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Battle of SangamnerBattle of SanganBattle of Sangarará
Battle of Sangin (2010)Battle of SangjuBattle of Sangju (1592)
Battle of Sangju (1950)Battle of SangraBattle of Sangrar
Battle of SangshakBattle of SanheBattle of Sanita-al-Uqab
Battle of SaniyyBattle of SankelmarkBattle of Sankt Michael
Battle of SanluriBattle of Sans Culottes CampBattle of Sansapor
Battle of Sant'EgidioBattle of Sant Esteve d'en BasBattle of Sant Llorenç de la Muga
Battle of Santa Ana (1816)Battle of Santa ClaraBattle of Santa Clara (1927)
Battle of Santa Clara (Mexican–American War)Battle of Santa CruzBattle of Santa Cruz (1899)
Battle of Santa Cruz de RosalesBattle of Santa Cruz de TenerifeBattle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1657)
Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1706)Battle of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (1797)Battle of Santa Inés
Battle of Santa LuciaBattle of Santa Rita de MorelosBattle of Santa Rosa
Battle of Santa Rosa IslandBattle of Santa VittoriaBattle of Santander
Battle of SantiagoBattle of Santiago (1660)Battle of Santiago (1844)
Battle of Santiago de CubaBattle of Santiago de Cuba (1741)Battle of Santiago de Cuba (1748)
Battle of Santo Domingo (1586)Battle of Santo TomasBattle of Santolo
Battle of SantoméBattle of SaorgioBattle of Saorgio (1793)
Battle of SapienzaBattle of Sapong HillsBattle of Sapotillal
Battle of Sappony ChurchBattle of Sar-e-PulBattle of Saragarhi
Battle of SaragossaBattle of SaraighatBattle of Sarakhs
Battle of Sarakhs (1459)Battle of SarandaBattle of Sarandí
Battle of SarantaporoBattle of SaraqebBattle of Sardarabad
Battle of SarhuBattle of SarhūBattle of Sari Bair
Battle of SarikamishBattle of Sarikamish (1920)Battle of Sarimbun Beach
Battle of SariwonBattle of SarkBattle of Sarmin
Battle of SarmisegetusaBattle of SarnoBattle of Sarnowa Góra
Battle of Sarrin (June–July 2015)Battle of Sarrin (March–April 2015)Battle of Sarsa
Battle of SarusBattle of SasenoBattle of Sasireti
Battle of Sasowy RógBattle of SasselloBattle of Satala
Battle of Satala (298)Battle of Satala (530)Battle of Satara
Battle of SaticulaBattle of SattelbergBattle of Sauce (1816)
Battle of SauchieburnBattle of Saucourt-en-VimeuBattle of Saule
Battle of SaumurBattle of Saumur (1793)Battle of Saumur (1940)
Battle of SaunshiBattle of SauðafellBattle of Savage's Station
Battle of SavannahBattle of SavanurBattle of Savenay
Battle of SavitaipalBattle of Savo IslandBattle of Savra
Battle of Sayyd Alma KalayBattle of ScapezzanoBattle of Scarlet Beach
Battle of ScarpheiaBattle of ScarrifholisBattle of Scary Creek
Battle of SchellenbergBattle of ScheveningenBattle of Schleiz
Battle of SchleswigBattle of SchliengenBattle of Schmilau
Battle of SchoenfeldBattle of SchooneveldBattle of Schosshalde
Battle of SchuinshoogteBattle of SchwaderlohBattle of Schwechat
Battle of SchweinschädelBattle of SchwyzBattle of Schöngrabern
Battle of Scimitar HillBattle of Scotch CornerBattle of Sculeni
Battle of Seacroft MoorBattle of Seal CoveBattle of Seattle
Battle of Seattle (1856)Battle of SebastopolisBattle of Secessionville
Battle of SeckenheimBattle of Sedan (1870)Battle of Sedan (1940)
Battle of SedemünderBattle of SedgemoorBattle of Sedjenane
Battle of SeedaseerBattle of SegaleBattle of Segesvár
Battle of SegouBattle of SegréBattle of Sehested
Battle of SejnyBattle of Sekes TashBattle of Sekigahara
Battle of SelburgBattle of SelbyBattle of Selinus
Battle of SellasiaBattle of SellnitzBattle of Selma
Battle of SemarangBattle of SeminaraBattle of Seminara (1503)
Battle of SempachBattle of Semur RiverBattle of Sena Gallica
Battle of Sena Gallica (551)Battle of Sena Gallica (82 BC)Battle of Sendaigawa
Battle of SendannoBattle of SeneffeBattle of Senluo Temple
Battle of SentinumBattle of SeonghwanBattle of Seoul
Battle of SepeiaBattle of SepphorisBattle of Sept-Îles
Battle of SeringhamBattle of SerobetiBattle of Serravalle (1544)
Battle of SerresBattle of Serres (1205)Battle of Seseña
Battle of Sesimbra BayBattle of SetauketBattle of Setina
Battle of SettepozziBattle of SevanBattle of Seven Oaks
Battle of Seven PinesBattle of Sewell's PointBattle of Sezawa
Battle of ShadadehBattle of Shaddadi (2013)Battle of Shaho
Battle of Shahriar and LionBattle of ShaibaBattle of Shaizar
Battle of Shaizar (1111)Battle of Shakar KhedaBattle of Shallow Ford
Battle of ShamkorBattle of Shancaowan
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