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British B-class submarineBritish Baltic Fishery Protection ServiceBritish Band
British BattalionBritish Battalion (Malaya 1941)British Battledress
British BattlegroupBritish Bull Dog revolverBritish C-class submarine
British Cadet Units affiliated with the Territorial ForceBritish CampBritish Caspian Flotilla
British Cavalry Corps order of battle 1914British Cemetery ElvasBritish Cemetery Montevideo Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen
British Cemetery Montevideo Soldiers and SailorsBritish Central Africa ProtectorateBritish Colonial Auxiliary Forces
British Columbia Legislature CenotaphBritish Commando operations during the Second World WarBritish Commandos
British Commonwealth Air Training PlanBritish Commonwealth Forces KoreaBritish Commonwealth Occupation Force
British County DivisionsBritish D-class submarineBritish Defence Staff – US
British E-class submarineBritish EU BattlegroupsBritish East Africa 1896
British East Africa 1897–99British EmpireBritish Empire Medal
British Empire UnionBritish Empire in World War IIBritish Expedition to Abyssinia
British Expedition to CeylonBritish Expeditionary ForceBritish Expeditionary Force (World War I)
British Expeditionary Force (World War II)British Expeditionary Force (disambiguation)British Expeditionary Force order of battle (1914)
British Expeditionary Force order of battle (1940)British F-class submarineBritish Families Education Service
British Far East CommandBritish First Army order of battle, 20 April 1943British First Army order of battle, 4 May 1943
British First World War cavalry generalsBritish Flying Training School ProgramBritish Forces Aden
British Forces British Indian Ocean TerritoriesBritish Forces Broadcasting ServiceBritish Forces Brunei
British Forces CyprusBritish Forces FoundationBritish Forces Germany
British Forces GibraltarBritish Forces Overseas Hong KongBritish Forces casualties in Afghanistan since 2001
British Free CorpsBritish Frontier ServiceBritish G-class submarine
British GendarmerieBritish German LegionBritish Guiana during World War II
British Gurkhas NepalBritish H-class submarineBritish Hovercraft Corporation BH.7
British Indian ArmyBritish Indian Ocean Territory PoliceBritish J-class submarine
British K-class submarineBritish L-class submarineBritish Land Units of the First World War
British LandingBritish Legion (American Revolution)British Legion (disambiguation)
British LegionsBritish Liberation ArmyBritish M-class submarine
British Military AdministrationBritish Military Administration (Borneo)British Military Administration (Malaya)
British Military FitnessBritish Military Garrison BruneiBritish Military Hospital
British Military Hospital, SingaporeBritish Military Intelligence Systems in Northern IrelandBritish Military Mission to Poland
British Military Rations during the French and Indian WarBritish North Russia SquadronBritish Official Armour Specification
British Order of battle for The Battle of Bunker HillBritish Order of battle for the Battle of MonteleoneBritish Overseas Territories
British Pacific FleetBritish Pacific SquadronBritish Porpoise-class submarine
British Purchasing CommissionBritish R-class submarineBritish Raj
British RegularsBritish S-class submarineBritish S-class submarine (1914)
British S-class submarine (1931)British Salonika ArmyBritish Security Coordination
British Services Security Organisation (Germany)British Solomon Islands Protectorate Defence ForceBritish South Africa Company Medal
British South Africa PoliceBritish SplendourBritish Splendour (ship)
British Summary CourtBritish T-class submarineBritish Tanker Company
British U-class submarineBritish United Services Club of Los AngelesBritish V-class submarine
British V-class submarine (1914)British Volunteer CorpsBritish W-class submarine
British War MedalBritish War Memorials CommitteeBritish War Relief Society
British WarmBritish Warships in the Age of SailBritish West Indies Regiment
British World War II destroyersBritish air services in the Falklands WarBritish airborne operations in North Africa
British and French declaration of war on GermanyBritish anti-invasion preparations of 1803–05British anti-invasion preparations of 1803–1805
British anti-invasion preparations of the Second World WarBritish armoured fighting vehicle production during World War IIBritish armoured fighting vehicles of World War II
British blimps operated by the USNBritish brigades of the Second World WarBritish campaign in the Baltic (1918–19)
British campaign medalsBritish cavalry during the First World WarBritish commando frogmen
British contribution to the Manhattan ProjectBritish counter-intelligence against the Indian revolutionary movement during World War IBritish deception formations in World War II
British expedition to TibetBritish fatalities during Operation TelicBritish forces in the Falklands War
British ground forces in the Falklands WarBritish hardened field defences of World War IIBritish heavy tanks of World War I
British home army in the First World WarBritish infantry brigades of the First World WarBritish intelligence agencies
British invasions of the River PlateBritish invasions of the Río de la PlataBritish logistics in the Falklands War
British logistics in the Second Boer WarBritish merchant seamen of World War IIBritish military aircraft designation systems
British military intelligence systems in Northern IrelandBritish military intervention in the Sierra Leone Civil WarBritish military narrow gauge railways
British military post offices in AfricaBritish military riflesBritish military vehicle markings of World War II
British naval forces in the Falklands WarBritish nuclear testing in the United StatesBritish nuclear tests at Maralinga
British occupation of the Faroe IslandsBritish occupation of the Jordan ValleyBritish official war artists
British propaganda during World War IBritish propaganda during World War IIBritish re-armament
British shadow factoriesBritish soldiers in the eighteenth centuryBritish space programme
British standard ordnance weights and measurementsBritish submarine flotilla in the BalticBritish support for Iraq during the Iran–Iraq war
British war crimesBritish women's literature of World War I
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