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Battle of ZabadaniBattle of Zabadani (2012)Battle of Zabadani (2015)
Battle of ZacatecasBattle of Zacatecas (1811)Battle of Zacatecas (1914)
Battle of ZadarBattle of ZadwórzeBattle of Zafar
Battle of ZagonaraBattle of ZahalBattle of Zahleh
Battle of ZamaBattle of ZanzibarBattle of Zanzur
Battle of Zaoyang–YichangBattle of Zapote Bridge (1897)Battle of Zapote River
Battle of ZappolinoBattle of ZarayskBattle of Zarghan
Battle of ZavaBattle of ZawichostBattle of Zawiya
Battle of ZborivBattle of Zboriv (1649)Battle of Zborov (1917)
Battle of Zealand PointBattle of ZeelandBattle of Zela
Battle of Zela (67 BC)Battle of ZelengoraBattle of Zenta
Battle of ZephathBattle of ZepitaBattle of Zernest
Battle of ZhangjiawanBattle of ZhenhaiBattle of Zhizhi
Battle of ZhongduBattle of ZhovnynBattle of Zhovti Vody
Battle of Zhu QissaBattle of ZhuoluBattle of Zhvanets
Battle of ZieleńceBattle of ZierikzeeBattle of Zinjibar
Battle of ZitlalaBattle of ZitácuaroBattle of Zlatica
Battle of ZlitenBattle of ZonchioBattle of Zorndorf
Battle of ZsibóBattle of ZumailBattle of Zumar
Battle of ZurichBattle of ZusmarshausenBattle of Zutphen
Battle of ZuunmodBattle of ZvečanBattle of Zvolen (1703)
Battle of ZvornikBattle of ZújarBattle of Złoczew
Battle of al-BabBattle of al-BabeinBattle of al-Buqaia
Battle of al-HaffahBattle of al-HarraBattle of al-Harrah
Battle of al-HasakahBattle of al-Hasakah (2015)Battle of al-Hasakah (2016)
Battle of al-KafrBattle of al-MazraaBattle of al-Musayfirah
Battle of al-QaryataynBattle of al-Qaryatayn (March–April 2016)Battle of al-Qusayr
Battle of al-Qusayr (2012)Battle of al-Qusayr (2013)Battle of al-Qādisiyyah
Battle of al-Rai (August 2016)Battle of al-Yaarubiyah
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