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Charles C. EllsworthCharles C. FinucaneCharles C. Gniot
Charles C. HagemeisterCharles C. KirkpatrickCharles C. Krulak
Charles C. McDonaldCharles C. NobleCharles C. Pattillo
Charles C. PixleyCharles C. TewCharles C. Walcutt
Charles CabanissCharles Cadogan, 2nd Baron CadoganCharles Calhoun
Charles Calveley FossCharles Calvert, 5th Baron BaltimoreCharles Calvin Rogers
Charles Cameron (army officer)Charles Cameron ShuteCharles Campbell, 9th Earl of Breadalbane and Holland
Charles CandyCharles Cardwell McCabeCharles Carney (Jacobite)
Charles Carpenter (lieutenant colonel)Charles CarriganCharles Carrington (British Army officer)
Charles Carroll (British Army officer)Charles Carroll SimmsCharles Carroll Wood
Charles Carter DruryCharles Cary RumseyCharles Cathcart, 2nd Earl Cathcart
Charles Cathcart, 8th Lord CathcartCharles Cathcart, 9th Lord CathcartCharles Causley
Charles Cavendish, 3rd Baron CheshamCharles Cavendish (general)Charles Cawetzka
Charles Chaillé-LongCharles Champion GilbertCharles Champlain Townsend
Charles ChamplinCharles ChanoineCharles Chanson
Charles Chaplin, Jr.Charles Chapman (British Army officer)Charles Chapman (RFC officer)
Charles Chapman (aviator)Charles ChaumetCharles Chibitty
Charles Christopher FowkesCharles Church RobertsCharles Churchill (British Army general)
Charles Churchill (British Army lieutenant-general)Charles Churchill (British Army officer, born 1656)Charles Churchill (British Army officer, born 1679)
Charles Clapp (judge)Charles Clarendon BallouCharles Clark (governor)
Charles Clark (judge)Charles Clarke (Canadian politician)Charles Claude Jacquinot
Charles Cleaves ColeCharles Clements, 5th Earl of LeitrimCharles Clerget
Charles ClerkeCharles Clifford OgleCharles Clinton
Charles Clinton FleekCharles CloseCharles Cochran Kirkpatrick
Charles CokeCharles Coleman (British Army officer)Charles Coleman (politician)
Charles ColletCharles ColsonCharles Colville
Charles Colville, 2nd Viscount Colville of CulrossCharles Conrad AbbottCharles Conway Hartigan
Charles Cooper Penrose-FitzgeraldCharles Coote, 1st Earl of MountrathCharles Coquerel
Charles CorkranCharles CornewallCharles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis
Charles Cornwallis, 3rd Baron CornwallisCharles Cornwallis ChesneyCharles Coster
Charles Cotesworth PinckneyCharles Cousin-Montauban, Comte de PalikaoCharles Coward
Charles CowleyCharles Craig CannonCharles Crandall
Charles CraufurdCharles Craufurd FraserCharles Craufurd Hay
Charles CravenCharles Creagh-OsborneCharles Critchfield
Charles CrombieCharles Cruft (general)Charles Csuri
Charles CudemoreCharles CullenCharles Cunat
Charles CundallCharles CunninghamCharles Cuprill Oppenheimer
Charles CurmeCharles César de Fay de La Tour-MaubourgCharles D. Ablard
Charles D. AndersonCharles D. B. GreenCharles D. Barger
Charles D. BarrettCharles D. CoppCharles D. Drake
Charles D. EnnisCharles D. FranklinCharles D. Gemar
Charles D. GriffinCharles D. HerronCharles D. Metcalf
Charles D. MichelCharles D. NeffCharles D. Palmer
Charles D. W. CanhamCharles D. WursterCharles Daily
Charles DallasCharles DallisonCharles Daly firearms
Charles Daniel (Royal Navy officer)Charles DaniellCharles Darwin (RAF officer)
Charles Darwin (aviator)Charles Dashwood (Royal Navy officer)Charles Davidson (RAF officer)
Charles Davidson DunbarCharles DaviesCharles Davies (professor)
Charles Davis (Vermont judge)Charles Davis JamesonCharles Davis Lucas
