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Battle of Tarakan (1945)Battle of TarantoBattle of Taranto (disambiguation)
Battle of TarapacáBattle of TarawaBattle of Tarbat
Battle of TarcalBattle of TarczekBattle of Tarentum (209 BC)
Battle of Tarentum (212 BC)Battle of Tarin KowtBattle of Tarinkot
Battle of Tarinkot (2016)Battle of Tarnab (1448)Battle of Tarpellanca
Battle of TarquiBattle of TarracoBattle of Tarragona (August 1641)
Battle of TartuBattle of TarutinoBattle of Tarvis
Battle of Tarvis (1797)Battle of Tarvis (1809)Battle of Tarłów
Battle of TashanBattle of TashihchiaoBattle of Tashiskari
Battle of TashkessenBattle of TassafarongaBattle of Tatarahama
Battle of Tatarahama (1336)Battle of Tatarahama (1569)Battle of Tatayibá
Battle of TauberbischofsheimBattle of TawahinBattle of Tawergha
Battle of TayabasBattle of TayacobaBattle of Te-li-Ssu
Battle of Tearcoat SwampBattle of TebaBattle of Tebb's Bend Monument
Battle of Tebbs BendBattle of TecoacBattle of Tecroghan
Battle of TecualoyaBattle of TedorigawaBattle of Tegyra
Battle of TehumardiBattle of Tel HaiBattle of Tel el-Kebir
Battle of Tel el KhuweilfeBattle of TelamonBattle of Telay
Battle of Telephis–OllariaBattle of Tell 'AsurBattle of Tell Abyad (2013)
Battle of Tell Abyad (2016)Battle of Tell El KebirBattle of Tellaru
Battle of TellicherryBattle of TellidedeBattle of Telpaneca
Battle of TemalacaBattle of TemesvárBattle of Temmokuzan
Battle of Tempe GorgeBattle of TempsfordBattle of Tenancingo
Battle of Tenango del ValleBattle of TendraBattle of Tenedos
Battle of Tenedos (73 BC)Battle of Tenedos (86 BC)Battle of Tenmokuzan
Battle of TennōjiBattle of TepatitlánBattle of Tepe
Battle of TerapeguiBattle of TertryBattle of Teruel
Battle of TessalitBattle of TessitBattle of Tetovo
Battle of TettenhallBattle of Teugen-HausenBattle of Tewkesbury
Battle of TexelBattle of Texel (1694)Battle of Texel (disambiguation)
Battle of TezirzaitBattle of ThalaBattle of Thanesar
Battle of ThannurisBattle of ThapsusBattle of Thasos
Battle of The CedarsBattle of The PimpleBattle of The Scarpe
Battle of ThebesBattle of TheiningenBattle of Thermae
Battle of ThermopylaeBattle of Thermopylae (191 BC)Battle of Thermopylae (1941)
Battle of Thermopylae (254)Battle of Thermopylae (267)Battle of Thermopylae (279 BC)
Battle of Thermopylae (323 BC)Battle of Thermopylae (disambiguation)Battle of Thermopylae in popular culture
Battle of ThessalonicaBattle of Thessalonica (1004)Battle of Thessalonica (1014)
Battle of Thessalonica (1040)Battle of Thessalonica (2nd 1040)Battle of Thessalonica (380)
Battle of Thessalonica (995)Battle of Thiepval RidgeBattle of Thimeon
Battle of Thomas CreekBattle of Thompson's StationBattle of Thoppigala
Battle of Thoroughfare GapBattle of ThouarsBattle of Three Rocks
Battle of ThuriiBattle of ThurlesBattle of Thuận An
Battle of ThyatiraBattle of ThymbraBattle of Thường Ðức
Battle of Thường ĐứcBattle of Thượng Đức (1968)Battle of Thượng Đức (1974)
Battle of Tian ShanBattle of TianmenBattle of Tianmenling
Battle of TianquanBattle of TicinusBattle of Ticonderoga
Battle of Ticonderoga (1759)Battle of TielingBattle of Tienhaara
Battle of TientsinBattle of Tierra BlancaBattle of Tifernum
Battle of TiffaugesBattle of Tiger HillBattle of Tigharghar
Battle of TigranocertaBattle of TikritBattle of Tillieangus
Battle of TillyriaBattle of TimbuktuBattle of Timetrine
Battle of TimorBattle of Timor order of battleBattle of Tin Keraten
Battle of TinchebrayBattle of TinianBattle of Tinzaouaten
Battle of Tipo-TipoBattle of TippecanoeBattle of Tippecanoe Outdoor Drama
Battle of TippermuirBattle of Tipton's IslandBattle of Tipton Green
Battle of Tirad PassBattle of TirapeguiBattle of Tiro
Battle of TiruvannamalaiBattle of TlatelolcoBattle of Tlatempa
Battle of Toba–FushimiBattle of TobrukBattle of Tobruk (1911)
Battle of Tocarema
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