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Commander in Chief Naval FleetCommander in Chief Pacific Fleet Headquarters (World War II)Commander of Army Strategic Command (Indonesia)
Commander of Kosovo Security ForceCommander of Royal Air Force (Saudi Arabia)Commander of Ships of the Line
Commander of the Air Force (Egypt)Commander of the Air Force (Sri Lanka)Commander of the Armed Forces of Malta
Commander of the Army (Kyrgyzstan)Commander of the Army (Sri Lanka)Commander of the Brazilian Air Force
Commander of the Canadian ArmyCommander of the Estonian Defence ForcesCommander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces
Commander of the Lebanese Armed ForcesCommander of the Naval Force (Albania)Commander of the Navy (Sri Lanka)
Commander of the People's Liberation Army Air ForceCommander of the People's Liberation Army NavyCommander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces
Commander of the Royal Canadian Air ForceCommander of the Royal Canadian NavyCommander of the Royal Netherlands Air Force
Commander of the Royal Netherlands ArmyCommander of the Royal Netherlands NavyCommanderies of the Order of Saint John
Commanders-in-chief of the North American Aerospace Defense CommandCommanders of World War IICommanders of the Lebanese Armed Forces
Commanders who never lost a battleCommandeurCommanding General's Quarters, Quantico Marine Base
Commanding General, United States Army EuropeCommanding General, United States Army Forces CommandCommanding General, United States Army Training and Doctrine Command
Commanding General of the Philippine Air ForceCommanding General of the Philippine ArmyCommanding General of the United States Army
Commanding groundCommanding officerCommando
Commando (aircraft)Commando (pigeon)Commando 21
Commando Battalion for Resolute ActionCommando Blindé du CambodgeCommando Helicopter Force
Commando JeepCommando Logistic RegimentCommando Memorial
Commando OrderCommando Parachute GroupCommando Raiders
Commando RegimentCommando Selection Training CourseCommando Squadron (Bahamas)
Commando System (South Africa)Commando Training Centre Royal MarinesCommando mortar
Commandos (Afghanistan)Commandos (Portugal)Commandos (United Kingdom)
Commandos MarineCommandos de ChasseCommemoration Day (Harvard University)
Commemoration Day of Fallen SoldiersCommemoration of the American Civil WarCommemoration of the American Civil War on postage stamps
Commemorative Air ForceCommemorative Cross of the 1916–1918 WarCommemorative Decoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Creation of the Railroads
Commemorative Medal for Advancing Latvia's Membership to NATOCommemorative Medal for Armed Humanitarian OperationsCommemorative Medal for Foreign Operations or Missions
Commemorative Medal for Missions or Operations regarding the operational defense of the territoryCommemorative Medal for the Centennial of SaskatchewanCommemorative Medal for the Italo-Austrian War 1915–1918
Commemorative Medal of the 1914–1917 African CampaignsCommemorative Medal of the 1914–1918 WarCommemorative Medal of the 1940–1945 War
Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941Commemorative Medal of the Reign of King Albert ICommemorative Medal of the Reign of King Leopold II
Commemorative Medal of the War 1940–1945Commemorative Medals for Army MarchesCommemorative medal for United Nations operations in Korea
Commemorative medal for voluntary service in Free FranceCommemorative medal of the 1859 Italian CampaignCommemorative medal of the 1860 China Expedition
Commemorative medal of the 1870–1871 WarCommemorative medal of the Mexico ExpeditionCommemorative plaque
Commencement Bay-class escort carrierCommendation MedalCommendation Medal (disambiguation)
Commendation for Brave ConductCommendation for Distinguished ServiceCommendation for Gallantry
Commentarii de Bello CiviliCommentarii de Bello GallicoCommerce de Paris-class ship of the line
Commerce raidingCommercial HunterCommercial Iron Works
Commercial Joint Mapping ToolkitCommercial Utility Cargo VehicleCommercial and Government Entity code
Commercial refileCommissarCommissar Order
CommissariatCommissaryCommissary (store)
Commissary notesCommission (document)Commission Internationale Permanente pour l'Epreuve des Armes à Feu Portatives
Commission for Organising the Fortified RegionsCommission for Polish ReliefCommission for Relief in Belgium
Commission for Science, Technology and Industry for National DefenseCommission of arrayCommission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan
Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of CiviliansCommission to Assess the Ballistic Missile Threat to the United StatesCommissionaires Long Service Medal
