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German Instrument of SurrenderGerman Jewish military personnel of World War IGerman Legion
German Maritime Search and Rescue ServiceGerman Mine Sweeping AdministrationGerman Motorized Company
German Nasty-class patrol boatGerman Naval Grid SystemGerman Naval Group
German Naval Intelligence ServiceGerman Naval LawsGerman Naval Yards Holdings
German NavyGerman Navy (disambiguation)German Navy Intelligence Service
German New GuineaGerman Occupation MedalsGerman Peasants' War
German Plot (Ireland)German ReichGerman Resistance to Nazism
German Restitution LawsGerman Revolution of 1918–19German Samoa
German South-West AfricaGerman Sport Guns GSG-5German Sport Guns GmbH
German Sports BadgeGerman Tank MuseumGerman Tarasov
German TatarinovGerman Type II submarineGerman Type IXA submarine
German Type IXB submarineGerman Type IX submarineGerman Type I submarine
German Type Large MS submarineGerman Type Mittel U submarineGerman Type UB III submarine
German Type UB II submarineGerman Type UB I submarineGerman Type UB submarine
German Type UC III submarineGerman Type UC II submarineGerman Type UC I submarine
German Type UE II submarineGerman Type UE I submarineGerman Type U 127 submarine
German Type U 139 submarineGerman Type U 151 submarineGerman Type U 31 submarine
German Type U 66 submarineGerman Type U 81 submarineGerman Type U 87 submarine
German Type U 93 submarineGerman Type VII submarineGerman Type XIV submarine
German Type XVII submarineGerman Type X submarineGerman U-boat bases in occupied Norway
German UgryumovGerman Village (Dugway Proving Ground)German Village (Dugway proving ground)
German WW 2 Sonic CannonGerman War Graves CommissionGerman World War II camouflage patterns
German World War II destroyersGerman World War II strongholdsGerman Youth Fire Brigade
German Zone of Protection in SlovakiaGerman aircraft carrier Graf ZeppelinGerman aircraft carrier I
German aircraft carrier IIGerman aircraft carrier I (1915)German aircraft carrier I (1942)
German aircraft production during World War IIGerman and Allied aircraft losses during Operation BodenplatteGerman and Allied aircraft losses during Unternehmen Bodenplatte
German and Allied order of battle for Unternehmen BodenplatteGerman and Sarmatian campaigns of ConstantineGerman armored fighting vehicle production during World War II
German armored ship referendum, 1928German attack on Vimy Ridge, 21 May 1916German attacks on Nauru
German auxiliary AlsterGerman auxiliary Alster (A50) (1988)German auxiliary cruiser Atlantis
German auxiliary cruiser HansaGerman auxiliary cruiser KometGerman auxiliary cruiser Kormoran
German auxiliary cruiser MichelGerman auxiliary cruiser OrionGerman auxiliary cruiser Pinguin
German auxiliary cruiser StierGerman auxiliary cruiser ThorGerman auxiliary cruiser Widder
German auxiliary raider AdjutantGerman aviso Grille (1935)German battleship Bismarck
German battleship GneisenauGerman battleship ScharnhorstGerman battleship Tirpitz
German bombing of RotterdamGerman camp brothels in World War IIGerman campaign (Napoleonic Wars)
German campaign in AngolaGerman camps in occupied Poland during World War IIGerman casualties in World War II
German cavalry in World War IGerman coastal battery TirpitzGerman code breaking in World War II
German colonial empireGerman combat vehicles of World War IIGerman commando course
German commando frogmenGerman commerce raiders in World War IGerman consulate in Mazar-i-Sharif attack
German corvette HiddenseeGerman counter-attack, 25 September 1917German cruiser Admiral Graf Spee
German cruiser Admiral HipperGerman cruiser Admiral ScheerGerman cruiser Blücher
German cruiser DeutschlandGerman cruiser EmdenGerman cruiser Karlsruhe
German cruiser KölnGerman cruiser KönigsbergGerman cruiser Leipzig
German cruiser LützowGerman cruiser Lützow (1939)German cruiser Niobe (1898)
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