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George S. WuchinichGeorge Sabin GibbsGeorge Salisbury (governor)
George Sampson EllistonGeorge SamsonGeorge Sanders (VC)
George Sargent MerrillGeorge SartoriusGeorge Sauer
George SavalasGeorge Sayer (Royal Navy officer)George Schaefer (director)
George Schaefer (finance)George Schneider (Medal of Honor)George Schutt
George SchuylerGeorge Scott (British Army officer)George Scott (army officer)
George ScovellGeorge Scratchley BrownGeorge Seldes
George SellarGeorge SellarsGeorge Serdula
George Seton, 3rd Earl of WintonGeorge Seton, 4th Earl of WintonGeorge Seymour (Royal Navy officer)
George Shannon (explorer)George Shannon (journalist)George Shaw-Lefevre, 1st Baron Eversley
George ShibataGeorge Sigourney AckerGeorge Simmons
George Simpson (Royal Navy officer)George Sinclair (mercenary)George Sirian
George SmathersGeorge Smith (American football)George Smith (chaplain)
George Smith (footballer, born 1921)George Smith (royal servant)George Somers
George SopkinGeorge SossenkoGeorge Spafford Richardson
George SpaldingGeorge Spencer, 2nd Earl SpencerGeorge Spencer, 4th Duke of Marlborough
George Spencer-Churchill, 8th Duke of MarlboroughGeorge St. Leger GrenfellGeorge St Lo
George St Patrick LawrenceGeorge Stacey HodsonGeorge Stainforth
George StallerGeorge StanleyGeorge Stanley, 9th Baron Strange
George Stanley (British politician)George Stephen MorrisonGeorge Stephen Ritchie
George Stephenson (Confederate Marine)George Steptoe WashingtonGeorge Stevens
George Steward BeatsonGeorge Stewart, 8th Earl of GallowayGeorge Stewart, 9th Seigneur d'Aubigny
George Stewart (VC)George Stoddart WhitmoreGeorge Stoneman
George Stracey SmythGeorge StraitGeorge Strake, Jr.
George Strez BalšićGeorge StringerGeorge Stronach
George Strong (VC)George Stuart HendersonGeorge Styles
George SuckleyGeorge Sullivan DodgeGeorge Svendsen
George SwabeyGeorge SwainGeorge Sweigert
George SykesGeorge SymonsGeorge Symons (VC)
George T. AlexanderGeorge T. AndersonGeorge T. Babbitt, Jr.
George T. EmmonsGeorge T. FelbeckGeorge T. Heery
George T. KuruboGeorge T. ReynoldsGeorge T. Sakato
George T. Washington (Liberia)George TagarisGeorge Talcott
George Taliaferro WardGeorge Tankard GarrisonGeorge Taylor (British Army officer)
George Taylor (Medal of Honor)George Taylor (artist)George Taylor Denison
George Taylor Denison IIIGeorge TeamohGeorge Tenet
George TerlepGeorge ThesigerGeorge Thomas (soldier)
George Thomas BarnesGeorge Thomas CokerGeorge Thomas Colomb
George Thomas DorrellGeorge Thomas NapierGeorge Thompson (VC)
George Thomson (RAF officer)George Thomson MasonGeorge Thorp (Royal Navy officer)
George Tobin (American football)George Tomkyns ChesneyGeorge Townshend, 1st Marquess Townshend
George Townshend (Royal Navy officer)George TreatGeorge Trever
George TrofimoffGeorge True BartlettGeorge Truman Morrell
George TryonGeorge Tryon, 1st Baron TryonGeorge Tsutakawa
George Turnbull (soldier)George Turner (judge)George Tuska
George TuxfordGeorge Tyler (Royal Navy officer)George Tyler Wood
George U. HarveyGeorge UhrlGeorge Unwin
George Upton, 3rd Viscount TempletownGeorge VGeorge V. Kelley
George V. Underwood, Jr.George VIGeorge VII of Georgia
George V of HanoverGeorge VallingsGeorge Van Horn Moseley
George Van Horn Moseley, Jr.George VancouverGeorge Vandeput
George VarneyGeorge VaroffGeorge Vaughan Hart
George Vaughan Hart (British Army officer)George Veazey StrongGeorge Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham
George Villiers, 2nd Duke of BuckinghamGeorge Vivian, 4th Baron VivianGeorge Vladimirovitch Shervashidze
George VujnovichGeorge W. AndrewsGeorge W. Ashburn
George W. AthertonGeorge W. BairdGeorge W. Baxter
George W. BieglerGeorge W. BondGeorge W. Brush
George W. BushGeorge W. Bush and the Iraq WarGeorge W. Bush military service controversy
George W. Casey, Jr.George W. Casey, Sr.George W. Clute
George W. ColeGeorge W. CollinsGeorge W. Corliss
George W. CrawfordGeorge W. CroftGeorge W. Cutter
George W. D'ArtoisGeorge W. DarganGeorge W. Davis VI
George W. DeLongGeorge W. De LongGeorge W. Dunaway
George W. F. CookGeorge W. FordGeorge W. Furlow
George W. G. Boyce, Jr.George W. GettyGeorge W. Gibbs, Jr.
George W. GraceGeorge W. GriderGeorge W. Hardy, Jr.
George W. HarrisGeorge W. HaywardGeorge W. Healey
George W. HookerGeorge W. HulickGeorge W. Hunter III
George W. Johnson (academic)George W. Johnson (governor)George W. L. Bickley
George W. LatimerGeorge W. LelandGeorge W. Littlehales
George W. LucasGeorge W. MaloneGeorge W. Mathews
George W. McCraryGeorge W. McIverGeorge W. McWilliams
George W. MelvilleGeorge W. MorellGeorge W. Morgan
George W. MundyGeorge W. PrattGeorge W. Randolph
George W. RayGeorge W. ReedGeorge W. Reese, Jr.
George W. RobinsonGeorge W. RochesterGeorge W. Roosevelt
George W. Taylor (general)George W. Taylor (politician)George W. Thompson (Medal of Honor)
George W. ThornbroughGeorge W. WallaceGeorge W. Webber (minister)
George W. WeightmanGeorge W. WilsonGeorge Wade
George Waldegrave, 4th Earl WaldegraveGeorge Walker (privateer)George Walker (soldier)
George WallaceGeorge Wallace BollingerGeorge Waller
George Walpole (British Army officer)George Walter ProsserGeorge Walters
George Walters (VC)George WaltonGeorge Walton (Royal Navy officer)
George Ward, 1st Viscount Ward of WitleyGeorge Ward GunnGeorge Ward Hunt
George WardeGeorge Warren (British Army officer)George Warren (East India Company officer)
George Warren AlexanderGeorge WashingtonGeorge Washington's Headquarters (Cumberland, Maryland)
George Washington's crossing of the Delaware RiverGeorge Washington's tentGeorge Washington-class submarine
George Washington AntioneGeorge Washington BoltonGeorge Washington Bowie
George Washington BridgesGeorge Washington BrightGeorge Washington Burr
George Washington CableGeorge Washington ClarkGeorge Washington Cullum
George Washington Custis LeeGeorge Washington Emery DorseyGeorge Washington Ewing
George Washington FleegerGeorge Washington GiftGeorge Washington Glick
George Washington GoethalsGeorge Washington GraysonGeorge Washington Helme
George Washington HockleyGeorge Washington KirkGeorge Washington Lambert
George Washington RainsGeorge Washington RodgersGeorge Washington Scott
George Washington SteeleGeorge Washington Triplett
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