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Battle of Tochar Cruachain-Bri-EleBattle of Todd's TavernBattle of Tofrek
Battle of TogbaoBattle of TogorubaBattle of Toksun
Battle of TolbiacBattle of TolentinoBattle of Tololing
Battle of Tolosa (1813)Battle of TolvajärviBattle of Tom's Brook
Battle of Tomaszów LubelskiBattle of Tomaszów MazowieckiBattle of Tondibi
Battle of TonegawaBattle of Tong Le ChonBattle of Tong Pass
Battle of Tong Pass (211)Battle of Tonkin RiverBattle of Tonlé Sap
Battle of TonomotoBattle of Toppenish CreekBattle of Toppur
Battle of TopáterBattle of Tora BoraBattle of Tora Bora (2017)
Battle of TorataBattle of TorchesBattle of Tordesillas
Battle of Tordesillas (1812)Battle of TorgauBattle of Torisaka
Battle of TornaBattle of TornaventoBattle of Tornio
Battle of TornowBattle of ToroBattle of Toropets
Battle of TororoBattle of Torran-RoyBattle of Torran Dubh
Battle of Torrence's TavernBattle of TorrevicenteBattle of Torrington
Battle of TorroellaBattle of TortugueroBattle of Torvioll
Battle of Tory IslandBattle of ToràBattle of Toski
Battle of Totopotomoy CreekBattle of ToulonBattle of Toulon (1707)
Battle of Toulon (1744)Battle of Toulon (1944)Battle of Toulouse
Battle of Toulouse (1814)Battle of Toulouse (439)Battle of Toulouse (458)
Battle of Toulouse (721)Battle of Toulouse (844)Battle of Toungoo
Battle of TourcoingBattle of TournayBattle of Tournay (1794)
Battle of ToursBattle of TourtourBattle of Toverud
Battle of TowtonBattle of TrafalgarBattle of Trafalgar (painting)
Battle of Tragh-BhaileBattle of TraghanBattle of Traghen
Battle of TrahiliBattle of Traigh GhruinneartBattle of Trancoso
Battle of TrangenBattle of Trans-la-ForêtBattle of Transylvania
Battle of Tranter's CreekBattle of TrapaniBattle of Trautenau
Battle of Trebbia (1799)Battle of TrebeshinaBattle of Treiden (1628)
Battle of TrekkopjesBattle of TrembowlaBattle of Tremseh
Battle of TrencsénBattle of Trent's ReachBattle of Trenton
Battle of Tres CastillosBattle of Tres ForcasBattle of Tres Jacales
Battle of Tres de AbrilBattle of Trevilian StationBattle of Treviso
Battle of Tri PhapBattle of Triangle HillBattle of Tricamarum
Battle of TrichinopollyBattle of TrifanumBattle of Trincomalee
Battle of TrindadeBattle of Tripoli (1825)Battle of Tripoli (1911)
Battle of Tripoli (2011)Battle of Tripoli (2018)Battle of Tripoli Airport
Battle of Tripoli HarborBattle of TripoljeBattle of Trnava (1430)
Battle of TrocaderoBattle of TroinaBattle of Trois-Rivières
Battle of Trout RiverBattle of TruillasBattle of Trung Nghia
Battle of TryavnaBattle of TryfrwydBattle of Trzciana
Battle of Trà BìnhBattle of TsaritsynBattle of Tsekee
Battle of Tsimba RidgeBattle of TsitsamuriBattle of Tskhinvali
Battle of TsoronaBattle of TsuntuaBattle of Tsushima
Battle of TuberneeringBattle of TucapelBattle of Tuchola Forest
Battle of TucsonBattle of TucumánBattle of Tudela
Battle of Tug ArganBattle of TughlaqabadBattle of Tuiteam Tarbhach
Battle of TukaroiBattle of Tulagi and Gavutu–TanambogoBattle of Tulgas
Battle of TulifinnyBattle of TulkarmBattle of Tullich
Battle of TunisBattle of Tunis (disambiguation)Battle of Tunmen
Battle of TupeloBattle of TuraidaBattle of Turaida (1211)
Battle of TurbigoBattle of TurckheimBattle of Turda
Battle of Turin (312)Battle of Turin (disambiguation)Battle of Turjak Castle
Battle of TurkiBattle of TurnadağBattle of Turnberry
Battle of Turner's FallsBattle of Turnham GreenBattle of Turnhout
Battle of Turnhout (1597)Battle of Turnhout (1789)Battle of Turret Peak
Battle of TurskoBattle of Turtle Gut InletBattle of Turtucaia
Battle of TuscumbiaBattle of TuthillBattle of Tuttlingen
Battle of TutungBattle of TuulosBattle of Tuyutí (1867)
Battle of TweeboschBattle of Two RiversBattle of Two Sisters
Battle of Ty-ho BayBattle of TyanaBattle of Tykocin
Battle of TylliriaBattle of TyndarisBattle of Tysami
Battle of TzirallumBattle of TápióbicskeBattle of Târgu Frumos
Battle of TétouanBattle of Tốt Động – Chúc ĐộngBattle of Uchidehama
Battle of UclésBattle of Uclés (1108)
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