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Clifford CoffinClifford DupontClifford E. Dorr
Clifford Evans (actor)Clifford F. BrownClifford F. Young
Clifford GeertzClifford GroddClifford J. MacGregor
Clifford J. RogersClifford KinvigClifford L. Stanley
Clifford Lindsey AldermanClifford McEwenClifford Peel
Clifford Percy EvansClifford R. HopeClifford Road Air Raid Shelter
Clifford S. PerlmanClifford SadlierClifford Sanderson
Clifford SchoefflerClifford Scott GreenClifford Thomason Beckett
Clifford WilcockClifford WoodwardClift Andrus
Clifton B. CatesClifton CantonmentClifton Cushman
Clifton DownClifton Hall, CumbriaClifton Hoeben
Clifton HouseClifton JamesClifton McNeely
Clifton Moor SkirmishClifton R. BreckinridgeClifton Rhodes Bratcher
Clifton SpragueClifton T. SpeicherClifton Williams
Climatic Research LaboratoryClinical Information Technology Program OfficeClint Calvin Hearn
Clint EastwoodClint FormbyClint Frank
Clint HolmesClint LoranceClint Murchison, Jr.
Clint WalkerClint WattsClinton-Sherman Air Force Base
Clinton A. CilleyClinton A. PierceClinton A. Puckett
Clinton B. FiskClinton County Air Force BaseClinton D. "Casey" Vincent
Clinton D. MacDougallClinton E. AdamsClinton Engineer Works
Clinton F. LarsonClinton Ford (painter)Clinton Francis Samuel Danby
Clinton GreavesClinton JencksClinton L. Armstrong
Clinton L. RiggsClinton Leonard JonesClinton M. Hedrick
Clinton MangesClinton McKamy WinklerClinton Romesha
Clinton S. BreeseClinton W. DaviesClip (ammunition)
Clip (firearms)ClipeusClitheroe Castle
Clive BairstoClive BarracksClive Branson
Clive Brewster-JoskeClive BurnClive Caldwell
Clive CrowleyClive CusslerClive Dunn
Clive DytorClive Franklyn CollettClive Gallop
Clive GarthwaiteClive Gerard LiddellClive Glynn
Clive HulmeClive JohnstoneClive L. DuVal II
Clive LoaderClive M. LawClive Martland
Clive MeredithClive Morrison-BellClive Selwyn Davis
Clive SingleClive SteeleClive Uhr
Clive Williams (professor)Clive Wilson WarmanCliveden set
Clodius AlbinusCloeliaClonard Keating
Clonbanin AmbushClonbanin ambushClonbeith Castle
Cloncaird CastleClonfin AmbushClonmult Ambush
Clonmult ambushClonoe ambushClontarf Castle
Clontibret invasionClorinde-class submarineClose-in weapon system
Close Air SupportClose Combat BadgeClose Combat Clasp
Close Quarters Battle ReceiverClose air supportClose combat
Close combat (disambiguation)Close helmetClose operations
Close order formationClose quarters combatClosed bolt
Closed cityClosure Commemoration MedalCloud County Veterans Memorial
Cloudesley ShovellClough CastleClovelly-class fleet tenders
Clovelly DykesClover Hill TavernClovis-Thomas Richard
Clovis E. ByersClovis IClovis Kalyebara
Clow RebellionClown-class gunboatClu Gulager
Club (weapon)Club Naval de FerrolClub Run
Clubbing axeCluilian trenchClun Castle
Cluny CastleClurit-class fast attack craftClusium
Cluster Munition CoalitionCluster Munitions (Prohibition) Bill 2006Cluster bombing of Niš
Cluster munitionClutha MackenzieCly castle
Clyde A. CurtinClyde A. ThomasonClyde A. Vaughn
Clyde BrigadeClyde Brion DavisClyde Cowan
Clyde D. EddlemanClyde Edward PangbornClyde Ehrhardt
Clyde Everett LassenClyde FentonClyde Follansbee
Clyde J. Tate IIClyde King (rower)Clyde L. Choate
Clyde LeForceClyde Lee ConradClyde Pangborn
Clyde RobbinsClyde Royal Garrison ArtilleryClyde T. Lusk
Clydebank BlitzClymer WrightClyne Castle
Clyst HeathClyst St MaryClément-Bayard No.1
Clément-Bayard No.2Clément-Charles Sabrevois de BleuryClément Gosselin
Clémentine (satellite)CnivaCnut the Great
Cnut the Great's Invasion of EnglandCnut the Great's invasion of EnglandCo-Rux-Te-Chod-Ish
Co-belligerenceCoComCoach gun
Coagh ambushCoal Creek WarCoal torpedo
Coalhouse FortCoalition Against Militarism in Our SchoolsCoalition Forces Land Component Command
Coalition Military Assistance Training TeamCoalition Provisional AuthorityCoalition Wars
Coalition casualties in AfghanistanCoalition chronicleCoalition combat operations in Afghanistan in 2006
Coalition combat operations in Afghanistan in 2007Coalition combat operations in Afghanistan in 2008Coalition combat operations in Afghanistan in 2009
Coalition forces of the Napoleonic WarsCoalition of the Gulf WarCoalition of the willing
CoamingCoast Artillery fire control systemCoast Farmer (ship)
Coast Guard (Albania)Coast Guard (Haiti)Coast Guard (Russia)
Coast Guard (Sweden)Coast Guard ActCoast Guard Administration (Taiwan)
Coast Guard Air Station AstoriaCoast Guard Air Station Atlantic CityCoast Guard Air Station Barbers Point
Coast Guard Air Station BorinquenCoast Guard Air Station Cape CodCoast Guard Air Station Clearwater
Coast Guard Air Station Corpus ChristiCoast Guard Air Station DetroitCoast Guard Air Station Dinner Key
Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth CityCoast Guard Air Station HoustonCoast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay
Coast Guard Air Station KodiakCoast Guard Air Station Los AngelesCoast Guard Air Station Miami
Coast Guard Air Station New OrleansCoast Guard Air Station North BendCoast Guard Air Station Port Angeles
Coast Guard Air Station SacramentoCoast Guard Air Station SalemCoast Guard Air Station San Diego
Coast Guard Air Station San FranciscoCoast Guard Air Station SavannahCoast Guard Air Station Sitka
Coast Guard Air Station Traverse CityCoast Guard Arctic Service MedalCoast Guard Auxiliary District National Capital Region - Central Luzon
Coast Guard Auxiliary District Northern MindanaoCoast Guard Auxiliary Outstanding Achievement MedalCoast Guard Aviation Association
Coast Guard Aviation Station Ten Pound IslandCoast Guard Aviation Training CenterCoast Guard Base Boston
Coast Guard Base Cape CodCoast Guard Base KetchikanCoast Guard Base Kodiak
Coast Guard Bicentennial Unit CommendationCoast Guard CityCoast Guard Command
Coast Guard Command (Turkey)Coast Guard Court of Criminal AppealsCoast Guard Cross
Coast Guard DayCoast Guard District 13Coast Guard District 9
Coast Guard E RibbonCoast Guard Flight Officer BadgeCoast Guard Honor Guard Badge
Coast Guard Integrated Support CommandCoast Guard IntelligenceCoast Guard Investigative Service
Coast Guard IslandCoast Guard MedalCoast Guard Mutual Assistance
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