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Battle of Przemyśl (1939)Battle of PszczynaBattle of Pteria
Battle of PtolemaidaBattle of PucaráBattle of Puebla
Battle of Puente SanpayoBattle of Puerto Caballos (1603)Battle of Puerto Cabello
Battle of Puerto Plata HarborBattle of Puerto de BañosBattle of Puerto de Cavite
Battle of Puerto de PiñonesBattle of Pulang LupaBattle of Pulkkila
Battle of PullalurBattle of Pulo AuraBattle of Pumpkin Creek
Battle of PuneBattle of PungdoBattle of Punitz
Battle of Punk HillBattle of Punta GruesaBattle of Punta Malpelo
Battle of Punta QuemadaBattle of PunáBattle of Purandar
Battle of PuruaránBattle of Pusan PerimeterBattle of Pusan Perimeter logistics
Battle of Pusan Perimeter order of battleBattle of PuthukkudiyirippuBattle of Pułtusk
Battle of Pułtusk (1703)Battle of Pwll MelynBattle of Pydna
Battle of Pydna (148 BC)Battle of PyhäjokiBattle of Pyliavtsi
Battle of PylosBattle of PyongtaekBattle of Pyongyang
Battle of Pyongyang (1592)Battle of Pyongyang (1894)Battle of Pyongyang (1950)
Battle of PyzdryBattle of Pyzdry (1331)Battle of Pyzdry (1863)
Battle of PákozdBattle of PárkányBattle of Pälkäne
Battle of PíleoBattle of PüchenBattle of Păuliş
Battle of PęciceBattle of PłowceBattle of Qala-i-Jangi
Battle of QalamounBattle of Qalamoun (2013)Battle of Qalamoun (2013–14)
Battle of QalatBattle of Qalat-i-GhilzaiBattle of Qamishli (April 2016)
Battle of Qara-Derrah PassBattle of QarabaghBattle of Qarqar
Battle of QarteenBattle of QatwanBattle of Qi Mountains
Battle of Qian Shui YuanBattle of QianshuiyuanBattle of Qichun
Battle of QingheBattle of QingshanliBattle of Quang Duc
Battle of Quang TriBattle of Quang Tri (1968)Battle of Quatre Bras
Battle of QuebecBattle of Quebec (1690)Battle of Quebec (1775)
Battle of Quebracho HerradoBattle of QuechereguasBattle of Queenston Heights
Battle of QuiapoBattle of QuiberonBattle of Quiberon Bay
Battle of QuifangondoBattle of QuilacuraBattle of Quilon
Battle of QuinguaBattle of Quinton's BridgeBattle of Quipaipan
Battle of Quiévrain (1792)Battle of Qurah and Umm al MaradimBattle of Qurna
Battle of Qurna (Iraq War)Battle of Ra's LanufBattle of Raab
Battle of Raate RoadBattle of RabanBattle of Rabaul
Battle of Rabaul (1942)Battle of RacibórzBattle of Racławice
Battle of Radcot BridgeBattle of RaddaBattle of Radom
Battle of Radom (1656)Battle of RadzyminBattle of Radzymin (1809)
Battle of Radzymin (1920)Battle of Radzymin (1944)Battle of Rafa
Battle of RafahBattle of Rafah (1949)Battle of Rafajlowa
Battle of Rahon (1710)Battle of RaichurBattle of Raigarh (1689)
Battle of Raigarh (1703-1704)Battle of RainBattle of Raismes (1793)
Battle of RaithBattle of Raj MahalBattle of Rajamahal
Battle of RajasthanBattle of RajgródBattle of Rajgród (1794)
Battle of RajovkaBattle of RakshasbhuvanBattle of Rakvere (1603)
Battle of RamadiBattle of Ramadi (1917)Battle of Ramadi (2004)
Battle of Ramadi (2006)Battle of Ramadi (2014–15)Battle of Ramadi (2015–16)
Battle of RamalesBattle of RamilliesBattle of Ramla
Battle of Ramla (1101)Battle of Ramla (1102)Battle of Ramla (1105)
Battle of RamnagarBattle of Ramree IslandBattle of Ramsour's Mill
Battle of RamuBattle of RancaguaBattle of Randeniwela
Battle of RangiririBattle of RapalloBattle of Raphia
Battle of Rapido RiverBattle of Rappahannock RiverBattle of Raqqa
Battle of Raqqa (2017)Battle of Raqqa (March 2013)Battle of Rarańcza
Battle of Ras KamboniBattle of Ras Kamboni (2007)Battle of Ras al-Ayn
Battle of RaseiniaiBattle of RashayaBattle of Rasil
Battle of RastanBattle of Rastan (2011)Battle of Rastan (2012)
Battle of Rastan (January–February 2012)Battle of Rastan (May 2012)Battle of Rastarkalv
Battle of Rastatt (1796)Battle of Raszyn (1809)Battle of Ratan and Sävar
Battle of Rathangan
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