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Charge at HujCharge at IrbidCharge at Kaukab
Charge at Khan AyashCharge at KisweCharge at Krojanty
Charge at SheriaCharge of BurkelCharge of Rokitna
Charge of the Heavy Brigade at BalaclavaCharge of the Light BrigadeCharge of the Light Brigade (disambiguation)
Charge of the Savoia Cavalleria at IsbuscenskijCharge of the Savoia Cavalleria at IzbushenskyCharge of the Uhl'ans
Charger-class destroyerCharges (military)Charidemus
Charilaos FlorakisChariotChariot (China)
Chariot manned torpedoChariot tacticsCharioteer (tank)
Charioteer tank destroyerChariotry in ancient EgyptChariovalda
Charity Adams EarleyCharity BickCharkhlik Revolt
Charkhlik revoltCharlemagneCharlemagne-class battleship
Charlemagne PéralteCharlemont FortCharles, Count Alten
Charles, Duke of MayenneCharles, Grand Duke of BadenCharles, Prince of Commercy
Charles, Prince of La Roche-sur-YonCharles, Prince of SoubiseCharles, Prince of Wales
Charles-Alexandre Léon Durand LinoisCharles-André MerdaCharles-André de La Jaille
Charles-Armand de Gontaut, duc de BironCharles-Arthur GonseCharles-Auguste Levassor de La Touche-Tréville
Charles-Auguste de GoyonCharles-Daniel de MeuronCharles-Denis Bourbaki
Charles-Eugène GaliberCharles-François Bailly de MesseinCharles-François Galand
Charles-François Tarieu de La NaudièreCharles-François Thaon, Count of Saint-AndréCharles-François de Broglie, marquis de Ruffec
Charles-Frédéric ReinhardCharles-Grégoire de BeauchampsCharles-Gustave de Falkenhayn
Charles-Henri-Louis d'Arsac de TernayCharles-Henri DelacroixCharles-Joseph, 7th Prince of Ligne
Charles-Joseph ChristianiCharles-Louis d’Authville Des AmourettesCharles-Marie-Esprit Espinasse
Charles-Marie-Napoléon de Beaufort d'HautpoulCharles-Marie Denys de DamrémontCharles-Nicolas Peaucellier
Charles-Philippe RonsinCharles-René-Léonidas d'Irumberry de SalaberryCharles-Théodore Millot
Charles-Étienne-François RutyCharles-Étienne Gudin de La SablonnièreCharles "Buddy" Rogers
Charles "Chuck" TatumCharles "Nish" BruceCharles "Red" Donley
Charles 'Pop' FraserCharles (Tamil militant)Charles A.R. Dimon
Charles A. BayhaCharles A. BesseyCharles A. Blanchard (lawyer)
Charles A. BoutelleCharles A. CarletonCharles A. Clark
Charles A. CoolidgeCharles A. CurtzeCharles A. Doyen
Charles A. GabrielCharles A. GoheenCharles A. Halleck
Charles A. HillCharles A. HinesCharles A. Hunt
Charles A. HunterCharles A. KrausCharles A. Little
Charles A. LockwoodCharles A. MarvinCharles A. May
Charles A. MorrisCharles A. Ott, Jr.Charles A. Ray
Charles A. ReadCharles A. StaffordCharles A. Taggart
Charles A. WhittierCharles A. WikoffCharles A. Willoughby
Charles A. ZollingerCharles Abbot, 2nd Baron ColchesterCharles Adair (Royal Marines officer)
Charles AdamCharles Adam HeckmanCharles Adam Marie Wroblewski
Charles AdamsCharles Adams (Colorado)Charles Adams Blakely
Charles AdeaneCharles Aimé de RoyrandCharles Aitchison Smith
Charles Alan PownallCharles Albert PlumleyCharles Albert de Longueval, 3rd Count of Bucquoy
Charles Albert de Longueval, Count of BucquoyCharles Albright (congressman)Charles Alexander, Duke of Württemberg
Charles Alexander, Margrave of Brandenburg-AnsbachCharles Alexander AndersonCharles Alexander Ramsay
Charles Algernon LewisCharles Allen (RAF officer)Charles Allen Thomas
Charles Allix Lavington YateCharles Almon DeweyCharles Alphonse Pantaléon Pelletier
Charles AltenCharles Alvin BeckwithCharles Ammon, 1st Baron Ammon
Charles Anderson (VC)Charles Anderson (governor)Charles Anderson Dana
Charles Andrew MacGillivaryCharles AnginaCharles Anthony (politician)
Charles Anthony BrigadeCharles Antoine ManhèsCharles Antoine Morand
Charles Antoine XaintraillesCharles Arkoll BoultonCharles Armand Powlett
Charles Armand Tuffin, marquis de la RouerieCharles Armijo WoodruffCharles Armstrong (physician)
Charles ArnisonCharles Arnold-BakerCharles Arthur Bissonette
Charles Arthur BowsherCharles Arthur ManderCharles Arthur Tabberer
Charles Arthur Tristan Languedoc de NoaillesCharles Ash WindhamCharles Ashe à Court-Repington
Charles AshworthCharles AskinsCharles Asten
Charles August, Crown Prince of SwedenCharles August, Prince of Nassau-WeilburgCharles Auguste Creutzer
Charles Auguste FrossardCharles Augustus, Hereditary Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach (1912–1988)Charles Augustus FitzRoy
Charles Augustus GoodfellowCharles Augustus HiltonCharles Augustus Lafayette Lamar
Charles Augustus Murray LittlerCharles AusburneCharles Austen
Charles AwdryCharles B. BrownsonCharles B. Dawson
Charles B. DeBellevueCharles B. DoughertyCharles B. Eichelberger
Charles B. GatewoodCharles B. GreenCharles B. Hazeltine
Charles B. HoevenCharles B. HoytCharles B. Jiggetts
Charles B. LohmillerCharles B. MacDonaldCharles B. McVay, Jr.
