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Battle of Áth an ChipBattle of Áth an gCeapBattle of Älgarås
Battle of Åland IslandsBattle of ÅndalsnesBattle of Çamurlu
Battle of ÇıldırBattle of ÉcijaBattle of Écija (1275)
Battle of ÉpehyBattle of ÉpilaBattle of Étreux
Battle of Évora (1808)Battle of Île RondeBattle of Órbigo (456)
Battle of ÖlandBattle of Öland (1563)Battle of Öland (1789)
Battle of Öland (disambiguation)Battle of ÖlperBattle of Ölper (1761)
Battle of Ölper (1809)Battle of ÖrlygsstaðirBattle of Ösel Island
Battle of ÜmeraBattle of ÜrümqiBattle of Ürümqi (1870)
Battle of Ürümqi (1933)Battle of Ürümqi (1933–34)Battle of Čegar
Battle of ĐakovoBattle of Đông KhêBattle of Đồng Hới
Battle of Đồng ĐăngBattle of Đồng Đăng (1885)Battle of Đức Cơ
Battle of İnceğizBattle of İnönüBattle of Ładyżyn
Battle of ŁawicaBattle of ŁomiankiBattle of Łomża (1939)
Battle of ŁowczówekBattle of ŁowiczBattle of Łódź
Battle of Łódź (1914)Battle of Łódź (1939)Battle of Świecino
Battle of ŞarköyBattle of ŞelimbărBattle of Şırnak
Battle of ŠibenikBattle of ŠumatovacBattle of Żarnów
Battle of ŻowninBattle of ŻurawnoBattle of Żyrzyn
Battle of ŽepčeBattle of ŽivohoštěBattle off Barbados
Battle off Cape GataBattle off Cape PalosBattle off Cape Split
Battle off EndauBattle off FairhavenBattle off Halifax
Battle off Halifax (1780)Battle off Halifax (1782)Battle off Horaniu
Battle off IstBattle off Liverpool, Nova Scotia (1778)Battle off Lizard Point
Battle off Minicoy IslandBattle off MukahBattle off Noordhinder Bank
Battle off Port La Tour (1677)Battle off SamarBattle off Texel
Battle off UlsanBattle off Yarmouth (1777)Battle off Zuwara
Battle off ZuwarahBattle off the coast of Abkhazia
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