Charles Dawson BookerCharles Day (Medal of Honor)Charles DeBarber
Charles DeLano HineCharles DeRudioCharles DeWitt Anderson
Charles DeakinCharles DeedesCharles Delacourt-Smith, Baron Delacourt-Smith
Charles DelestraintCharles Denis BourbakiCharles Denman, 5th Baron Denman
Charles Dennis FisherCharles Deschamps de Boishébert et de RaffetotCharles Devens
Charles Dick Medal of MeritCharles Dickson (soldier)Charles Diggs
Charles DjouCharles DomeryCharles Donnelly (poet)
Charles DoolittleCharles DotyCharles Doughty-Wylie
Charles Douglas CarpendaleCharles Douglas CochranCharles Douglas Jackson
Charles Drake (actor)Charles DruryCharles Dryden (Tuskegee Airman)
Charles DuVal RobertsCharles Du CaneCharles Dudley Daly
Charles Dudley RhodesCharles DuguaCharles Duke
Charles Duncan, Jr.Charles Duncan (British Army soldier)Charles Duncan (GC)
Charles Duncan GriffithCharles Duncombe, 2nd Earl of FevershamCharles Duncombe, 3rd Earl of Feversham
Charles Duncombe (Upper Canada Rebellion)Charles DunhamCharles Durning
Charles Dwight SigsbeeCharles E. AndersonCharles E. Beatley
Charles E. BelknapCharles E. Brady, Jr.Charles E. Brannon
Charles E. Brown, Jr.Charles E. Brown (photographer)Charles E. Butler
Charles E. CapehartCharles E. ColahanCharles E. Collett
Charles E. DunbarCharles E. DyerCharles E. Erdmann
Charles E. GrantCharles E. HartCharles E. Hazlett
Charles E. KellyCharles E. KilbourneCharles E. Larkin
Charles E. LippincottCharles E. MarstersCharles E. McKenzie
Charles E. MorseCharles E. MowerCharles E. O. Carter
Charles E. PhelpsCharles E. PotterCharles E. Richardson
Charles E. Roemer IICharles E. RosendahlCharles E. Saltzman
Charles E. SawyerCharles E. ShulmanCharles E. Spahr
Charles E. StantonCharles E. Stewart, Jr.Charles E. Stuart
Charles E. TolmanCharles E. Tucker, Jr.Charles E. Tuttle
Charles E. VreelandCharles E. WhittinghamCharles E. Wilhelm
Charles E. WinegarCharles E. WoodworthCharles E. Young
Charles Eaton (RAAF officer)Charles Eaton (actor)Charles Eberhard Salomon
Charles EdeCharles Eden (Royal Navy officer)Charles Edensor Heathcote
Charles Edgar ClarkCharles EdisonCharles Edmond Knox
Charles EdmondsCharles Edmund NugentCharles Edward, Duke of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
Charles Edward-CollinsCharles Edward BeckettCharles Edward Bennett
Charles Edward CallwellCharles Edward ChambersCharles Edward Hawkins
Charles Edward HoveyCharles Edward HudsonCharles Edward Jennings de Kilmaine
Charles Edward JonesCharles Edward Maurice LloydCharles Edward Merriam
Charles Edward NairneCharles Edward SpackmanCharles Edward Wilson
Charles Edward Wilson (rugby player and soldier)Charles Edward Wilson (rugby union)Charles Edwin Fripp
Charles Edwin RuttanCharles Edwin StoneCharles Egerton (Indian Army officer)
Charles EgglestonCharles Egon III, Prince of FürstenbergCharles Ekins
Charles Elers NapierCharles Ellet, Jr.Charles Ellice
Charles ElliotCharles Elliot (Royal Navy officer)Charles Elphinstone Fleeming
Charles Elwood BrownCharles Elworthy, Baron ElworthyCharles Emery Cate
Charles Emery Tooke, Jr.Charles Emil LewenhauptCharles Emilius Gold
Charles Emmanuel, Duke of NemoursCharles Emmanuel I, Duke of SavoyCharles Eric Dawson
Charles Eric RhodesCharles Ernest GarforthCharles Ernest Heath
Charles Ernest Hosking, Jr.Charles Ernest Randolph MackesyCharles Erskine Scott Wood
Charles Erwin Wilson
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