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Battle of Vilnius (1655)Battle of Vilnius (1702)Battle of Vilppula
Battle of VimeiroBattle of Vimeiro order of battleBattle of Vimory
Battle of Vimy RidgeBattle of Vimy Ridge order of battleBattle of Vincy
Battle of VindonissaBattle of Vinegar HillBattle of Vinjesvingen
Battle of VinlandBattle of Vinland (1003)Battle of Vinland (1010)
Battle of VirdenBattle of Viru HarborBattle of Vis
Battle of VisbyBattle of Vistula LagoonBattle of Vitebsk (1812)
Battle of VitoriaBattle of Vitoria order of battleBattle of Vittorio Veneto
Battle of VittsjöBattle of VizagapatamBattle of Vlaardingen
Battle of Vlaardingen (1351)Battle of VlothoBattle of Volochayevka
Battle of VoltriBattle of Volturnus (1860)Battle of Voronezh
Battle of Voronezh (1942)Battle of Voronezh (1943)Battle of Voronezh River
Battle of VosgesBattle of Vosges (58 BC)Battle of Vouillé
Battle of VranjeBattle of Vrbanja BridgeBattle of Vrbanja bridge
Battle of VromopigadaBattle of VrpileBattle of Vuelta de Obligado
Battle of VukovarBattle of VuosalmiBattle of Vučji Do
Battle of VyazmaBattle of VyborgBattle of Vyborg (disambiguation)
Battle of Vyborg BayBattle of Vyborg Bay (1790)Battle of Vyborg Bay (1944)
Battle of VystavkaBattle of VyšehradBattle of Vác
Battle of Vác (1684)Battle of VänersborgBattle of Västerås
Battle of VågenBattle of VézeronceBattle of Vítkov Hill
Battle of VíðinesBattle of Vĩnh YênBattle of W.l.n.d.r
Battle of WabhoBattle of Wabho (2009)Battle of Waddams Grove
Battle of WadgaonBattle of WadiBattle of Wadi (1916)
Battle of Wadi AkaritBattle of Wadi Al-BatinBattle of Wadi Haramia
Battle of Wadi MusaBattle of Wadi al-KhazandarBattle of Wadi al-Khaznadar
Battle of Wadi al-LabanBattle of WagramBattle of Wahab's Plantation
Battle of Wahoo SwampBattle of WaiBattle of Waidhofen
Battle of Waj RudhBattle of WakdeBattle of Wake Island
Battle of WakefieldBattle of WalajaBattle of Walcheren Causeway
Battle of WalcourtBattle of WalkBattle of Walkerton
Battle of Walla WallaBattle of WallhofBattle of Wambaw
Battle of WamiBattle of WanaBattle of Wanat
Battle of WanchengBattle of WandiwashBattle of Wanjialing
Battle of WannaBattle of Warbonnet CreekBattle of Warburg
Battle of Ware Bottom ChurchBattle of Waren-NossentinBattle of Wareo
Battle of WarkaBattle of WarksowBattle of Warns
Battle of Warrington BridgeBattle of Warrington Bridge (1651)Battle of Warsaw
Battle of Warsaw (1656)Battle of Warsaw (1705)Battle of Warsaw (1794)
Battle of Warsaw (1831)Battle of Warsaw (1920)Battle of Washington
Battle of Washita RiverBattle of Wassaw SoundBattle of Waterberg
Battle of WaterlooBattle of Waterloo (disambiguation)Battle of Waterloo (song)
Battle of Waterloo reenactmentBattle of Watling StreetBattle of Wattignies
Battle of WauBattle of WauhatchieBattle of Wavre
Battle of WawonBattle of WaxhawsBattle of Wayna Daga
Battle of WaynesboroBattle of Waynesboro, GeorgiaBattle of Waynesboro, Virginia
Battle of WazzinBattle of Wei RiverBattle of Weihaiwei
Battle of WeissensteinBattle of WelfesholzBattle of Weli Oya (1995)
Battle of WelsBattle of WendenBattle of Wenden (1601)
Battle of Wenden (1626)Battle of WerbenBattle of Werbicze
Battle of WerkiBattle of WerlBattle of Werl (1586)
Battle of WertingenBattle of WesenbergBattle of Wesenberg (1268)
Battle of Wesenberg (1704)Battle of West Henan–North HubeiBattle of West Henan–North Hubei Order of battle
Battle of West HubeiBattle of West HunanBattle of West Hunan, Order of Battle
Battle of West PointBattle of West SuiyuanBattle of Westbroek
Battle of Wester KinghornBattle of WesterplatteBattle of Westport
Battle of Wetzell's MillBattle of Wetzlar (1796)Battle of Wevelinghoven
Battle of WeymouthBattle of WhampoaBattle of White Bird Canyon
Battle of White HallBattle of White HorseBattle of White Marsh
Battle of White MountainBattle of White Oak RoadBattle of White Oak Swamp
Battle of White PlainsBattle of White TunisBattle of White Tunis (310 BC)
Battle of White Wolf MountainBattle of Whitestone HillBattle of Whitney's Lane
Battle of Wickham AnchorageBattle of Wide BayBattle of Wide Bay–Open Bay
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