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German destroyer Z3 Max SchultzGerman destroyer Z43German destroyer Z44
German destroyer Z45German destroyer Z4 Richard BeitzenGerman destroyer Z5 Paul Jacobi
German destroyer Z5 Paul JakobiGerman destroyer Z6 Theodor RiedelGerman destroyer Z7 Hermann Schoemann
German destroyer Z8 Bruno HeinemannGerman destroyer Z9 Wolfgang ZenkerGerman destroyer ZH1
German encirclements of Soviet forces during Operation BarbarossaGerman encounter of Soviet T-34 and KV tanksGerman fortification of Guernsey
German frigate Lübeck (F224)German frigate Mecklenburg-VorpommernGerman heavy tank battalion
German hospital ship OpheliaGerman intervention against ISILGerman invasion of Belgium
German invasion of Denmark (1940)German invasion of LuxembourgGerman involvement in the Spanish Civil War
German military administration in occupied France during World War IIGerman military brothels in World War IIGerman military law
German military riflesGerman military technology during World War IIGerman minesweeper M-1
German minesweeper M 107German mistreatment of Soviet prisoners of warGerman naval history
German naval ship MühlhausenGerman night fighter direction vessel TogoGerman nuclear energy project
German nuclear weapon projectGerman nuclear weapons programGerman occupation of Belarus during World War II
German occupation of BelgiumGerman occupation of Belgium during World War IIGerman occupation of Byelorussia during World War II
German occupation of CzechoslovakiaGerman occupation of Estonia during World War IGerman occupation of Estonia during World War II
German occupation of Latvia during World War IIGerman occupation of Lithuania during World War IIGerman occupation of Luxembourg during World War I
German occupation of Luxembourg during World War IIGerman occupation of Luxembourg in World War IGerman occupation of Luxembourg in World War II
German occupation of NorwayGerman occupation of the Baltic states during World War IIGerman occupation of the Channel Islands
German occupied territory of MontenegroGerman ocean-going torpedo boats of World War IGerman order of battle for Operation Fall Weiss
German ostrubleGerman prisoners of war in northwest EuropeGerman prisoners of war in the Soviet Union
German prisoners of war in the United StatesGerman re-armamentGerman reconnaissance
German reparations for World War IIGerman rescue swimming badgeGerman resistance to Nazism
German revolutions of 1848–49German searchlights of World War IIGerman ship Doggerbank
German ship PetrellaGerman ship SyltGerman ship Totila
German special forcesGerman strategic bombing during World War IGerman submarine Bremen
German submarine DeutschlandGerman submarine Hai (S 170)German submarine U-1
German submarine U-10German submarine U-100German submarine U-1000
German submarine U-1001German submarine U-1002German submarine U-1003
German submarine U-1004German submarine U-1005German submarine U-1006
German submarine U-1007German submarine U-1008German submarine U-1009
German submarine U-100 (1940)German submarine U-101German submarine U-1010
German submarine U-1013German submarine U-1014German submarine U-1015
German submarine U-1016German submarine U-1017German submarine U-1018
German submarine U-1019German submarine U-101 (1940)German submarine U-102
German submarine U-1020German submarine U-1021German submarine U-1022
German submarine U-1023German submarine U-1024German submarine U-1025
German submarine U-102 (1940)German submarine U-103German submarine U-103 (1940)
German submarine U-104German submarine U-104 (1940)German submarine U-105
German submarine U-1051German submarine U-1052German submarine U-1053
German submarine U-1054German submarine U-1055German submarine U-1056
German submarine U-1057German submarine U-1058German submarine U-1059
German submarine U-105 (1940)German submarine U-106German submarine U-1060
German submarine U-1061German submarine U-1062German submarine U-1063
German submarine U-1064German submarine U-1065German submarine U-106 (1940)
German submarine U-107German submarine U-107 (1940)German submarine U-108
German submarine U-108 (1940)German submarine U-109German submarine U-109 (1940)
German submarine U-10 (1935)German submarine U-11German submarine U-110
German submarine U-1101German submarine U-1102German submarine U-1103
German submarine U-1104German submarine U-1105German submarine U-1106
German submarine U-1107German submarine U-1108German submarine U-1109
German submarine U-110 (1940)German submarine U-111German submarine U-1110
German submarine U-111 (1940)German submarine U-112German submarine U-113
German submarine U-1131German submarine U-1132German submarine U-114
German submarine U-115German submarine U-116German submarine U-1161
German submarine U-1162German submarine U-1163German submarine U-1164
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