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Battle of ShangcaiBattle of Shangcai (1930)Battle of Shanggao
Battle of ShanghaiBattle of Shanghai (1861)Battle of Shanghai (disambiguation)
Battle of Shanhai PassBattle of Shanhaiguan (1900)Battle of Shantou
Battle of Shantou (1927)Battle of ShaoboBattle of Sharon
Battle of SharqatBattle of Shawali KowtBattle of Shayuan
Battle of ShedwanBattle of Sheikh Sa'adBattle of Shela
Battle of ShelonBattle of Shen-LiaoBattle of Shenkursk
Battle of ShepelevicheBattle of ShepherdstownBattle of Sheriffmuir
Battle of ShewanBattle of ShicunBattle of Shigino
Battle of ShigisanBattle of ShijōnawateBattle of Shiloh
Battle of Shimbra KureBattle of Shimonoseki StraitsBattle of Shinanah (1904)
Battle of ShinoharaBattle of ShiojiritogeBattle of Shipka Pass
Battle of ShipuBattle of ShireBattle of Shirimni
Battle of ShiroyamaBattle of ShitingBattle of Shizugatake
Battle of Shklow (1654)Battle of Shok ValleyBattle of Sholinghur
Battle of ShopianBattle of Short HillsBattle of Shrewsbury
Battle of ShuangqiaozhenBattle of Shubra KhitBattle of Shuja'iyya
Battle of Shuja'iyya (2014)Battle of ShumshuBattle of Sialkot
Battle of Sialkot (1761)Battle of Sialkot (1763)Battle of Siddim
Battle of Sideling HillBattle of Sidi BarraniBattle of Sidi Bilal
Battle of Sidi Bou OthmanBattle of Sidi Bou ZidBattle of Sidi Brahim
Battle of Sidon (1941)Battle of Sidon (2013)Battle of Siegburg
Battle of SiemiatyczeBattle of SievershausenBattle of Siffin
Battle of SigBattle of Signal HillBattle of Signal Hill (Vietnam)
Battle of Signal Hill VietnamBattle of SigüenzaBattle of Siikajoki
Battle of SilaoBattle of SildaBattle of Silistra
Battle of Silva ArsiaBattle of Silva LitanaBattle of Simancas
Battle of SimbirskBattle of Simmon's BluffBattle of Simnitza
Battle of SingaporeBattle of Singara (344)Battle of Sinhagad
Battle of SinoiaBattle of SinopBattle of Sinsheim
Battle of SioBattle of Sipe-SipeBattle of Siping
Battle of SiranayaBattle of Sirhind (1555)Battle of Sirhind (1764)
Battle of SirmiumBattle of Sirmium (489)Battle of Sirte
Battle of Sirte (2011)Battle of Sirte (2015)Battle of Sirte (2016)
Battle of SisakBattle of SitkaBattle of Sittang Bridge
Battle of SittimungulumBattle of Sjenica (1941)Battle of Skafida
Battle of SkaithmuirBattle of SkalitzBattle of Skanör
Battle of SkałaBattle of SkałatBattle of Skerki Bank
Battle of SkerriesBattle of Skibo and StrathfleetBattle of Skoczów
Battle of SkopjeBattle of SkornishchevoBattle of Skra-di-Legen
Battle of SkuodasBattle of SkyhillBattle of Slankamen
Battle of Slater's KnollBattle of Slim ButtesBattle of Slim River
Battle of SliochBattle of SlivaBattle of Slivice
Battle of SlivnitsaBattle of SlobodyshcheBattle of Sluis (1603)
Battle of SlunjBattle of SluysBattle of Smilevo
Battle of SmithfieldBattle of Smithfield CrossingBattle of Smolenice
Battle of SmolenskBattle of Smolensk (1812)Battle of Smolensk (1941)
Battle of Smolensk (1943)Battle of SmolianiBattle of Smyrna
Battle of Smyrna (disambiguation)Battle of SnuolBattle of Snyder's Bluff
Battle of SobotaBattle of SobralBattle of Sobraon
Battle of SofiaBattle of SoissonsBattle of Soissons (1918)
Battle of Soissons (486)Battle of Soissons (718)Battle of Soissons (923)
Battle of SokhoistaBattle of SokolkiBattle of Sokolovo
Battle of SolachonBattle of SolebayBattle of Solferino
Battle of SoliciniumBattle of SolskjellBattle of Soltau
Battle of Solway MossBattle of SomeriBattle of Somerset
Battle of SomosierraBattle of SoncinoBattle of Sonepat
Battle of Song-JinBattle of Song BeBattle of Songjin
Battle of SonipatBattle of SoorBattle of Sorauren
Battle of SorelBattle of SorovichBattle of Sosnowiec
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