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Battle of SapotillalBattle of Sappony ChurchBattle of Sar-e-Pul
Battle of SaragarhiBattle of SaragossaBattle of Saraighat
Battle of SarakhsBattle of Sarakhs (1459)Battle of Saranda
Battle of SarandíBattle of SarantaporoBattle of Saraqeb
Battle of SardarabadBattle of SarhuBattle of Sarhū
Battle of Sari BairBattle of SarikamishBattle of Sarikamish (1920)
Battle of Sarimbun BeachBattle of SariwonBattle of Sark
Battle of SarminBattle of SarmisegetusaBattle of Sarno
Battle of Sarnowa GóraBattle of Sarrin (June–July 2015)Battle of Sarrin (March–April 2015)
Battle of SarsaBattle of SarusBattle of Saseno
Battle of SasiretiBattle of Sasowy RógBattle of Sassello
Battle of SatalaBattle of Satala (298)Battle of Satala (530)
Battle of SataraBattle of SaticulaBattle of Sattelberg
Battle of Sauce (1816)Battle of SauchieburnBattle of Saucourt-en-Vimeu
Battle of SauleBattle of SaumurBattle of Saumur (1793)
Battle of Saumur (1940)Battle of SaunshiBattle of Sauðafell
Battle of Savage's StationBattle of SavannahBattle of Savanur
Battle of SavenayBattle of SavitaipalBattle of Savo Island
Battle of SavraBattle of Sayyd Alma KalayBattle of Scapezzano
Battle of Scarlet BeachBattle of ScarpheiaBattle of Scarrifholis
Battle of Scary CreekBattle of SchellenbergBattle of Scheveningen
Battle of SchleizBattle of SchleswigBattle of Schliengen
Battle of SchmilauBattle of SchoenfeldBattle of Schooneveld
Battle of SchosshaldeBattle of SchuinshoogteBattle of Schwaderloh
Battle of SchwechatBattle of SchweinschädelBattle of Schwyz
Battle of SchöngrabernBattle of Scimitar HillBattle of Scotch Corner
Battle of SculeniBattle of Seacroft MoorBattle of Seal Cove
Battle of SeattleBattle of Seattle (1856)Battle of Sebastopolis
Battle of SecessionvilleBattle of SeckenheimBattle of Sedan (1870)
Battle of Sedan (1940)Battle of SedemünderBattle of Sedgemoor
Battle of SedjenaneBattle of SeedaseerBattle of Segale
Battle of SegesvárBattle of SegouBattle of Segré
Battle of SehestedBattle of SejnyBattle of Sekes Tash
Battle of SekigaharaBattle of SelburgBattle of Selby
Battle of SelinusBattle of SellasiaBattle of Sellnitz
Battle of SelmaBattle of SemarangBattle of Seminara
Battle of Seminara (1503)Battle of SempachBattle of Semur River
Battle of Sena GallicaBattle of Sena Gallica (551)Battle of Sena Gallica (82 BC)
Battle of SendaigawaBattle of SendannoBattle of Seneffe
Battle of Senluo TempleBattle of SentinumBattle of Seonghwan
Battle of SeoulBattle of SepeiaBattle of Sepphoris
Battle of Sept-ÎlesBattle of SeringhamBattle of Serobeti
Battle of Serravalle (1544)Battle of SerresBattle of Serres (1205)
Battle of SeseñaBattle of Sesimbra BayBattle of Setauket
Battle of SetinaBattle of SettepozziBattle of Sevan
Battle of Seven OaksBattle of Seven PinesBattle of Sewell's Point
Battle of SezawaBattle of ShadadehBattle of Shaddadi (2013)
Battle of ShahoBattle of Shahriar and LionBattle of Shaiba
Battle of ShaizarBattle of Shaizar (1111)Battle of Shakar Kheda
Battle of Shallow FordBattle of ShamkorBattle of Shancaowan
Battle of ShangcaiBattle of Shangcai (1930)Battle of Shanggao
Battle of ShanghaiBattle of Shanghai (1861)Battle of Shanghai (disambiguation)
Battle of Shanhai PassBattle of Shanhaiguan (1900)Battle of Shantou
Battle of Shantou (1927)Battle of ShaoboBattle of Sharon
Battle of SharqatBattle of Shawali KowtBattle of Shayuan
Battle of ShedwanBattle of Sheikh Sa'adBattle of Shela
Battle of ShelonBattle of Shen-LiaoBattle of Shenkursk
Battle of ShepelevicheBattle of ShepherdstownBattle of Sheriffmuir
Battle of ShewanBattle of ShicunBattle of Shigino
Battle of ShigisanBattle of ShijōnawateBattle of Shiloh
Battle of Shimbra KureBattle of Shimonoseki StraitsBattle of Shinanah (1904)
Battle of ShinoharaBattle of ShiojiritogeBattle of Shipka Pass
Battle of ShipuBattle of ShireBattle of Shirimni
Battle of Shiroyama
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