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Battle of RathenowBattle of RathminesBattle of Ratisbon
Battle of RatsuaBattle of RaugeBattle of Rautu
Battle of Rautu (1918)Battle of RavennaBattle of Ravenna (1512)
Battle of Ravenna (432)Battle of Ravenna (475)Battle of Ravenna (476)
Battle of Ravenna (729)Battle of Ravine-à-CouleuvresBattle of Rawa
Battle of Rawa (1863)Battle of Rawdat MuhannaBattle of Rawdat Muhanna (1906)
Battle of RawiczBattle of RayBattle of Raymond
Battle of RayyBattle of ReadingBattle of Reading (1688)
Battle of Reading (871)Battle of Red BankBattle of Red Cliffs
Battle of Red FordBattle of RedinhaBattle of Rednitz
Battle of Redwood FerryBattle of RefidimBattle of Refugio
Battle of ReheBattle of ReichenbergBattle of Reimerswaal
Battle of ReimsBattle of Reims (1814)Battle of Reisen
Battle of RejafBattle of RemagenBattle of Remich
Battle of RenfrewBattle of Rennell IslandBattle of Renty
Battle of ResacaBattle of Resaca de la PalmaBattle of Resaena
Battle of RestigoucheBattle of RethymnoBattle of Reval
Battle of Reval (1602)Battle of RevolaxBattle of Reynogüelén
Battle of RhamnusBattle of RheinbergBattle of Rheinfelden
Battle of RhiumBattle of Rhode IslandBattle of Rhode Island Site
Battle of RhodesBattle of Rhodes (1912)Battle of Rhodes (1943)
Battle of Rhone CrossingBattle of Rhunahaorine MossBattle of Riade
Battle of Rice's StationBattle of Rich MountainBattle of Richmond
Battle of Richmond, LouisianaBattle of Richmond HillBattle of Ridaniya
Battle of RidgefieldBattle of RidgewayBattle of Rieti
Battle of RigaBattle of Riga (1215)Battle of Rignano
Battle of Rijmenam (1578)Battle of RiminiBattle of Rimini (1944)
Battle of Rimini (432)Battle of Rimito KrampBattle of Rincón de Valladares
Battle of Ringgold GapBattle of RingmereBattle of Rinnthal
Battle of Rio Grande CityBattle of Rio Hato AirfieldBattle of Rio Hill
Battle of Rio ManimaniBattle of Rio NuevoBattle of Rio Nuevo (1658)
Battle of Rio San GabrielBattle of Rio de JaneiroBattle of Rio de Janeiro (1558)
Battle of Rio de Janeiro (1567)Battle of Rio de Janeiro (1710)Battle of Rio de Janeiro (disambiguation)
Battle of Ripple FieldBattle of RiverBattle of River Canard
Battle of River DuyonBattle of River Ibicuí (1817)Battle of Rivers' Bridge
Battle of RivoliBattle of Riyadh (1902)Battle of Roan's Tan Yard
Battle of Roanoke IslandBattle of RoatánBattle of Robănești
Battle of RoccavioneBattle of Roche-au-MoineBattle of Rocheserviere
Battle of Rock Island RapidsBattle of Rocky Face RidgeBattle of Rocky Mount
Battle of RocouxBattle of RocquencourtBattle of Rocroi
Battle of Rodeo de ChacónBattle of Rodeo del MedioBattle of Rodosto
Battle of RogersvilleBattle of RohillaBattle of Roliça
Battle of RomaniBattle of RomaniaBattle of Romanovka
Battle of Rome Cross RoadsBattle of RonaldswayBattle of Ronas Voe
Battle of Roncesvalles (1813)Battle of Roncevaux PassBattle of Roncevaux Pass (778)
Battle of Roncevaux Pass (824)Battle of RoncoBattle of Rooiwal
Battle of RoosebekeBattle of Roosevelt RidgeBattle of Rorke's Drift
Battle of Ros-Mhic-ThriúinBattle of Rosillo CreekBattle of Roslin
Battle of RossbachBattle of RossignolBattle of Rostov
Battle of Rostov (1941)Battle of Rostov (1942)Battle of Rotebro
Battle of RotterdamBattle of RottofreddoBattle of Round Mountain
Battle of Roundway DownBattle of Route BismarckBattle of Route Coloniale 4
Battle of RovaniemiBattle of RoveretoBattle of Rovine
Battle of RovnoBattle of Rowlett's StationBattle of Rowton Heath
Battle of RozgonyBattle of RudauBattle of Rudniki Forest
Battle of RuedaBattle of Ruff's StationBattle of Rufiji Delta
Battle of RugaoBattle of Rugao–HuangqiaoBattle of Rullion Green
Battle of RumailaBattle of Rumani CoastBattle of Rumbo
Battle of RuonaBattle of RuovesiBattle of Rush Creek
Battle of RusionBattle of RusokastroBattle of Ruspina
Battle of Rutherford's FarmBattle of RuvoBattle of Ruxu (213)
Battle of Ruxu (217)Battle of Ruxu (222–223)Battle of Ruxukou
Battle of RybnicaBattle of RyesgadeBattle of Rymnik
Battle of RynBattle of Rzhev, Summer 1942Battle of Réunion
Battle of Río Salado
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