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German AB-Aktion in PolandGerman Air Fleets in World War IIGerman Air Force (disambiguation)
German Air Force RegimentGerman Americans in the American Civil WarGerman Americans in the Civil War
German Armed Forces Badge for Military ProficiencyGerman Armed Forces Badge of MarksmanshipGerman Armed Forces Deployment Medal
German Armed Forces Flood Service MedalGerman Armed Forces Military History Research OfficeGerman Armed Forces United Nations Training Center
German Armed Forces casualties in AfghanistanGerman Armistice CommissionGerman Army (1935–45)
German Army (German Empire)German Army (disambiguation)German Army Aviation Corps
German Army CommandGerman Army Detachment KempfGerman Army Handbook 1939–1945
German Army Handbook 1939–1945 (book)German Army Order of Battle during Operation WeserübungGerman Army Order of Battle for Operation Sonderfall Otto
German Army Order of Battle for the Invasion of YugoslaviaGerman Army in 1940German Army order of battle, Western Front (1918)
German Army order of battle (1914)German AutumnGerman Battalion
German Blood CertificateGerman Campaign of 1813German Castles Association
German Caucasus ExpeditionGerman Caucasus expeditionGerman Civil War
German Corpse FactoryGerman CrossGerman East Africa
German East Asia SquadronGerman Eighth ArmyGerman Empire
German FK cruiser designsGerman Federal ArmyGerman Federal Coast Guard
German Federal RepublicGerman Flood Service MedalGerman Flood Service Medal (2002)
German Flood Service Medal (2013)German General StaffGerman High Command
German High Command orders for the treatment of Soviet prisoners of warGerman Imperial AdmiraltyGerman Imperial Admiralty Staff
German Imperial Military CabinetGerman Imperial Naval AcademyGerman Imperial Naval Cabinet
German Imperial Naval High CommandGerman Imperial Naval OfficeGerman Imperial War Council of 8 December 1912
German Instrument of SurrenderGerman Jewish military personnel of World War IGerman Legion
German Maritime Search and Rescue ServiceGerman Mine Sweeping AdministrationGerman Motorized Company
German Nasty-class patrol boatGerman Naval Grid SystemGerman Naval Group
German Naval Intelligence ServiceGerman Naval LawsGerman Naval Yards Holdings
German NavyGerman Navy (disambiguation)German Navy Intelligence Service
German New GuineaGerman Occupation MedalsGerman Peasants' War
German Plot (Ireland)German ReichGerman Resistance to Nazism
German Restitution LawsGerman Revolution of 1918–19German Samoa
German South-West AfricaGerman Sport Guns GSG-5German Sport Guns GmbH
German Sports BadgeGerman Tank MuseumGerman Tarasov
German TatarinovGerman Type II submarineGerman Type IXA submarine
German Type IXB submarineGerman Type IX submarineGerman Type I submarine
German Type Large MS submarineGerman Type Mittel U submarineGerman Type UB III submarine
German Type UB II submarineGerman Type UB I submarineGerman Type UB submarine
German Type UC III submarineGerman Type UC II submarine
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