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Battle of SuchodołBattle of SucroBattle of Sudere
Battle of SudoměřBattle of SuessulaBattle of Suez
Battle of SufetulaBattle of Suffolk (Hill's Point)Battle of Suffolk (Norfleet House)
Battle of SufiyanBattle of Sugar PointBattle of Suipacha
Battle of Suixian–ZaoyangBattle of SuiyangBattle of Sukho Island
Battle of Sukhumi (1992)Battle of SulciBattle of Sulcoit
Battle of Sullivan's IslandBattle of Sulphur Creek TrestleBattle of Sultan Yacoub
Battle of SultanabadBattle of Sultanpet TopeBattle of Sulukh
Battle of SummaBattle of SummerdaleBattle of Summit Point
Battle of Summit SpringsBattle of Sunchon (air)Battle of Sunda Strait
Battle of SundayBattle of Sungei KoembaBattle of Sunomata-gawa
Battle of Sunset PassBattle of Suoi Bong TrangBattle of Suoi Chau Pha
Battle of Suoi TreBattle of SuomenlinnaBattle of Suomussalmi
Battle of Suq al GhaziBattle of SurabayaBattle of Surabaya (1677)
Battle of Surabaya (disambiguation)Battle of SuratBattle of Suriagehara
Battle of SurinameBattle of SurkontyBattle of Suru
Battle of SusaBattle of Sutherland's StationBattle of Suthul
Battle of SuursaariBattle of SuvodolBattle of Suwon Airfield
Battle of SuzdalBattle of Svay RiengBattle of Svensksund
Battle of SvindaxBattle of SvistovBattle of Svitlodarsk
Battle of SvolderBattle of SwallyBattle of Swat
Battle of Swift CreekBattle of SybotaBattle of Sylhet
Battle of SymeBattle of SyracuseBattle of Syracuse (1710)
Battle of SyrjäntakaBattle of SysterbäckBattle of Szack
Battle of SzczekocinyBattle of SzikszóBattle of Szina
Battle of SzkudyBattle of SzkłówBattle of Szydłowiec
Battle of SződfalvaBattle of SzőlősBattle of Szőreg
Battle of São MamedeBattle of São SalvadorBattle of São Vicente
Battle of Sông BéBattle of SörenbergBattle of Süntel
Battle of SędziejowiceBattle of SępopolBattle of Sırp Sındığı
Battle of SłupczaBattle of Ta'izzBattle of Tabarde
Battle of TabaruzakaBattle of TabascoBattle of Tabkin Kwatto
Battle of TabocasBattle of TaboraBattle of Tabouk
Battle of Tabqa (2017)Battle of TabsorBattle of Tabu-dong
Battle of TachiaoBattle of TachovBattle of Tacna
Battle of TacuarembóBattle of TacuaríBattle of Tacubaya (1859)
Battle of TacámbaroBattle of TadlaBattle of Taegu
Battle of TaejonBattle of TafallaBattle of Taftanaz
Battle of TaghitBattle of TaginaeBattle of Tagliacozzo
Battle of TagliamentoBattle of TaguanesBattle of Taierzhuang
Battle of Taif (1916)Battle of TaillebourgBattle of Taipale
Battle of TaiyuanBattle of TaizBattle of Taiz (2011)
Battle of Taiz (2015)Battle of Taiz (2015–present)Battle of Takajō
Battle of TakatenjinBattle of TakkolamBattle of Taku Forts
Battle of Taku Forts (1858)Battle of Taku Forts (1859)Battle of Taku Forts (1860)
Battle of Takur GharBattle of TakusaBattle of Tal Afar
Battle of Tal Afar (2005)Battle of Tal Afar (2017)Battle of Talana Hill
Battle of TalasBattle of TalaseaBattle of Talavera
Battle of Talavera de la Reina (1936)Battle of Talavera order of battleBattle of Tali-Ihantala
Battle of TalikotaBattle of TalisayBattle of Taliwa
Battle of TalladegaBattle of TallinnBattle of Tallushatchee
Battle of Tam QuanBattle of TamaiBattle of Tamames
Battle of TamarónBattle of TamassiBattle of Tamatave
Battle of TampaBattle of TampereBattle of Tampico
Battle of TamsuiBattle of TanagraBattle of Tanagra (426 BC)
Battle of Tanagra (457 BC)Battle of Tang'erliBattle of Tanga
Battle of TangdaoBattle of TangierBattle of Tangier (1437)
Battle of Tangier (1664)Battle of Tangtou–GuocunBattle of Tanlwe Chaung
Battle of TannachBattle of TannenbergBattle of Tannenberg Line
Battle of TapaeBattle of TaraBattle of Tara (1150)
Battle of Tara (Ireland)Battle of Tara HillBattle of Taraca
Battle of Tarafiyah (1907)Battle of TarakanBattle of Tarakan (1942)
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