
Battle of HadhramautBattle of HadithaBattle of Haditha Dam
Battle of HaejuBattle of Haelen (1914)Battle of Hafrsfjord
Battle of HaglebuBattle of Haguenau (1793)Battle of Haifa
Battle of Haifa (1918)Battle of Haifa (1948)Battle of Haifa Street
Battle of HakadalBattle of HakodateBattle of Haktang-ni
Battle of HalaiBattle of HalaniBattle of Halbe
Battle of HalberstadtBattle of HaldighatiBattle of Halen
Battle of HalhalBattle of HaliartusBattle of Halidon Hill
Battle of HalidzorBattle of HalleBattle of Hallue
Battle of Halmstad
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