Commissione Italiana d'Armistizio con la FranciaCommissioner GovernmentCommittee for National Morale
Committee for State SecurityCommittee for a Nuclear Free IslandCommittee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia
Committee for the Marking and Maintenance of Graves from World War II and the Post-warCommittee for the Scientific Study of Air DefenceCommittee for the Scientific Survey of Air Defence
Committee of Imperial DefenceCommittee of Independent GeorgiaCommittee of Members of the Constituent Assembly
Committee of Secretaries-GeneralCommittee on Alleged German OutragesCommittee on Naval Affairs
Committee on Public InformationCommittee to Defend America by Aiding the AlliesCommius
CommodoreCommodore-in-Charge, AlgiersCommodore-in-Chief
Commodore (Canada)Commodore (D)Commodore (Finland)
Commodore (Royal Navy)Commodore (S)Commodore (T)
Commodore (United States)Commodore (rank)Commodore Admiral
Commodore John Barry (Boyle)Commodore Levy ChapelCommodore P. Vedder
Commodore admiralCommon Affordable Lightweight FighterCommon Army
Common Data LinkCommon Infrared Countermeasures programCommon Missile
Common Remotely Operated Weapon StationCommon Remotely Operated Weapons System (CROWS)Common Security and Defence Policy
Common Security and Defence Policy Service MedalCommon Support AircraftCommon operational picture
Commonwealth (disambiguation)Commonwealth Aircraft CorporationCommonwealth Armory
Commonwealth BrigadeCommonwealth CorpsCommonwealth Flats
Commonwealth Marine Salvage BoardCommonwealth Parliament Offices, SydneyCommonwealth Shooting Championships
Commonwealth War Graves CommissionCommonwealth of EnglandCommonwealth of the Philippines
Communal Depot of the Foreign RegimentsCommunal conflicts in NigeriaCommunards
Communards' WallCommunication Moon RelayCommunication and Information Services Corps
Communication during the September 11 attacksCommunication with submarinesCommunications & Information Services Corps
Communications OfficerCommunications School (United States Marine Corps)Communications Security Establishment
Communications ZoneCommunications and Electronics BranchCommunications and Information Systems Battalion (Lithuania)
Communications blackoutCommunications protectionCommunications security
Communications systemCommunist Combatant CellsCommunist Committee of Cabinda
Communist Insurgency WarCommunist Party of Ecuador–Red SunCommunist Party of India (Maoist)
Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) (Mahadev Mukherjee)Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) JanashaktiCommunist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) Naxalbari
Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist) New DemocracyCommunist Party of Malaya/Revolutionary FactionCommunist Party of United States of India
Communist Party of the PhilippinesCommunist insurgency in Malaysia (1968–89)Communist insurgency in Myanmar
Communist insurgency in SarawakCommunist insurgency in ThailandCommunist insurgency in the Philippines
Communist purges in Serbia in 1944–45Communist rebellion in the PhilippinesCommunist terrorism
Communist uprising of 1935Community Cadet ForcesCommunity College of the Air Force
Comoros Air ForceComox Air Force MuseumCompact Kinetic Energy Missile
Compagnia della StellaCompagnie Ordinaire de la MerCompagnie d'ordonnance
Compagnie des Carabiniers du PrinceCompagnie du KasaiCompagnie du Katanga
Compagnies Franches de la MarineCompagnies Républicaines de SécuritéCompanhia de Defesa Química, Biológica e Nuclear
Companies by arms salesCompanion cavalryCompanions of William the Conqueror
Company (military unit)Company A, 6th Florida Infantry RegimentCompany A, Arizona Rangers
Company A-1Company A 1-181 InfantryCompany B, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery
Company B, 6th Florida Infantry RegimentCompany B 1-181 InfantryCompany C 1-181 Infantry
Company D, 2-124 InfantryCompany D 1-181 InfantryCompany E, 52nd Infantry (LRP) (United States)
Company E of the 167th Infantry of the Alabama National Guard ArmoryCompany F, 425th InfantryCompany F State Armory
Company G, 1st United States SharpshootersCompany Grade Officers' CouncilCompany H, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery
Company H, 6th Florida Infantry RegimentCompany K, 7th Florida Infantry RegimentCompany Level Intelligence Cell
Company Quartermaster SergeantCompany SergeantCompany commander
Company of DeathCompany of MastersCompany of Military Historians
Company of Pikemen and MusketeersCompany of Select MarksmenCompany quartermaster sergeant
Company rule in Rhodesia
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