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Battle of SokhoistaBattle of SokolkiBattle of Sokolovo
Battle of SolachonBattle of SolebayBattle of Solferino
Battle of SoliciniumBattle of SolskjellBattle of Soltau
Battle of Solway MossBattle of SomeriBattle of Somerset
Battle of SomosierraBattle of SoncinoBattle of Sonepat
Battle of Song-JinBattle of Song BeBattle of Songjin
Battle of SonipatBattle of SoorBattle of Sorauren
Battle of SorelBattle of SorovichBattle of Sosnowiec
Battle of Sourton DownBattle of South GuangxiBattle of South Henan
Battle of South MillsBattle of South MogadishuBattle of South Mogadishu (2009)
Battle of South MountainBattle of South ShanxiBattle of Southern Buh
Battle of Southwold BayBattle of Sowia GóraBattle of Spahan
Battle of Spancel HillBattle of Spanish FortBattle of Sparrsätra
Battle of SpartolosBattle of Spencer's OrdinaryBattle of Spercheios
Battle of SpeyerbachBattle of SphacteriaBattle of Sphacteria (1825)
Battle of SpicherenBattle of SpiliaBattle of Spion Kop
Battle of Spokane PlainsBattle of SpoletoBattle of Spotsylvania Court House
Battle of SprimontBattle of Spring HillBattle of Springfield (1780)
Battle of Sri PurambiyamBattle of St-DizierBattle of St. George's Caye
Battle of St. Jakob an der BirsBattle of St. Jakob an der SihlBattle of St. James
Battle of St. John'sBattle of St. Johns BluffBattle of St. Kitts (1629)
Battle of St. LouisBattle of St. LuciaBattle of St. Matthew's Day
Battle of St. MichaelsBattle of St. QuentinBattle of St. Quentin (1557)
Battle of St. Quentin (1871)Battle of St. Quentin (1914)Battle of St. Quentin Canal
Battle of St. VithBattle of St AlbansBattle of St Fagans
Battle of St Matthew'sBattle of St Pol de LéonBattle of St Quentin Canal
Battle of StadtlohnBattle of StaffardaBattle of Stainmore
Battle of StalcBattle of StalingradBattle of Stalingrad in popular culture
Battle of Stalling DownBattle of StallupönenBattle of Stamford
Battle of Stamford (894)Battle of Stamford (918)Battle of Stamford Bridge
Battle of StanafordBattle of Stanhope ParkBattle of Stanwick
Battle of Stanwix StationBattle of StaouéliBattle of Starokostiantyniv
Battle of StaszówBattle of Staten IslandBattle of Staunton River Bridge
Battle of StavishcheBattle of StavuchanyBattle of Steen's Mountain
Battle of Steenbergen (1583)Battle of SteenkerqueBattle of Stegeborg
Battle of StelaiBattle of StellauBattle of Stephaniana
Battle of SteppesBattle of StiklestadBattle of Stillman's Run
Battle of StiloBattle of StirlingBattle of Stirling's Plantation
Battle of Stirling (1648)Battle of Stirling BridgeBattle of Stockach
Battle of Stockach (1799)Battle of Stockach (1800)Battle of Stockton
Battle of StoczekBattle of StokBattle of Stoke Field
Battle of Stone CorralBattle of Stone HousesBattle of Stones River
Battle of Stoney CreekBattle of Stono FerryBattle of Stony Lake
Battle of Stony PointBattle of StorkyroBattle of Stormberg
Battle of StorsjönBattle of Stourbridge HeathBattle of Stow-on-the-Wold
Battle of StołowiczeBattle of StracathroBattle of Stralsund
Battle of Stralsund (1809)Battle of Strangford LoughBattle of Strasbourg
Battle of Strasbourg (506)Battle of StrasburgBattle of Stratton
Battle of StrehlaBattle of StresowBattle of Stromboli
Battle of StrumicaBattle of StrömstadBattle of Strėva
Battle of StudziankiBattle of StäketBattle of Stångebro
Battle of SuakinBattle of SuceavaBattle of Suceava (1595)
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