Charles B. McVay IIICharles B. MorrisCharles B. Rangel
Charles B. Stone IIICharles B. StoughtonCharles B. Stuart
Charles B. WarrenCharles B. WinsteadCharles B. Woram
Charles B. ZimmermanCharles Baker (Medal of Honor)Charles Ball
Charles BallantyneCharles Bampfield YuleCharles Barber (brigadier)
Charles Barrington BalfourCharles Bartlett (RAF officer)Charles Basil Price
Charles Baskerville (painter)Charles BassettCharles Baudin
Charles BeamishCharles BeanCharles Beauclerk, 11th Duke of St Albans
Charles Beauclerk, 13th Duke of St AlbansCharles Beaumont PhippsCharles Beck Hornby
Charles BeightlerCharles BelsonCharles Bendire
Charles BentCharles BerlitzCharles Berrenger
Charles Bertin Gaston Chapuis de TourvilleCharles Best (army officer)Charles Bethune
Charles BickfordCharles BiegerCharles Billingslea
Charles BinetCharles BirgerCharles Bittinger
Charles Black (professor)Charles BlackaderCharles Blackburn
Charles Blakey BlackmarCharles Blount, 8th Baron MountjoyCharles Blount (soldier)
Charles BlucherCharles BoarmanCharles Bolden
Charles Bonaventure de Longueval, 2nd Count of BucquoyCharles Bonaventure de Longueval, Count of BucquoyCharles Bond (pilot)
Charles Bonham-CarterCharles BorzeckiCharles Bouchard
Charles BourchierCharles Bowle-EvansCharles Boye
Charles Boyle, 4th Earl of OrreryCharles Bradley (sailor)Charles Brainard Taylor Moore
Charles Brand (general)Charles Brandon, 1st Duke of SuffolkCharles Brantley
Charles BreeseCharles BrehmCharles Breijer
Charles BrentCharles BreslinCharles Brett (MP)
Charles Breyer (Medal of Honor)Charles Breyer (soldier)Charles Briggs (Royal Navy officer)
Charles Brinckerhoff RichardsCharles BrisbaneCharles Brisbane Ewart
Charles BroadCharles Broad (British Army officer)Charles Broke Vere
Charles BronsonCharles Brooks (cartoonist)Charles Brooks Smith
Charles BroughtonCharles Brown (Medal of Honor)Charles Brown (Royal Navy officer)
Charles Brown (actor)Charles Brown (soldier)Charles Browne (politician)
Charles Brudenell-Bruce, 1st Marquess of AilesburyCharles Brun (France)Charles Brunier
Charles Bryant DrakeCharles Buckles FallsCharles Buckner
Charles Bulkeley Bulkeley-JohnsonCharles BullenCharles Burke (British Army officer)
Charles Burleigh PurvisCharles BurlingameCharles Burnett (British Army officer)
Charles Burnett (RAF officer)Charles Burnett WilsonCharles Burton Robbins
Charles Bury, 2nd Earl of CharlevilleCharles Butler, 1st Earl of ArranCharles C. Baldwin
Charles C. BanksCharles C. ByrneCharles C. Campbell (general)
Charles C. CarpenterCharles C. Carpenter (admiral)Charles C. Carson Center for Mortuary Affairs
Charles C. DavisCharles C. DodgeCharles C. Drake
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