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Battle of PalleneBattle of Palm SundayBattle of Palmdale
Battle of Palmito RanchBattle of PalmyraBattle of Palmyra (1941)
Battle of Palo AltoBattle of Palo Duro CanyonBattle of Palo Hincado
Battle of PalonegroBattle of Palva SundBattle of Panamarathukotta
Battle of PanasówkaBattle of PanchgaonBattle of Pancorbo
Battle of Pancorbo (1808)Battle of Pancorbo (816)Battle of Pandarane
Battle of PandoBattle of PandosiaBattle of Panipat
Battle of Panipat (1526)Battle of Panipat (1556)Battle of Panipat (1761)
Battle of PaniumBattle of PanjwaiiBattle of Pankaleia
Battle of PankaliaBattle of PanormusBattle of Pantelleria (1586)
Battle of PantinaBattle of PantinoBattle of Paoli
Battle of PapudoBattle of ParabiagoBattle of Paraguarí
Battle of ParaitaceneBattle of ParaitakeneBattle of Paranthan
Battle of Pardakoski–KärnakoskiBattle of ParisBattle of Paris (1814)
Battle of Parker's Cross RoadsBattle of ParkumäkiBattle of Parma
Battle of ParralBattle of PartskhisiBattle of Parwan
Battle of PasargadaeBattle of PascaBattle of Pasewalk
Battle of Pasir PanjangBattle of Paso SeverinoBattle of Paso de Cuevas
Battle of Paso de MercedesBattle of Pasong TamoBattle of Passchendaele
Battle of Passo FundoBattle of Pat ToBattle of Patan
Battle of PatayBattle of PaternaBattle of Pateros
Battle of PatrasBattle of Patras (1772)Battle of Paulus Hook
Battle of Pavan KhindBattle of PaviaBattle of Pavia (271)
Battle of Pavia (476)Battle of Pavia (disambiguation)Battle of Pavón
Battle of PaxosBattle of PayeBattle of Pea Ridge
Battle of Pea RiverBattle of Peach OrchardBattle of Peachtree Creek
Battle of Pearl RidgeBattle of Pease BottomBattle of Pease River
Battle of Pecos RiverBattle of PedrosoBattle of Peebles's Farm
Battle of PegaeBattle of PeguBattle of Pehuajó
Battle of Peiwar KotalBattle of Peking (1900)Battle of Pelagonia
Battle of Pelee IslandBattle of PelekanonBattle of Peleliu
Battle of Pell's PointBattle of PelusiumBattle of Pelusium (343 BC)
Battle of Pelusium (525 BC)Battle of PenangBattle of Penco
Battle of PenconBattle of PenfuiBattle of Pengcheng
Battle of PenghuBattle of PensacolaBattle of Pensacola (1814)
Battle of Pensacola (1861)Battle of Pente PigadiaBattle of Pentemili beachhead
Battle of PeonnumBattle of PequawketBattle of Pequereque
Battle of PeralonsoBattle of PeraltaBattle of Perast
Battle of PeredBattle of PeregonovkaBattle of Peregonovka (1919)
Battle of Perez DasmariñasBattle of PeritheorionBattle of Perpignan
Battle of Perpignan (1793)Battle of PerryvilleBattle of Perryville (Indian Territory)
Battle of PerugiaBattle of PesaroBattle of Peshawar (1001)
Battle of Peshawar (1758)Battle of Peshawar (1834)Battle of Peshawar (disambiguation)
Battle of PetaBattle of PeteliaBattle of Peteroa
Battle of PeterswaldeBattle of PetitcodiacBattle of Petra
Battle of PetrikowkaBattle of PetroeBattle of Petrovaradin
Battle of Petsamo (1939)Battle of PetschoraBattle of Peyrestortes
Battle of PeñacerradaBattle of PeñuelasBattle of Pfaffenhofen
Battle of PfeddersheimBattle of Pfeddersheim (1795)Battle of Phaleron
Battle of PharosBattle of PharsalusBattle of Pharsalus (1277)
Battle of Pharsalus (disambiguation)Battle of Phase Line BulletBattle of Philiphaugh
Battle of PhilippevilleBattle of PhilippiBattle of Philippi (West Virginia)
Battle of PhilippopolisBattle of Philippopolis (1208)Battle of Philippopolis (1878)
Battle of Philippopolis (250)Battle of PhilloraBattle of Philomelion
Battle of Philomelion (1190)Battle of PhintiasBattle of Phoenice
Battle of Phoenix PeakBattle of Phu Lam TaoBattle of Phuoc Long
Battle of PhyleBattle of Phú LộcBattle of Phủ Hoài
Battle of PiacenzaBattle of PianosaBattle of Piatka
Battle of Piave River (1809)Battle of Picacho PassBattle of Pichincha
Battle of Pickett's MillBattle of PicotinBattle of Piedmont
Battle of Piedra PisadaBattle of Pierres NoiresBattle of Pieskowa Skała
Battle of Pieve al ToppoBattle of Pig PointBattle of Pilckem Ridge
Battle of PiltownBattle of Pima ButteBattle of Pindus
Battle of Pine's BridgeBattle of Pine BluffBattle of Pine Creek
Battle of Pine Island Ridge
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