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First Deep Bottom Union order of battleFirst Division (Spain)First Division 7 December
First Division MonumentFirst Dzungar–Qing WarFirst Earth Battalion
First Empire: The International Magazine for the Napoleonic Enthusiast, Historian, and GamerFirst Empire of HaitiFirst Encirclement Campaign
First Encirclement Campaign against Hubei-Henan-Anhui SovietFirst Encirclement Campaign against Hubei–Henan–Shaanxi SovietFirst Encirclement Campaign against Jiangxi Soviet
First Encirclement Campaign against the Honghu SovietFirst Encirclement Campaign against the Hubei-Henan-Anhui SovietFirst Encirclement Campaign against the Shaanxi-Gansu Soviet
First Engagement of neutral United States in World War II before the attack on Pearl HarborFirst English Civil WarFirst Field Army
First Field Army (China)First Fiji ExpeditionFirst Fitna
First FleetFirst Fleet (United Kingdom)First Franco-Dahomean War
First French EmpireFirst General Army (Japan)First Geneva Convention
First German phosgene attackFirst German phosgene attack on British troopsFirst Gulf of Sidra offensive
First Happy TimeFirst Indian National ArmyFirst Indochina War
First IntifadaFirst Into NagasakiFirst Invasion of Onitsha
First Iraqi–Kurdish WarFirst Italian War of IndependenceFirst Italo-Ethiopian War
First Italo-Senussi WarFirst Ivorian Civil WarFirst Jassy–Kishinev Offensive
First Javanese War of SuccessionFirst Jewish–Roman WarFirst League of Armed Neutrality
First Liberian Civil WarFirst Light Division, Maryland VolunteersFirst Macedonian War
First Madagascar expeditionFirst Magdalena MassacreFirst Manchu invasion of Korea
First Margrave WarFirst Maroon WarFirst Massacre of Machecoul
First Master Chief Petty OfficerFirst Matabele WarFirst Melillan campaign
First Messenian WarFirst Military DistrictFirst Mithridatic War
First Mohmand CampaignFirst Mongol invasion of BurmaFirst Mongol invasion of Hungary
First Mongol invasion of PolandFirst Moroccan CrisisFirst Motion Picture Unit
First Navy JackFirst Nebraska MilitiaFirst New Jersey Brigade
First Oirat–Manchu WarFirst Opium WarFirst Ostend Raid
First Peloponnesian WarFirst Persian invasion of GreeceFirst Perso-Turkic War
First Polish Army (1920)First Polish Army (1944–1945)First Polish Army (1944–45)
First Punic WarFirst Quarter StormFirst Raid on Banu Thalabah
First Rebellion in ShouchunFirst Regiment Armory AnnexFirst Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
First Republic of the Congo Civil WarFirst Reserve Brigade (South Africa)First Rohilla War
First Royal Moroccan Air Force BaseFirst Russian National ArmyFirst Russian circumnavigation
First Rzhev-Sychyovka Offensive OperationFirst SS-AbschnittFirst Sacred War
First Schleswig WarFirst Scutari WarFirst Sea Lord
First Serbian UprisingFirst Serbian Volunteer DivisionFirst Sergeant
First Sergeant's CallFirst Servile WarFirst Siege of Arsuf
First Siege of Badajoz (1811)First Siege of GibraltarFirst Siege of Missolonghi
First Siege of VeracruzFirst Siege of Wadi DeifFirst Siege of Zaragoza
First Silesian WarFirst Sino-Japanese WarFirst Special Service Force
First Strike RationFirst Sudanese Civil WarFirst Sumatran expedition
First Swedish CrusadeFirst Taiwan Strait CrisisFirst Taranaki War
First Tarnovo UprisingFirst Texas NavyFirst Tikal-Calakmul War
First Tikal–Calakmul WarFirst Transjordan attack on AmmanFirst Treaty of Prairie du Chien
First Troop Philadelphia City CavalryFirst United FrontFirst United States Army Group
First Upper Peru campaignFirst Utrecht Civil WarFirst Victory Loan: Return Journey
First War of KappelFirst War of Scottish IndependenceFirst War of Villmergen
First War of the Guelderian SuccessionFirst Western ArmyFirst White House of the Confederacy
First White TerrorFirst WinFirst Winchester Confederate Order of Battle
First Winchester Union Order of BattleFirst Winter CampaignFirst World War Honour Board, Lands Administration Building
First World War Honour Board, National Australia Bank (308 Queen Street)First World War centenaryFirst Yale Unit
First Zeitun ResistanceFirst Zhili–Fengtian WarFirst aerial circumnavigation
First and Second Battles of El TebFirst and Second Battles of KakarakFirst and Second Battles of Wonju
First battle of El DjorfFirst battle of SolskjelFirst battle of Öland (1564)
First callFirst campaign in the Goguryeo–Tang WarFirst chief master sergeant
First conflict in the Goryeo–Khitan WarFirst conflict of the Goguryeo–Tang WarFirst day on the Somme
First engagement of neutral United States in World War II before the attack on Pearl HarborFirst expedition to PalembangFirst fleet (disambiguation)
First inauguration of Ulysses S. GrantFirst lieutenantFirst marshal of the empire
First mass transport to Auschwitz concentration campFirst master chief petty officerFirst of October Anti-Fascist Resistance Groups
First sergeantFirst ten Revenue Service cuttersFirst video-recording from a submarine
First voyage of James CookFirst warrant officerFirst wave of European colonization
Firudin ShushinskiFirzovik DetachmentFiscal-military state
Fischer WatsonFish-class torpedo recovery vesselFish-class trawler
Fish (cryptography)Fishburne Military SchoolFisher House Foundation
Fisher House UKFisher P-75 EagleFisheries II
Fisheries II (yacht)Fisheries Monitoring CentreFishermans Airfield
Fishermen's Bend AerodromeFishery Protection SquadronFishhook (Cambodia)
Fishing Creek ConfederacyFishpondFissile Material Cut-off Treaty
Fist Crushing a U.S. Fighter Plane SculptureFitch RobertsonFitch Waterman Taylor
Fitna of al-AndalusFitness Conditioning CentresFitness Report
Fitted For WirelessFittipaldi machine gunFitzHarris Castle
FitzRoy Henry LeeFitzRoy Somerset, 1st Baron RaglanFitz Babbitt
Fitz Henry WarrenFitz James O'BrienFitz John Porter
Fitz Lee (Medal of Honor)Fitz W. GuerinFitzhugh L. Fulton
Fitzhugh LeeFitzhugh Lee IIIFitzroy Talbot
Fitzsimons Army Medical CenterFive-star rank
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