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German Type UC I submarineGerman Type UE II submarineGerman Type UE I submarine
German Type U 127 submarineGerman Type U 139 submarineGerman Type U 151 submarine
German Type U 31 submarineGerman Type U 66 submarineGerman Type U 81 submarine
German Type U 87 submarineGerman Type U 93 submarineGerman Type VII submarine
German Type XIV submarineGerman Type XVII submarineGerman Type X submarine
German U-boat bases in occupied NorwayGerman UgryumovGerman Village (Dugway Proving Ground)
German Village (Dugway proving ground)German WW 2 Sonic CannonGerman War Graves Commission
German World War II camouflage patternsGerman World War II destroyersGerman World War II strongholds
German Youth Fire BrigadeGerman Zone of Protection in SlovakiaGerman aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin
German aircraft carrier IGerman aircraft carrier IIGerman aircraft carrier I (1915)
German aircraft carrier I (1942)German aircraft production during World War IIGerman and Allied aircraft losses during Operation Bodenplatte
German and Allied aircraft losses during Unternehmen BodenplatteGerman and Allied order of battle for Unternehmen BodenplatteGerman and Sarmatian campaigns of Constantine
German armored fighting vehicle production during World War IIGerman armored ship referendum, 1928German attack on Vimy Ridge, 21 May 1916
German attacks on NauruGerman auxiliary AlsterGerman auxiliary Alster (A50) (1988)
German auxiliary cruiser AtlantisGerman auxiliary cruiser HansaGerman auxiliary cruiser Komet
German auxiliary cruiser KormoranGerman auxiliary cruiser MichelGerman auxiliary cruiser Orion
German auxiliary cruiser PinguinGerman auxiliary cruiser StierGerman auxiliary cruiser Thor
German auxiliary cruiser WidderGerman auxiliary raider AdjutantGerman aviso Grille (1935)
German battleship BismarckGerman battleship GneisenauGerman battleship Scharnhorst
German battleship TirpitzGerman bombing of RotterdamGerman camp brothels in World War II
German campaign (Napoleonic Wars)German campaign in AngolaGerman camps in occupied Poland during World War II
German casualties in World War IIGerman cavalry in World War IGerman coastal battery Tirpitz
German code breaking in World War IIGerman colonial empireGerman combat vehicles of World War II
German commando courseGerman commando frogmenGerman commerce raiders in World War I
German consulate in Mazar-i-Sharif attackGerman corvette HiddenseeGerman counter-attack, 25 September 1917
German cruiser Admiral Graf SpeeGerman cruiser Admiral HipperGerman cruiser Admiral Scheer
German cruiser BlücherGerman cruiser DeutschlandGerman cruiser Emden
German cruiser KarlsruheGerman cruiser KölnGerman cruiser Königsberg
German cruiser LeipzigGerman cruiser LützowGerman cruiser Lützow (1939)
German cruiser Niobe (1898)German cruiser NürnbergGerman cruiser Prinz Eugen
German cruiser SeydlitzGerman declaration of war against the NetherlandsGerman declaration of war against the United States
German declaration of war against the United States (1941)German decorations awarded to members of the United States militaryGerman designations of foreign firearms in World War II
German destroyer LütjensGerman destroyer Lütjens (D185)German destroyer Mölders
German destroyer Mölders (D186)German destroyer RommelGerman destroyer Rommel (D187)
German destroyer Z10 Hans LodyGerman destroyer Z11 Bernd von ArnimGerman destroyer Z12 Erich Giese
German destroyer Z13 Erich KoellnerGerman destroyer Z14 Friedrich IhnGerman destroyer Z15 Erich Steinbrinck
German destroyer Z16 Friedrich EckoldtGerman destroyer Z17 Diether von RoederGerman destroyer Z18 Hans Lüdemann
German destroyer Z19 Hermann KünneGerman destroyer Z1 Leberecht MaassGerman destroyer Z20 Karl Galster
German destroyer Z21 Wilhelm HeidkampGerman destroyer Z22 Anton SchmittGerman destroyer Z23
German destroyer Z24German destroyer Z25German destroyer Z26
German destroyer Z27German destroyer Z28German destroyer Z29
German destroyer Z2 Georg ThieleGerman destroyer Z30German destroyer Z31
German destroyer Z32German destroyer Z33German destroyer Z34
German destroyer Z35German destroyer Z36German destroyer Z37
German destroyer Z38German destroyer Z39
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