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Charles Henry Spencer-ChurchillCharles Henry TompkinsCharles Henry Wilcken
Charles Henry of Nassau-SiegenCharles Herbert (Royal Navy officer)Charles Herbert Allen
Charles Herbert GarvinCharles Herbert JoyceCharles Herbert Little
Charles Herbert MullinsCharles Hercules GreenCharles Hernu
Charles HerrickCharles HertzbergCharles Hesse
Charles HeywoodCharles Heywood (1803–1853)Charles Hial Darling
Charles HickeyCharles Higbee BridgesCharles Higby
Charles Hill-WoodCharles HillyarCharles Hindelang
Charles HobbyCharles HobhouseCharles Hodson, Baron Hodson
Charles HoldenCharles Holland (cyclist)Charles Holloway (engineer)
Charles Holmes (Royal Navy officer)Charles Hooper (priest)Charles Hope (British Army officer)
Charles HoveyCharles Hovey (naval officer)Charles Howard, 1st Earl of Carlisle
Charles Howard, 1st Earl of NottinghamCharles Howard, 20th Earl of SuffolkCharles Howard-Bury
Charles Howard (British Army officer)Charles Howard (photographer)Charles Hubert Boulby Blount
Charles HuckerCharles Hudson (VC)Charles Hughes-Hallett
Charles Hughes (Royal Navy officer)Charles HullCharles Hull (British Army officer)
Charles HulleyCharles HuntzigerCharles Huxtable
Charles Huxtable (British Army officer)Charles Hyde VilliersCharles I's journey from Oxford to the Scottish army camp near Newark
Charles I, Duke of BrittanyCharles I, Duke of Brunswick-WolfenbüttelCharles I, Duke of Savoy
Charles I, Landgrave of Hesse-PhilippsthalCharles I, Lord of MonacoCharles I. Carpenter
Charles I. DeBevoiseCharles I. FaddisCharles I. Halt
Charles I. MurrayCharles II, Count of AlençonCharles II, Duke of Guelders
Charles II, Duke of LorraineCharles II, Duke of SavoyCharles III, Duke of Bourbon
Charles III, Duke of LorraineCharles III, Duke of SavoyCharles III Philip, Elector Palatine
Charles III William, Margrave of Baden-DurlachCharles III of NaplesCharles III of Spain
Charles II d'AmboiseCharles II de Cossé, Duke of BrissacCharles II of England
Charles II of NaplesCharles IV, Duke of AnjouCharles IX of France
Charles I of AlbretCharles I of AnjouCharles I of Austria
Charles I of EnglandCharles I of HungaryCharles I of Naples
Charles InglesCharles Inglis (Royal Navy admiral)Charles Inglis (Royal Navy captain)
Charles Inglis (Royal Navy officer, died 1791)Charles Inglis (c. 1731–1791)Charles Inglis (d. 1833)
Charles Inglis (engineer)Charles Ingram (British Army officer)Charles Inman
Charles Innes-Ker, Marquess of Bowmont and CessfordCharles IrwinCharles J. Adams (U.S. Air Force general)
Charles J. Adams (Vermont politician)Charles J. BerryCharles J. Bibber
Charles J. Biddle (aviator)Charles J. BouchardCharles J. Colgan
Charles J. ConradCharles J. CunninghamCharles J. Dunlap, Jr.
