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George MarshallGeorge MartinGeorge Martin (Royal Navy officer)
George Mason LoveringGeorge Mason VGeorge Mather Richards
George Mathews (Georgia)George Matthews (soldier)George Matthews Harding
George MayfieldGeorge McAfeeGeorge McCall Courts
George McClellan (RCMP commissioner)George McClellan (police officer)George McCorkle
George McElroyGeorge McElroy (journalist)George McGill (RCAF officer)
George McGovernGeorge McIntoshGeorge McKenzie Samson
George McKinnonGeorge McLean (Canadian politician)George McMillin
George McTurnan KahinGeorge MeadeGeorge Meade Easby
George MearsGeorge MechamGeorge Medal
George Melville-JacksonGeorge Mercer (military officer)George Meredith (Tasmanian settler)
George Merrill (Medal of Honor)George MeteskyGeorge Middlemore
George Middleton (1735–1815)George Millar (writer)George Miller Beard
George Miller BlighGeorge Miller SternbergGeorge Milles, 4th Baron Sondes
George Mills (RAF officer)George Milne, 1st Baron MilneGeorge Milner
George Milner (British Army officer)George Milner OrmerodGeorge Minor
George MiscovichGeorge Mitchell (New Zealand politician)George Molesworth
George Monck, 1st Duke of AlbemarleGeorge MongerGeorge Monro (British Army officer)
George Montagu, 8th Duke of ManchesterGeorge Montagu-Dunk, 2nd Earl of HalifaxGeorge Montagu (Royal Navy officer)
George Montague HarperGeorge Montgomery (actor)George Montilio
George Moore (Medal of Honor)George Moore (pentathlete)George Mooring
George More-MolyneuxGeorge Morgan (merchant)George Morrison
George Morrison (British Army officer)George Mortimer MorrisGeorge Morton Randall
George Mouat KeithGeorge Mountbatten, 2nd Marquess of Milford HavenGeorge Mouzalon
George MphafiGeorge Mullin (VC)George Mulock
George MundyGeorge Munger (soldier)George Munro, 1st of Auchinbowie
George Munro, 1st of CulcairnGeorge Munro, 1st of NewmoreGeorge Murray (British Army officer)
George Murray (MP)George Murray (Royal Navy officer)George Murray (Royal Navy officer, born 1741)
George Murray (Royal Navy officer, born 1759)George Murray RollandGeorge Musulin
George MârzescuGeorge N. BlissGeorge N. Craig
George N. CrockerGeorge N. GallowayGeorge N. Morgan
George N. NeiseGeorge N. RichmondGeorge N. Zenovich
George NaccaraGeorge NafzigerGeorge Napier
George Napier JohnstonGeorge Napier TomlinGeorge Nares
George NathanGeorge Neel, Jr.George Nelmark
George Nelson LesterGeorge Nicholas BascomGeorge Nicholas Hardinge
George Nicholson BradfordGeorge Nicolas ChannerGeorge Noel Keith
George NonteGeorge Norman ClarkGeorge Norton
George Norton CoryGeorge NurseGeorge O'Brien (actor)
George O. BeldenGeorge OdgersGeorge Olesen
George Oliver PlunkettGeorge Olivier, count of WallisGeorge Onions
George Onslow (British Army officer)George OppenGeorge Ormsby-Gore, 3rd Baron Harlech
George Osborne, 10th Duke of LeedsGeorge Oscar DawsonGeorge Osmond
George Otto NovilleGeorge Owen JohnsonGeorge Owen Squier
George P. BroussardGeorge P. BuellGeorge P. Bush
George P. DolesGeorge P. DowGeorge P. Dyer
George P. FosterGeorge P. HawkesGeorge P. Putnam
George P. ScrivenGeorge P. SheltonGeorge P. Shultz
George P. SteeleGeorge P. TaylorGeorge P. Upshur
George P. Whittington, Jr.George PaceGeorge Paget Thomson
George PalaiologosGeorge PalliserGeorge Papp
George Parks (Medal of Honor)George Parkyns, 2nd Baron RancliffeGeorge Parrott
George Partridge ColvocoressesGeorge Patrick WelchGeorge Patton IV
George Paul Harrison, Jr.George Paul Harrison, Sr.George Pawlaczyk
George Paynter (British Army officer)George PeachmentGeorge Pearce
George PearcyGeorge PearkesGeorge Peddy
George PeppardGeorge PereiraGeorge Perry Graham
George Peter NanosGeorge Peters (aviator)George Peterson (Medal of Honor)
George PfannGeorge PhakrasesGeorge Philip, Jr.
