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Battle of HalmyrosBattle of HaluleBattle of Halys
Battle of HamakouladjiBattle of HamanBattle of Hamar
Battle of HamathBattle of HamburgBattle of Hamburg (1945)
Battle of Hamburger HillBattle of HamdhBattle of Hamel
Battle of HampdenBattle of Hampton RoadsBattle of Han River
Battle of HanauBattle of HancockBattle of Handan
Battle of HandschuhsheimBattle of Hanging RockBattle of Hanging Rock Historic Site
Battle of Hanko (1941)Battle of HannaBattle of Hannut
Battle of HanoiBattle of Hanoi (1882)Battle of Hanoi (1946)
Battle of HanoverBattle of Hanover Court HouseBattle of Hansan Island
Battle of HappoBattle of HarakerBattle of Haram
Battle of HararBattle of HarastaBattle of Harasta (2017–18)
Battle of HardBattle of Hareira and SheriaBattle of Harem
Battle of HarimBattle of HarlawBattle of Harlem Heights
Battle of HarnaulgarhBattle of Harpers FerryBattle of Harpsdale
Battle of HarranBattle of HartmannswillerkopfBattle of Hartsville
Battle of HartvilleBattle of HaruraBattle of Haslach-Jungingen
Battle of HasseltBattle of HastenbeckBattle of Hastings
Battle of Hastings (disambiguation)Battle of Hastings reenactmentBattle of Hat Dich
Battle of Hatcher's RunBattle of Hatchie's BridgeBattle of Hatchōoki
Battle of Hatfield ChaseBattle of Hatteras Inlet BatteriesBattle of Hattin
Battle of HatvanBattle of HaugsnesBattle of Hausa (1989)
Battle of HausbergenBattle of HavanaBattle of Havana (1748)
Battle of Havana (1762)Battle of Havana (1870)Battle of Havrincourt
Battle of Haw's ShopBattle of Hayes PondBattle of Haynau
Battle of HazirBattle of Heartbreak CrossroadsBattle of Heartbreak Ridge
Battle of Heavenfield
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