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Battle of Uclés (1809)Battle of UddevallaBattle of Udgir
Battle of UdyczBattle of UedaharaBattle of Ueno
Battle of UgeumchiBattle of UhudBattle of Uijeongbu
Battle of Uijeongbu (1950)Battle of Uijeongbu (1951)Battle of Uji
Battle of Uji (1180)Battle of Uji (1184)Battle of Uji (1221)
Battle of UjjainBattle of UjścieBattle of Ukoko
Battle of UlaBattle of UlaiBattle of Ulan Butung
Battle of UlaşBattle of Ulcinj (1880)Battle of Ullais
Battle of UlmBattle of UlrichenBattle of Ulubad
Battle of UlundiBattle of UmanBattle of Umberkhind
Battle of Umm DiwaykaratBattle of Umm QasrBattle of Un no Kuchi
Battle of UnaBattle of Unaizah (1904)Battle of Union Gap
Battle of UnisonBattle of UnsanBattle of Upperville
Battle of UptonBattle of UrfaBattle of Urica
Battle of Urmia (1604)Battle of UrukBattle of Urumqi (1933)
Battle of Urumqi (1933–34)Battle of UruzganBattle of Usagre
Battle of UshantBattle of Ushant (1778)Battle of Ushant (1781)
Battle of Ushant (1782)Battle of Ushant (1944)Battle of Ustechko
Battle of UteteBattle of UticaBattle of Utica (203 BC)
Battle of Utica (204 BC)Battle of Utica (49 BC)Battle of Utica (81 BC)
Battle of Utoy CreekBattle of UtriaBattle of Utsunomiya Castle
Battle of UttismalmBattle of Vaal KrantzBattle of Vaasa
Battle of VaikalBattle of VaileleBattle of Val-de-Saire
Battle of Val-ès-DunesBattle of Valcour IslandBattle of Valdejunquera
Battle of ValdepeñasBattle of ValdevezBattle of Valea Albă
Battle of ValenciaBattle of Valencia (1808)Battle of Valencia (disambiguation)
Battle of Valencia de AlcántaraBattle of ValenciennesBattle of Valenciennes (1656)
Battle of Valenciennes (1918)Battle of Valentia 75 BCBattle of Valkeala
Battle of Valle GiuliaBattle of VallsBattle of Valmaseda
Battle of ValmontBattle of ValmyBattle of Valparaiso
Battle of ValparaísoBattle of ValsequilloBattle of Valtetsi
Battle of ValutinoBattle of Valvasone (1797)Battle of Valverde
Battle of Valverde (1385)Battle of Van BurenBattle of Van Creek
Battle of VaravilleBattle of VareseBattle of Varey
Battle of VarjaBattle of VarkausBattle of Varna
Battle of VarnakertBattle of Varolampi PondBattle of Vasai
Battle of VasilikaBattle of VasluiBattle of Vassilika
Battle of VatapiBattle of VauchampsBattle of Vaughan Road
Battle of Vaught's HillBattle of VedenoBattle of Vedrosha
Battle of Vega de PaganaBattle of VegkopBattle of Veii
Battle of VeillaneBattle of VelascoBattle of Velata
Battle of VelbazhdBattle of Vella GulfBattle of Vella Lavella
Battle of Vella Lavella (land)Battle of Vella Lavella (naval)Battle of Velletri (1744)
Battle of VellicaBattle of VenniBattle of Venta de Echavarri
Battle of Venta del PozoBattle of VentersdorpBattle of Veracruz (1838)
Battle of Veracruz (disambiguation)Battle of VerbiaBattle of Vercellae
Battle of VerchenBattle of VerdunBattle of Verdun (1792)
Battle of Vermillion BayouBattle of VerneuilBattle of Vernon
Battle of Vernon (Florida)Battle of VeronaBattle of Verona (1799)
Battle of Verona (1805)Battle of Verona (249)Battle of Verona (312)
Battle of Verona (402)Battle of Verona (489)Battle of Verrières Ridge
Battle of VersinikiaBattle of VertièresBattle of Vescera
Battle of VesuviusBattle of VeviBattle of Vevi (1941)
Battle of VezekényBattle of ViadangosBattle of Vianden
Battle of VicBattle of VichBattle of Victoria
Battle of VictoryBattle of VidattaltivuBattle of Videau's Bridge
Battle of ViennaBattle of Vienna, VirginiaBattle of Vientiane
Battle of VigoBattle of Vigo BayBattle of Vigo Bay (painting)
Battle of VihiersBattle of Vijaya 1377Battle of Vijayawada
Battle of VijaydurgBattle of VijithapuraBattle of Vila Velha
Battle of VilanovaBattle of VilcacongaBattle of Vilcapugio
Battle of ViljandiBattle of Viljandi (1223)Battle of Villafranca
Battle of Villafranca (1744)Battle of Villafranca (1809)Battle of Villagarcia
Battle of Village CreekBattle of VillalarBattle of Villanueva de Barcarrota
Battle of Villar de los NavarrosBattle of VillarrobledoBattle of Villaviciosa
Battle of VillepionBattle of Villers-BocageBattle of Villers-Bocage order of battle
Battle of Villers-BretonneuxBattle of Villers-CotterêtsBattle of Villers-en-Cauchies
Battle of VillersexelBattle of VilliersBattle of Villinghausen
Battle of VillmanstrandBattle of Villmergen
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