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Battle of SagrajasBattle of SaguntumBattle of Saguntum (75 BC)
Battle of SahagúnBattle of SahartBattle of Sahay
Battle of SaigonBattle of Saigon (1955)Battle of Saigon (1968)
Battle of Sailor's CreekBattle of Saint-Aubin-du-CormierBattle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier (1488)
Battle of Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier (1796)Battle of Saint-CharlesBattle of Saint-Denis
Battle of Saint-Denis (1567)Battle of Saint-Denis (1678)Battle of Saint-Denis (1837)
Battle of Saint-DizierBattle of Saint-EustacheBattle of Saint-Fulgent
Battle of Saint-Julien (1814)Battle of Saint-Louis-du-SudBattle of Saint-Lô
Battle of Saint-MathieuBattle of Saint-MihielBattle of Saint-Omer
Battle of Saint-PierreBattle of Saint-RaphaëlBattle of Saint Cast
Battle of Saint CharlesBattle of Saint GeorgeBattle of Saint Gotthard
Battle of Saint Gotthard (1664)Battle of Saint Gotthard (1705)Battle of Saint Hilaire-le-Grand
Battle of Saint KittsBattle of Saint Mary's ChurchBattle of Sainte-Foy
Battle of SaintesBattle of SaintfieldBattle of Saipan
Battle of Saipan order of battleBattle of SakaineharaBattle of Sakarya
Battle of SaladenBattle of SaladoBattle of Salado Creek
Battle of Salado Creek (1842)Battle of Salaita HillBattle of Salamanca
Battle of Salamanca (1858)Battle of SalamisBattle of Salamis (306 BC)
Battle of Salamis (disambiguation)Battle of Salamis in CyprusBattle of Saldanha Bay (1781)
Battle of Saldanha Bay (1796)Battle of Salem ChurchBattle of Salga
Battle of SalherBattle of SalichaBattle of Salineville
Battle of SalisBattle of SalkhadBattle of Salla (1939)
Battle of SalsuBattle of Salt CreekBattle of Salt River Canyon
Battle of SaltaBattle of SaltanovkaBattle of Saltes Island
Battle of SaltholmBattle of SaltilloBattle of Saltley Gate
Battle of SaltvilleBattle of Saltville IBattle of Saltville II
Battle of SalvatierraBattle of SalvoreBattle of Salyersville
Battle of SalzbachBattle of SaléBattle of Samakh
Battle of SamanaBattle of SamaraBattle of Samara Bend
Battle of SamarraBattle of Samarra (1733)Battle of Samarra (2004)
Battle of Samawah (2003)Battle of SambatBattle of Same
Battle of SammelBattle of SamoborBattle of Samos
Battle of Samos (1824)Battle of Samothrace (1698)Battle of Sampford Courtenay
Battle of SampurBattle of SamugarhBattle of San Cala
Battle of San CarlosBattle of San Carlos (1813)Battle of San Carlos (1817)
Battle of San Carlos (1982)Battle of San CristóbalBattle of San Domingo
Battle of San Esteban de GormazBattle of San Esteban de Gormaz (917)Battle of San Felasco Hammock
Battle of San Felipe del ObrajeBattle of San FermoBattle of San Fernando
Battle of San Fernando de OmoaBattle of San FranciscoBattle of San Francisco De Malabon
Battle of San Francisco de MacorisBattle of San Francisco de MalabonBattle of San Félix
Battle of San GermanoBattle of San JacintoBattle of San Jacinto (1856)
Battle of San Jacinto (1899)Battle of San JoaquínBattle of San Jose de Buenavista
Battle of San José del CaboBattle of San JuanBattle of San Juan (1595)
Battle of San Juan (1598)Battle of San Juan (1625)Battle of San Juan (1797)
Battle of San Juan BautistaBattle of San Juan HillBattle of San Juan and Chorrillos
Battle of San Juan de UlúaBattle of San Juan de Ulúa (1568)Battle of San Juan del Monte
Battle of San LorenzoBattle of San Lorenzo de la MugaBattle of San Marcial
Battle of San MarinoBattle of San MartinoBattle of San Mateo and Montalban
Battle of San MatteoBattle of San Millan-OsmaBattle of San Nicolás
Battle of San Pablo del MonteBattle of San PasqualBattle of San Patricio
Battle of San PedroBattle of San PietroBattle of San Pietro Infine
Battle of San RafaelBattle of San RomanoBattle of San Roque
Battle of Sana'aBattle of Sana'a (2011)Battle of Sana'a (2014)
Battle of Sana'a (2017)Battle of SanaʽaBattle of Sanaʽa (2011)
Battle of Sanaʽa (2014)Battle of Sanaʽa (2017)Battle of Sand Butte
Battle of SandepuBattle of SandfonteinBattle of Sandomierz
Battle of SandwichBattle of Sandwich (1217)Battle of Sandwich (1460)
Battle of SandöströmBattle of SangamnerBattle of Sangan
Battle of SangararáBattle of Sangin (2010)Battle of Sangju
Battle of Sangju (1592)Battle of Sangju (1950)Battle of Sangra
Battle of SangrarBattle of SangshakBattle of Sanhe
Battle of Sanita-al-UqabBattle of SaniyyBattle of Sankelmark
Battle of Sankt MichaelBattle of SanluriBattle of Sans Culottes Camp
Battle of SansaporBattle of Sant'EgidioBattle of Sant Esteve d'en Bas
Battle of Sant Llorenç de la MugaBattle of Santa Ana (1816)Battle of Santa Clara
Battle of Santa Clara (1927)Battle of Santa Clara (Mexican–American War)Battle of Santa Cruz
Battle of Santa Cruz (1899)Battle of Santa Cruz de RosalesBattle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1657)Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1706)Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1797)
Battle of Santa InésBattle of Santa LuciaBattle of Santa Rita de Morelos
Battle of Santa RosaBattle of Santa Rosa IslandBattle of Santa Vittoria
Battle of SantanderBattle of SantiagoBattle of Santiago (1660)
Battle of Santiago (1844)Battle of Santiago de CubaBattle of Santiago de Cuba (1741)
Battle of Santiago de Cuba (1748)Battle of Santo Domingo (1586)Battle of Santo Tomas
Battle of SantoloBattle of SantoméBattle of Saorgio
Battle of Saorgio (1793)Battle of SapienzaBattle of Sapong Hills
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