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Battle of Pulang LupaBattle of PulkkilaBattle of Pullalur
Battle of Pulo AuraBattle of Pumpkin CreekBattle of Pune
Battle of PungdoBattle of PunitzBattle of Punk Hill
Battle of Punta GruesaBattle of Punta MalpeloBattle of Punta Quemada
Battle of PunáBattle of PurandarBattle of Puruarán
Battle of Pusan PerimeterBattle of Pusan Perimeter logisticsBattle of Pusan Perimeter order of battle
Battle of PuthukkudiyirippuBattle of PułtuskBattle of Pułtusk (1703)
Battle of Pwll MelynBattle of PydnaBattle of Pydna (148 BC)
Battle of PyhäjokiBattle of PyliavtsiBattle of Pylos
Battle of PyongtaekBattle of PyongyangBattle of Pyongyang (1592)
Battle of Pyongyang (1894)Battle of Pyongyang (1950)Battle of Pyzdry
Battle of Pyzdry (1331)Battle of Pyzdry (1863)Battle of Pákozd
Battle of PárkányBattle of PälkäneBattle of Píleo
Battle of PüchenBattle of PăulişBattle of Pęcice
Battle of PłowceBattle of Qala-i-JangiBattle of Qalamoun
Battle of Qalamoun (2013)Battle of Qalamoun (2013–14)Battle of Qalat
Battle of Qalat-i-GhilzaiBattle of Qamishli (April 2016)Battle of Qara-Derrah Pass
Battle of QarabaghBattle of QarqarBattle of Qarteen
Battle of QatwanBattle of Qi MountainsBattle of Qian Shui Yuan
Battle of QianshuiyuanBattle of QichunBattle of Qinghe
Battle of QingshanliBattle of Quang DucBattle of Quang Tri
Battle of Quang Tri (1968)Battle of Quatre BrasBattle of Quebec
Battle of Quebec (1690)Battle of Quebec (1775)Battle of Quebracho Herrado
Battle of QuechereguasBattle of Queenston HeightsBattle of Quiapo
Battle of QuiberonBattle of Quiberon BayBattle of Quifangondo
Battle of QuilacuraBattle of QuilonBattle of Quingua
Battle of Quinton's BridgeBattle of QuipaipanBattle of Quiévrain (1792)
Battle of Qurah and Umm al MaradimBattle of QurnaBattle of Qurna (Iraq War)
Battle of Ra's LanufBattle of RaabBattle of Raate Road
Battle of RabanBattle of RabaulBattle of Rabaul (1942)
Battle of RacibórzBattle of RacławiceBattle of Radcot Bridge
Battle of RaddaBattle of RadomBattle of Radom (1656)
Battle of RadzyminBattle of Radzymin (1809)Battle of Radzymin (1920)
Battle of Radzymin (1944)Battle of RafaBattle of Rafah
Battle of Rafah (1949)Battle of RafajlowaBattle of Rahon (1710)
Battle of RaichurBattle of Raigarh (1689)Battle of Raigarh (1703-1704)
Battle of RainBattle of Raismes (1793)Battle of Raith
Battle of Raj MahalBattle of RajamahalBattle of Rajasthan
Battle of RajgródBattle of Rajgród (1794)Battle of Rajovka
Battle of RakshasbhuvanBattle of Rakvere (1603)Battle of Ramadi
Battle of Ramadi (1917)Battle of Ramadi (2004)Battle of Ramadi (2006)
Battle of Ramadi (2014–15)Battle of Ramadi (2015–16)Battle of Ramales
Battle of RamilliesBattle of RamlaBattle of Ramla (1101)
Battle of Ramla (1102)Battle of Ramla (1105)Battle of Ramnagar
Battle of Ramree IslandBattle of Ramsour's MillBattle of Ramu
Battle of RancaguaBattle of RandeniwelaBattle of Rangiriri
Battle of RapalloBattle of RaphiaBattle of Rapido River
Battle of Rappahannock RiverBattle of RaqqaBattle of Raqqa (2017)
Battle of Raqqa (March 2013)Battle of RarańczaBattle of Ras Kamboni
Battle of Ras Kamboni (2007)Battle of Ras al-AynBattle of Raseiniai
Battle of RashayaBattle of RasilBattle of Rastan
Battle of Rastan (2011)Battle of Rastan (2012)Battle of Rastan (January–February 2012)
Battle of Rastan (May 2012)Battle of RastarkalvBattle of Rastatt (1796)
Battle of Raszyn (1809)Battle of Ratan and SävarBattle of Rathangan
Battle of RathenowBattle of RathminesBattle of Ratisbon
Battle of RatsuaBattle of RaugeBattle of Rautu
Battle of Rautu (1918)Battle of RavennaBattle of Ravenna (1512)
Battle of Ravenna (432)Battle of Ravenna (475)Battle of Ravenna (476)
Battle of Ravenna (729)Battle of Ravine-à-CouleuvresBattle of Rawa
Battle of Rawa (1863)Battle of Rawdat MuhannaBattle of Rawdat Muhanna (1906)
Battle of RawiczBattle of RayBattle of Raymond
Battle of RayyBattle of ReadingBattle of Reading (1688)
Battle of Reading (871)Battle of Red Bank
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