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HMCS Micmac (R10)HMCS Middlesex (J328)HMCS Midland
HMCS Midland (K220)HMCS MilltownHMCS Mimico
HMCS Mimico (K485)HMCS MinasHMCS Minas (J165)
HMCS MiramichiHMCS Miramichi (J169)HMCS Miramichi (MCB 150)
HMCS Miramichi (MCB 163)HMCS MonctonHMCS Moncton (K139)
HMCS Moncton (MM 708)HMCS MontcalmHMCS Montreal
HMCS Montreal (K319)HMCS Montréal (FFH 336)HMCS Moose Jaw
HMCS Moose Jaw (K164)HMCS MordenHMCS Morden (K170)
HMCS Moresby (MSA 112)HMCS MulgraveHMCS Nanaimo
HMCS Nanaimo (K101)HMCS Nanaimo (MM 702)HMCS Napanee
HMCS Napanee (K118)HMCS Nene (K270)HMCS New Glasgow (K320)
HMCS New Liskeard (J397)HMCS New Waterford (K321)HMCS New Westminster
HMCS New Westminster (K228)HMCS NewingtonHMCS Nipigon
HMCS Nipigon (DDH 266)HMCS Nipigon (J154)HMCS Nonsuch
HMCS NootkaHMCS Nootka (J35)HMCS Nootka (R96)
HMCS Noranda (J265)HMCS NorsydHMCS Norsyd (K520)
HMCS North BayHMCS North Bay (K339)HMCS Oakville
HMCS Oakville (K178)HMCS Ojibwa (S72)HMCS Okanagan (S74)
HMCS Onondaga (S73)HMCS Ontario (C53)HMCS Orillia
HMCS Orillia (K119)HMCS OrioleHMCS Orkney (K448)
HMCS Oshawa (J330)HMCS OttawaHMCS Ottawa (DDH 229)
HMCS Ottawa (FFH 341)HMCS OutardeHMCS Outremont (K322)
HMCS Owen SoundHMCS Owen Sound (K340)HMCS Parry Sound
HMCS Parry Sound (K341)HMCS PatricianHMCS Patriot
HMCS Penetang (K676)HMCS PeterboroughHMCS Peterborough (K342)
HMCS PictouHMCS Pictou (K146)HMCS Port Arthur
HMCS Port Arthur (K233)HMCS Port Colborne (K326)HMCS Port Hope
HMCS Portage (J331)HMCS Porte St. Louis (YMG 183)HMCS Porte de la Reine (YMG 184)
HMCS PoundmakerHMCS Poundmaker (K675)HMCS Prescott
HMCS Prescott (K161)HMCS Preserver (AOR 510)HMCS Prestonian (K662)
HMCS PrevostHMCS Prince David (F89)HMCS Prince Henry
HMCS Prince RobertHMCS Prince Rupert (K324)HMCS Protecteur (AOR 509)
HMCS ProtectorHMCS Provider (AOR 508)HMCS Qu'Appelle
HMCS Qu'Appelle (DDE 264)HMCS Qu'Appelle (H69)HMCS Quatsino
HMCS QuebecHMCS Quebec (C66)HMCS Queen
HMCS QuesnelHMCS Quesnel (K133)HMCS Quinte (J166)
HMCS Quinte (MCB 149)HMCS RaccoonHMCS Raccoon (S14)
HMCS RainbowHMCS Rainbow (1891)HMCS Red Deer
HMCS Red Deer (J255)HMCS ReginaHMCS Regina (FFH 334)
HMCS Regina (K234)HMCS ReindeerHMCS Reindeer (S08)
HMCS Renard (S13)HMCS Reo IIHMCS Resolute
HMCS RestigoucheHMCS Restigouche (DDE 257)HMCS Restless
HMCS RimouskiHMCS Rimouski (K121)HMCS Riviere du Loup (K357)
HMCS Rockcliffe (J335)HMCS RosthernHMCS Rosthern (K169)
HMCS Royal Mount (K677)HMCS RunnymedeHMCS Runnymede (K678)
HMCS Sackville (K181)HMCS SaguenayHMCS Saguenay (D79)
