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Battle of WieslochBattle of Wiesloch (1632)Battle of Wiesloch (1799)
Battle of Wigan LaneBattle of WijnendaleBattle of Wild Cat Creek
Battle of WilhelmsthalBattle of WilkomierzBattle of Williams Station
Battle of WilliamsburgBattle of WilliamsportBattle of Willstätt
Battle of WilmingtonBattle of WilnoBattle of Wilno (1939)
Battle of Wilson's CreekBattle of Wilson's WharfBattle of Wilton
Battle of Wilton (1143)Battle of Wilton (New York)Battle of Wimpfen
Battle of WincebyBattle of WinchelseaBattle of Winchester
Battle of WindsorBattle of WinnepangBattle of Winterthur (1799)
Battle of WippedesfleotBattle of Wireless RidgeBattle of Wischau
Battle of Wisconsin HeightsBattle of Wismar (1711)Battle of Wisniowiec
Battle of WissembourgBattle of Wissembourg (1870)Battle of Wisternitz
Battle of WitpoortBattle of WittstockBattle of Wizna
Battle of Woden's BurgBattle of Woden's Burg (592)Battle of Woden's Burg (715)
Battle of WoflaBattle of WogastisburgBattle of Wojnicz
Battle of Wola CyrusowaBattle of Wolf MountainBattle of Wolfenbüttel (1641)
Battle of WolgastBattle of WonjuBattle of Wood Lake
Battle of Woody PointBattle of WoosungBattle of Worcester
Battle of WorksopBattle of WorringenBattle of Wołodarka
Battle of WuchaleBattle of WuchangBattle of Wuhan
Battle of WuheBattle of WurzachBattle of Wuyuan
Battle of Wuzhang PlainsBattle of WyomingBattle of Wyse Fork
Battle of WytycznoBattle of Wólka WęglowaBattle of Wörgl
Battle of WörthBattle of Wörth (1870)Battle of Würzburg
Battle of Węgierska GórkaBattle of WęgrówBattle of Władypol
Battle of Wœrth (1793)Battle of Xa Cam MyBattle of Xiakou
Battle of XiangshuikouBattle of XiangyangBattle of Xiangyang (191)
Battle of XiaoBattle of XiaotingBattle of Xiaoyao Ford
Battle of XiapiBattle of XicaowanBattle of Xicheng
Battle of XinfengBattle of XingshiBattle of Xingyang
Battle of Xingyang (190)Battle of XinkouBattle of Xinzheng
Battle of Xiushui RiverBattle of XuchangBattle of Xuge
Battle of XuzhouBattle of Xuân LộcBattle of Yad Mordechai
Battle of YaguajayBattle of Yahagi-gawaBattle of Yalu River
Battle of Yalu River (1904)Battle of YamamaBattle of Yamazaki
Battle of YamenBattle of Yan'anBattle of Yan Ford
Battle of Yan ProvinceBattle of YanbuBattle of Yancheng
Battle of YangchengBattle of YangcunBattle of Yangi Hissar
Battle of YangpingBattle of YangxiaBattle of Yanling
Battle of YanshiBattle of YaoBattle of Yao (Japan)
Battle of YaqusaBattle of YarkandBattle of Yarmouk
Battle of Yarmouk CampBattle of Yarmouk Camp (2015)Battle of Yarmouk Camp (December 2012)
Battle of YashimaBattle of YassıçemenBattle of Yatay
Battle of Yataytí CoráBattle of Yaunis KhanBattle of Yavi
Battle of YawataBattle of YeBattle of Yeavering
Battle of YeghevardBattle of YeghevārdBattle of Yehuling
Battle of Yellow BayouBattle of Yellow Creek (1862)Battle of Yellow House Canyon
Battle of Yellow TavernBattle of YenangyaungBattle of Yenidje
Battle of YeonpyeongBattle of YeosuBattle of Yerba Buena
Battle of Yerbas BuenasBattle of YeringBattle of Yesil Kol Nor
Battle of YialousaBattle of YialoussaBattle of Yibneh
Battle of Yichang (1929)Battle of Yijiangshan IslandsBattle of Yijing
Battle of Yiling (208)Battle of YingkouBattle of Yinji
Battle of YinshanBattle of YiqueBattle of Yiwu
Battle of YiwuluBattle of YongdongBattle of Yongin
Battle of YongjiazhenBattle of YongjuBattle of Yongmunsan
Battle of YongqiuBattle of YongsanBattle of York
Battle of YorktownBattle of Young's HouseBattle of Young's Point
Battle of YpresBattle of YtororóBattle of Yu Oc
Battle of YultongBattle of YungayBattle of Yunlin-Chiayi
Battle of Yunnan-Burma RoadBattle of Yurkud (2012)
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