Charles J. FaulknerCharles J. GirardCharles J. Leidig
Charles J. Loring, Jr.Charles J. McDonnellCharles J. Precourt
Charles J. SantarsieroCharles J. SimonsCharles J. Stolbrand
Charles J. TimmesCharles J. TrainCharles J. V. Macé
Charles J. WattersCharles Jackson PaineCharles Jacques Villeré
Charles JacquinotCharles James Barclay (U.S. Navy officer)Charles James Briggs
Charles James CareyCharles James FaulknerCharles James Fox
Charles James FreebornCharles James MunnerlynCharles James Napier
Charles James NorcockCharles James William GrantCharles Jarvis (VC)
Charles Jauncey, Baron Jauncey of TullichettleCharles Jean-Baptiste FleuriauCharles Jean d'Hector
Charles JefferyesCharles JeffsCharles Jocelyn Hambro
Charles John BarnettCharles John BiddleCharles John Duffy
Charles John ForbesCharles John MellissCharles John Moore Mansfield
Charles John Stanley GoughCharles Johnson (Royal Navy officer)Charles Johnston Badger
Charles Jones, 5th Viscount RanelaghCharles Joseph, comte de FlahautCharles Joseph Bonaparte
Charles Joseph KnightCharles Joseph McNameeCharles Joseph Vogel
Charles Joseph WeldCharles Josephus NourseCharles Judd (politician)
Charles Juste de Beauvau, Prince of CraonCharles Justin BaileyCharles K. Bockelman
Charles K. DuncanCharles K. GrahamCharles Kaufman (educator)
Charles Kaufman (judge)Charles KavanaghCharles Kay-Shuttleworth, 5th Baron Shuttleworth
Charles KeatingCharles Keating IVCharles Keightley
Charles KellawayCharles KemmeCharles Kennedy, 5th Marquess of Ailsa
Charles Kennedy-PurvisCharles Kenneth ClaunchCharles Kettles
Charles King (general)Charles Kingsford SmithCharles Kingsmill
Charles KleinCharles KleinsmithCharles Kochersperger
Charles KuentzCharles Kuentz (soldier)Charles L. Adair
Charles L. ArmstrongCharles L. BarrellCharles L. Bolte
Charles L. BrieantCharles L. BurgreenCharles L. Calhoun
Charles L. CarpenterCharles L. Carr, Jr.Charles L. Donnelly, Jr.
Charles L. DufourCharles L. GillilandCharles L. Harris (general)
Charles L. KellyCharles L. MatthiesCharles L. McCawley
Charles L. McGahaCharles L. MelsonCharles L. Munns
Charles L. PyronCharles L. RussellCharles L. Scott
Charles L. SouthwardCharles L. ThomasCharles L. Thomas (Medal of Honor, 1865)
Charles L. Tutt, Jr.Charles L. VeachCharles L. Young, Sr.
Charles La TourasseCharles LacheroyCharles Laking
Charles LallemandCharles Lamb (Royal Navy officer)Charles Lambart, 1st Earl of Cavan
Charles LambeCharles Lane FitzhughCharles Langbridge Morgan (engineer)
Charles LangfordCharles LanrezacCharles Larimore Jones
Charles LaughtonCharles Laverock LambeCharles Lavers
Charles Lawrence, 2nd Baron TrevethinCharles Lawrence (British Army officer)Charles Lawrie
Charles Le GendreCharles LealeCharles Learmonth
Charles LeclercCharles Leclerc (general)Charles Lee (general)
Charles LeesCharles Lees (colonial administrator)Charles Lefebvre-Desnouettes
Charles Leigh (British Army officer)Charles Lemercier de Longpré, baron d'HaussezCharles Lennox, 2nd Duke of Richmond
Charles Lennox, 3rd Duke of RichmondCharles Lennox, 4th Duke of RichmondCharles Lenox Remond
Charles LeonardCharles Leonard IrbyCharles Lescat
Charles Leslie RichardsonCharles Levinge GregoryCharles Lewin
Charles LindberghCharles LinnCharles Liteky
Charles LittleCharles Little (Royal Navy officer)Charles Lloyd (Australian general)
Charles Lloyd (South Africa)Charles LoewenCharles Loftus Bates
Charles LolomaCharles Long (ABSRA)Charles Longcroft
Charles Louis Auguste Fouquet, duc de Belle-IsleCharles Louis Dieudonné GrandjeanCharles Louis Kades
Charles Louis McKeehanCharles Louis de MarbeufCharles Loyd
Charles LuardCharles LucasCharles Ludlow
Charles Luers NordsiekCharles LumleyCharles Lupton
Charles LydiardCharles Lyell, 2nd Baron LyellCharles Lynch (judge)
Charles Lynch (jurist)Charles LyonCharles Lyttelton, 10th Viscount Cobham
Charles M. BettsCharles M. ClementCharles M. Cooke
Charles M. Cooke, Jr.Charles M. DaleCharles M. Gettys
Charles M. GurganusCharles M. HuntingtonCharles M. Lefferts
Charles M. MaudCharles M. Price Support CenterCharles M. Rockefeller
Charles M. SchulzCharles M. ShelleyCharles M. Thatcher
Charles M. WebbCharles M. Weber IIICharles M. Wesson
Charles M. Williams (American academic)Charles M. Williams (academic)Charles MacCarthy (governor)
Charles MacCarthy MoreCharles MacCarty, Viscount MuskerryCharles MacGregor
Charles MacbethCharles MackesyCharles Mackie Begg
Charles Maclay (anatomist)Charles Maclean, Baron MacleanCharles Macpherson Dobell
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