George Philip Bradley RobertsGeorge Phillips (USMC)George Phillips (priest)
George PhillpottsGeorge PickettGeorge Pipgras
George Pirie (RAF officer)George Pirie ThomsonGeorge Platt Brett
George PlimptonGeorge PocockGeorge Polk
George PollockGeorge Pomeroy ColleyGeorge Pomutz
George PorteousGeorge Porter (royalist)George Poschner
George Powell-SheddenGeorge PranceGeorge Pratt, 2nd Marquess Camden
George PreddyGeorge PrestonGeorge Price Hays
George ProvinceGeorge ProwseGeorge Prévost
George PsychoundakisGeorge Puscas (sports writer)George Pyne
George R. AllinGeorge R. BlissGeorge R. Caron
George R. ChristmasGeorge R. DavisGeorge R. Davis (New York)
George R. E. ShellGeorge R. HendersonGeorge R. Howsam
George R. KlareGeorge R. LathamGeorge R. Mather
George R. MetcalfGeorge R. RileyGeorge R. Rodney
George R. Salisbury, Jr.George R. Smith (Paymaster-General)George R. Snowden
George R. SpaldingGeorge R. StotserGeorge Rainsford Fairbanks
George Ramsay, 12th Earl of DalhousieGeorge Ramsay, 9th Earl of DalhousieGeorge Ramsay (English Army officer)
George Ramsay (Jacobite)George Ramsey ClarkGeorge Randall
George Randall (RAF officer)George Randolph Hearst, Jr.George Ranetti
George RankinGeorge RavenhillGeorge Rawstorne
George Ray TweedGeorge Raymond Dallas MoorGeorge Raymond Davis-Goff
George Raymond EiseleGeorge ReadeGeorge Reeves
George Reginald GearyGeorge Reginald StarrGeorge Reid (RAF officer)
George Reid (soldier)George RennyGeorge Rex Flag
George Reynolds (Medal of Honor)George Richards (Marine Corps)George Richardson (Indian Army officer)
George Richardson (VC)George Richardson (ice hockey)George Ridout Bingham
George Right SmithGeorge Ritter BurnettGeorge Robert Ainslie
George Robert BarkerGeorge Robert CholisterGeorge Robert Twelves Hewes
George Robert VincentGeorge Robinson, 1st Marquess of RiponGeorge Robinson Black
George RochbergGeorge Rockingham GilmerGeorge Rodger
George Rodgers (VC)George RodocanachiGeorge Rogers (British politician)
George Rogers ClarkGeorge Rogers Clark (bust)George Rogers Clark Flag
George Rogers Clark National Historical ParkGeorge RollandGeorge Ronan
George RookeGeorge Roos-KeppelGeorge Rose (Medal of Honor)
George Ross (delegate)George RoudebushGeorge Roupell
George Rowland Patrick RoupellGeorge Roy HillGeorge Rudolf Hanbury Fielding
George Russell CallenderGeorge RustGeorge Ryan
George S.E. VaughnGeorge S. BlakeGeorge S. Blanchard
George S. BoutwellGeorge S. BoylanGeorge S. Evans
George S. GreeneGeorge S. L. HaywardGeorge S. Long
George S. MickelsonGeorge S. ParkGeorge S. Patton
George S. Patton's speech to the Third ArmyGeorge S. Patton, Sr.George S. Patton slapping incidents
George S. RentzGeorge S. RobbGeorge S. Simonds
George S. Speidel, Jr.George S. Vest
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