HMCS Saguenay (DDH 206)HMCS Saint John (K456)HMCS Sarnia
HMCS Sarnia (J309)HMCS SaskatchewanHMCS Saskatchewan (DDE 262)
HMCS SaskatoonHMCS Saskatoon (K158)HMCS Saskatoon (MM 709)
HMCS Sault Ste. Marie (J334)HMCS ScotianHMCS Sea Cliff (K344)
HMCS ShawiniganHMCS Shawinigan (K136)HMCS Shawinigan (MM 704)
HMCS ShearwaterHMCS ShediacHMCS Shediac (K110)
HMCS SherbrookeHMCS Sherbrooke (K152)HMCS Sioux (R64)
HMCS SkeenaHMCS Skeena (D59)HMCS Skeena (DDH 207)
HMCS Smiths FallsHMCS Smiths Falls (K345)HMCS Snowberry
HMCS Snowberry (K166)HMCS Somers IslesHMCS Sorel
HMCS Sorel (K153)HMCS SpikenardHMCS Spikenard (K198)
HMCS SpitfireHMCS Springhill (K323)HMCS St. Boniface (J332)
HMCS St. Catharines (K325)HMCS St. CroixHMCS St. Croix (DDE 256)
HMCS St. EloiHMCS St. John'sHMCS St. John's (FFH 340)
HMCS St. JulienHMCS St. LambertHMCS St. Lambert (K343)
HMCS St. LaurentHMCS St. Laurent (DDH 205)HMCS St. Pierre
HMCS St. Pierre (K680)HMCS St. Stephen (K454)HMCS St. Thomas (K488)
HMCS StadaconaHMCS StarHMCS Ste. Therese (K366)
HMCS StellartonHMCS Stellarton (K457)HMCS Stettler (K681)
HMCS Stone FrigateHMCS Stone Town (K531)HMCS Stormont (K327)
HMCS StratfordHMCS Stratford (J310)HMCS Strathadam (K682)
HMCS StrathroyHMCS Strathroy (K455)HMCS Sudbury
HMCS Sudbury (K162)HMCS SuderoyHMCS Summerside
HMCS Summerside (K141)HMCS Summerside (MM 711)HMCS Sussexvale (K683)
HMCS Swansea (K328)HMCS Swift CurrentHMCS Tecumseh
HMCS Terra NovaHMCS Terra Nova (DDE 259)HMCS The Pas
HMCS The Pas (K168)HMCS Thetford Mines (K459)HMCS Thiepval
HMCS ThorlockHMCS Thorlock (K394)HMCS Thunder (J156)
HMCS Thunder (MCB 153)HMCS Thunder (MCB 161)HMCS Timmins
HMCS Timmins (K223)HMCS TorontoHMCS Toronto (FFH 333)
HMCS Toronto (K538)HMCS TrailHMCS Trail (K174)
HMCS TransconaHMCS Transcona (J271)HMCS Trentonian
HMCS Trentonian (K368)HMCS TrilliumHMCS Trillium (K172)
HMCS Trinity (MCB 157)HMCS Trois RivièresHMCS Truro
HMCS TunaHMCS UngavaHMCS Ungava (J149)
HMCS Ungava (MCB 148)HMCS UnicornHMCS Valleyfield (K329)
HMCS VancouverHMCS Vancouver (F6A)HMCS Vancouver (FFH 331)
HMCS Vancouver (K240)HMCS VegrevilleHMCS Vegreville (J257)
HMCS VentureHMCS Victoria (SSK 876)HMCS Victoriaville (K684)
HMCS Ville de QuebecHMCS Ville de Quebec (K242)HMCS Ville de Québec (FFH 332)
HMCS VimyHMCS Wallaceburg (J336)HMCS Wasaga
HMCS WaskesiuHMCS Waskesiu (K330)HMCS Wentworth (K331)
HMCS West YorkHMCS West York (K369)HMCS Westmount
HMCS WetaskiwinHMCS Wetaskiwin (K175)
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