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Battle of PingxingguanBattle of PinhoeBattle of Pinjarra
Battle of Pinkie CleughBattle of PinosBattle of Pinos Altos
Battle of Piotrków TrybunalskiBattle of PiperdeanBattle of Piqua
Battle of PiraeusBattle of PirajáBattle of Pirano
Battle of PiribebuyBattle of PirmasensBattle of Pirot
Battle of Pirot (1913)Battle of PisaguaBattle of Pistoria
Battle of Piva ForksBattle of Pla (1811)Battle of Placentia
Battle of Placentia (1692)Battle of Placentia (194 BC)Battle of Placentia (271)
Battle of PlacillaBattle of PlacitoBattle of Plains Store
Battle of Plaman MapuBattle of PlasseyBattle of Plataea
Battle of Plataea (323 BC)Battle of Platte BridgeBattle of Plattsburgh
Battle of Platzberg (1794)Battle of Playa HondaBattle of Pleasant Hill
Battle of PliskaBattle of PljevljaBattle of Plovdiv (1878)
Battle of PločnikBattle of Plum CreekBattle of Plum Point Bend
Battle of PlymouthBattle of Plymouth (1864)Battle of Pochonbo
Battle of PocotaligoBattle of PodhajceBattle of Podhajce (1667)
Battle of Podhajce (1698)Battle of PodolBattle of Podu Iloaiei
Battle of PodujevoBattle of PoelcappelleBattle of Pogue's Run
Battle of PoimanenonBattle of Point 175Battle of Point Judith
Battle of Point PedroBattle of Point Pedro (2006)Battle of Point Pelee
Battle of Point PleasantBattle of Poison SpringBattle of Poitiers
Battle of PokarwisBattle of Pokoku and Irrawaddy River operationsBattle of Polesella
Battle of PoljanaBattle of PollentiaBattle of Pollilur (1780)
Battle of Pollilur (1781)Battle of PollogBattle of Polonka
Battle of PolotskBattle of PoltavaBattle of Polvoraria
Battle of Polygon WoodBattle of PombalBattle of Pometia
Battle of PonchatoulaBattle of PondicherryBattle of Poniec
Battle of Pont-BarréBattle of Pont du FeneauBattle of Ponta Delgada
Battle of Ponte FerreiraBattle of Ponte NovuBattle of Pontlevoy
Battle of PontvallainBattle of PonzaBattle of Ponza (1300)
Battle of Ponza (1435)Battle of Ponza (1552)Battle of Poona
Battle of PoonerynBattle of Poplar GroveBattle of Populonia
Battle of Pork Chop HillBattle of PorkuniBattle of Porlampi
Battle of PorrassalmiBattle of Port-au-PrinceBattle of Port-au-Prince (1919)
Battle of Port-au-Prince (1920)Battle of Port-en-BessinBattle of Port Arthur
Battle of Port CrosBattle of Port GambleBattle of Port Gibson
Battle of Port La Tour (1677)Battle of Port LouisBattle of Port Lyautey
Battle of Port MidiBattle of Port MoresbyBattle of Port Republic
Battle of Port RoyalBattle of Port Royal (1690)Battle of Port Royal (disambiguation)
Battle of Port Walthall JunctionBattle of PortaBattle of Portada de Guías
Battle of PortlandBattle of Portland HarborBattle of Portlester
Battle of Porto BelloBattle of Porto NovoBattle of Porto Praya
Battle of PortomaggioreBattle of Porton PlantationBattle of Portopí
Battle of PoryckBattle of Porytowe WzgórzeBattle of Porédaka
Battle of PosadaBattle of PosolskeyaBattle of Potidaea
Battle of Potrero ObellaBattle of PouancéBattle of Powder River
Battle of Powder River (1865)Battle of Powick BridgeBattle of Pozières
Battle of PoznańBattle of Poznań (1704)Battle of Poznań (1945)
Battle of Pozo AlmonteBattle of PozoblancoBattle of Pozzolo
Battle of PozzuoloBattle of Prachuab KhirikhanBattle of Prachuap Khiri Khan
Battle of PragaBattle of Praga (1705)Battle of Prague
Battle of Prague (1648)Battle of Prague (1757)Battle of Praia da Vitória
Battle of Prairie D'AneBattle of Prairie Dog Creek (1876)Battle of Prairie Grove
Battle of PraszkaBattle of PratapgarhBattle of Prek Klok
Battle of Prek Klok IBattle of Prek Klok IIBattle of Prenzlau
Battle of PressburgBattle of PrestonBattle of Preston (1648)
Battle of Preston (1715)Battle of PrestonpansBattle of Preveza
Battle of Preveza (1911)Battle of Prey VengBattle of Preßnitz
Battle of PrilepBattle of PrincetonBattle of Princeton Court House
Battle of PrinitzaBattle of PritzlawaBattle of Proctor's Creek
Battle of ProkhorovkaBattle of PromeBattle of Prome (1942)
Battle of ProsperousBattle of ProstkenBattle of Providencia
Battle of ProvidienBattle of Pruszcz GdańskiBattle of Pryor Creek
Battle of PrzasnyszBattle of PrzemyślBattle of Przemyśl (1918)
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